Friday, January 28, 2011

gambler's daughter

I got excited about writing this post, and I was going to say "I'm not a big gambler," but that would be a flat out lie. I love to gamble (every once in a while). I know it's so not lady-like to say that, but I can't help it.

I don't gamble frequently, but when I have a reason or a chance, hand me the dice, cards, ticket deal me in! I love Las Vegas. I've been several times as a 21+. I've never won any serious money, but I'm also good about setting a limit and stopping. My favorite story was when I went to Vegas with one of my best friends from college, Kim. Our flight didn't leave until 5 PM Sunday night (please take my advice and NEVER go to Vegas for more than 3 days. You might not make it out alive), so we decided to check out and sit at the $5 Blackjack tables at the MGM Grand. It wasn't our my first time sitting at those tables for more than an hour. The two reasons I know and realize the MGM Grand did too?

1. One older dealer man waved goodbye to me when we were rolling our luggage out. I had been at his blackjack tables a lot. But at that moment, he was dealing Pai Gao--I'd never been there.

2. The pit boss gave me and Kim comped buffet tickets (and you know how much buffets cost in Vegas...), even though we weren't part of the players club. He just remembered that I'd been there that much...
Me and Kim at the Bellagio, 2007

Anywho, that was an aside that I didn't mean to get into.

What I meant to write about is how excited I am to be included in my office's Super Bowl squares pool (I was going to say school's instead of office, but we aren't letting the kids play this year). Have you ever done one? It looks like this:
You pick a few squares to write your name in, and then the person in charge writes random numbers in a random order down the side (not 0-9 as shown above). Then, whatever the last number of each score is at the end of each quarter, you find them on the grid and the person who wrote their name in the overlapping square wins money! I bought four squares for $2.50 each. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

I also love scratch off lottery tickets, horse races, and the phrase "you wanna bet?". 

I blame it all on my dad. In a good way. Growing up, our family would always go to horse races. Dad invests small shares in thoroughbreds, and we got to go to Churchill Downs, Keeneland, Saratoga, Belmont, and Santa Anita for some pretty awesome races. He would also give us a small amount of money per race to bet. And he taught me how to read the Daily Racing Form. I know jockeys, workouts, Beyer speed figures, trainers, and stables. I can bet trifectas and superfecta boxes with the best of them. My best racing pick also helped someone big time at the Preakness. I had just graduated from high school, and he was headed to the betting window. I explained why he needed to remove one horse and replace with another in his trifecta box (picking the top three horses, in any order). He hit it big time, and he bought me and my dad mimosas for the rest of the day! Anywho, thanks dad for the skill of betting horse races and helping me learn to love betting and mom for the scratch offs in the stockings. (Oh, and for everything else you've both done for me in my life...I couldn't begin to name them all here...). 

So, do you gamble? Bet? Buy lottery tickets? Are you doing any office pools for the Super Bowl (if not, you should suggest the squares thing)? Could you tell I was in the mood to tell a story or two?


April Westerhold said...

YES! I am a self-proclaimed gambler. I never really gambled until I met my husband, I blame him for my obsession. He taught me to play Blackjack (the RIGHT way). He taught me to play craps. Right now I am on a roulette roll even though it is 100% luck. He also taught me to play 3 card poker. We go to Vegas 3 or 4 times a year--next trip in March. The most I've won has been $650 on a 3 card hand the very first night on a Vegas trip--SWEET!

I agree I could never do Vegas for more than 3 days!!

april@Party of Five

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm with you on Vegas--you can't stay long, but it's fun while you're there!! I won $100 on the penny slots last time I was in Vegas and bought my group brunch the next morning. LOVE IT! As for the Superbowl--even though my team is out, I can't wait!!

Kath' said...

I had to come back and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. WHOOO HOOO HAVE FUN GIRLFRIEND.
I hope you get everything you want. Mine is in a few weeks.. Wish I was you age again.. That would be a blast.. Kath'

April Westerhold said...

I will definitely change my settings os I can get emailed back.

Actually, the best odds on the floor is the blackjack table because the dealer HAS to hit until they reach 17. When you use that card, you lessen the house advantage. Craps does also have good odds for the gambler but ALL GAMES are in the house favor (obviously). LOL Craps is A LOT of fun, especially if you get a fun table that likes to hoot and holler. The next tim you are in Vegas, ask the pit boss over at the craps table when they offer the free craps lessons. It is actually a really easy game (I can totally explain it to you) but craps is also full of A LOT of sucker bets.

BTW, I'm from St. Louis.

Amber said...

I'm kinda the same way you are, I say "I'm not a big gambler" mainly because I don't do it. At all, but if it comes down to it, and I buy just ONE lottery ticket, it's all over. I'm in. It's sad. I would end up in gamble rehab. So sick, HA!

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