Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm home.

I'm 25 years old and support myself fully in Tampa, but when I think about Chattanooga and my parents' house I still say "home". Not that I don't think of Tampa to be home to me too, but I don't think this concept of home will ever change for me. Am I the only one or is this pretty standard for everyone at this stage in life?

My boyfriend came home with me until the 24th, when he will go back to be with his family for Christmas eve and day. We got here to Chattanooga early and spent time catching up with my mom and sister and running to pick up little odds and ends.

It's my boyfriend's birthday! Happy birthday Tim!! My mom surprised him by ordering cupcakes from a bakery in New York called Crumbs. I forgot to take a picture before we cut into and devoured two of them, but here are the four that remain.
We enjoyed the black bottomed cheesecake and peanut butter cup ones. Left are the red velvet, chocolate swirl, chocolate/vanilla sprinkles, and oreo. Yum! 

I got him a pair of Nike Air Max+ shoes that he has been wanting and an Ole Miss windbreaker (to celebrate his acceptance to the MBA program there). I worked hard to make sure that Christmas didn't interfere with his birthday, as I know it must be the pits to have your birthday be an after thought. Any suggestions from those of you with December birthdays?

Today I also made a gingerbread house from a kit that I found. Tomorrow I'm going to make a gingerbread village and train (it's one of my favorite parts of the holidays).
For now I'm enjoying spending time with my family, sitting by the fire (which is so not a necessity in Tampa), and enjoying having an actual Christmas tree.
I hope a lot of you out there in the bloggy world are winding down with work and heading home for the holidays or having family come to visit. I'm loving reading about holiday traditions and seeing Christmas decorations. I had so much fun yesterday going through all the ornaments from the ornament exchange. I can't wait to participate in more fun events like that and interact with more bloggers!


Julie said...

I am the exact same way! Even though I've graduated and now married, I still refer to my parents' house as 'home'. And I think I probably always will! Oh well :)

Classy Career Girl said...

Happy birthday to your boyfriend!! Those cupcakes sure look yummy!:) And I love your tree! Hope you have a great holiday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Megan said...

Home is where your family is in my opinion!

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