Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Blog Challenge

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to tell you that Amber of Brunch with Amber and I are hosting a blog challenge! Everyone's tired of winter and ready for spring, so we thought we would welcome spring with a Link Up Challenge. We hope you'll play along.

If you've never done one before, let us explain! It's super easy and super fun

For the challenge, you answer the question each day on your blog, then you come back here and link your entry to the link-up. Then, you can see who else has linked up, what fun outfits they're wearing, products they're suggesting, and travel plans they're making. It's a fun way to find new blogs and have other bloggers find you! Plus, we really love the questions! ;) 

We'll start March 21st, the first full day of spring (plus this will give you time to schedule your posts during the weekend), and it'll last 5 days!
Here are the questions:

1. What do you look forward to most about spring and what about winter are you going to miss? 
(March 21)

2. What's your favorite spring outfit {or two}?
(March 22)

3. Where are you/would you be headed for spring break this year (real or ideal)?
(March 23)

4. What are some recommendations for products you'll be using this spring as you're headed outdoors more?
(March 24)

5. What recipe or food do you look forward to most during the springtime?
(March 25)

If you're planning on participating, we would love for you to post the button in your sidebar to help us spread the word and get more bloggers to participate. The more people that participate the more blogs you'll find to read and fun comments you'll receive! Thank you so much for doing this! (If you don't know how to do it, just email us!)

We're so excited about this! We hope you'll play along! 

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Zara said...

This'll be my first ever blog challenge! What a great idea!!!
I've very, very excited!

Lamb said...

Can't Wait! What a good way to start spring! This will be my first challenge too :)

xo lamb

Cait said...

love this :) can't wait! xo sign up for my challenge too!

LKO said...

This will also be my first challenge! Sounds like fun and I can't wait til spring! (For another reason now.)

Brownies and Bows said...

Can't wait! This will be my first challenge too!

Amber said...

Awesome, can't wait for us to get this going! :)

Amber said...

Awesome, can't wait for us to get this going! :)

Dance, Love, Dine said...

Count me in! :)

Kelly said...

Great idea!!!!This will be my first blog challenge...sounds like alot of fun:)

Anna said...

I'm your newest follower. Great idea and I'll definitely be participating:)

Anonymous said...

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