Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ornament Exchange!

I am absolutely LOVING blogging and the fun ways that it's connecting me to other people. I found an awesome opportunity for an ornament exchange at Webbisodes. I quickly signed up and got partnered with Traci of The Traci Chronicles. You can see the fun ornament that I sent her on her site!

Traci is from Louisiana, and I was excited to see the ornament she got me.
I love that I'll always remember that my first year of blogging I got a beautiful fleur de lis ornament from someone who lives in Baton Rouge. I appreciate it so much, Traci, and absolutely ADORE the bling! Sparkles and glitter and sequins are so my thing right now.

Though I don't have a tree (because there isn't room for it at my house), I love all of my Christmas decorations and have found a cute home for it atop the hurricane filled with glass ornament balls.
I already know I will have a tree next year, and I have started collecting ornaments. This will be among my first Christmas tree ornaments (along with the owl I bought yesterday).

Thanks so much Traci for the cute ornament and Shannon for hosting such a fun bloggy event!


Jackie said...

Hi! Following via the Ornament Exchange! Such a pretty ornament!

{lovely little things} said...

Super cute!

Allison said...

That's so cute! I live right outside of Louisiana in MS, but I'm going to be taking a job in Louisiana. Fleur de lis is EVERYWHERE!

Shannon said...

Love love all things with fleur de lis! We actually live in Alabama just a few short hours from New Orleans!

Thanks so much for participating and linking up! I am already excited to cohost again next year for our second annual exchange!

Merry Christmas!


Julie said...

Thanks for the follow, looking forward to following your blog! And that is a beautiful ornament! :)

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