Saturday, February 26, 2011

wearable versus what the heck

New York Fashion Week ended a bit ago, and I loved some of what the designers had to share. Sometimes, though, I'm baffled as to how I'm even supposed to imagine a wearable outfit out of a runway look. I love Marc Jacobs just as much as the next girl, but the choice to have runway models wear stewardess/alien hats threw me for a loop. I would like to see someone pull this look off:
But, as I was browsing blogs today, I read several posts by Blonde Salad, a style blogger, at Milan Fashion Week. Their looks seems so much more imaginable and wearable. A few favorites included
 Gianfranco Ferré
images above via The Blonde Salad
Emilio Pucci
Bottega Veneta
Above images {via}

Clearly I don't have the trained eye to see fashion, but a lot of times on runways I swear I wonder what the designers were thinking. These pieces that came down the runway in Milan, however, seemed different to me. I still don't dream of having a closet filled with designer items; I might like to own a piece or two by Tory Burch one day (see below image), but overall I appreciate the influences that J.Crew, Anthropologie, H&M, and Forever 21 take from these designers. And what I appreciate the most is how they tone it all down to be attractive and wearable.
What do you think about fashion weeks and runway shows? Do you see what I mean about those later pieces being more wearable? I don't know a lot of designers, but I do have a couple of favorites from the ones I do know. Who are yours?

Also, if I'm totally missing the point of runway shows, please enlighten me. I hope there is something more to they create the wearable pieces based on the shows?

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Linley said...

runway shows are interesting to say the least! i appreciate them all - just for the talent and time it takes to make a line and get a show going - but i definitely agree that they can sometimes omit reality. that's when lady gaga comes in... (:

And that Lambert's was in AL! It's about 2 hours from where I live!

Lucy Betty said...

I agree with you, its hard to get into runway shows. I mean, I don't think I could really pull off that first outfit. :) Maybe someone else can explain the look better. For I now, I think I'll just stick to J.Crew and Ann Taylor Loft. Love the images though, their still fun to see!
Hope your having a great weekend!

TexaGermaNadian said...

I love the 60's inspired orange skirt and top in that one picture. Love me some vintage pieces! I am not soo much into fashion, some things at shows scare me more than interest me. But I always like looking. Thanks for sharing. And happy comment love day!

Mollie said...

FTLOB's Comment Lovin' Hop.

I'm such a fashion victim. I wouldn't know what to think of the new stuff coming out of a fashion week showing.

Jenna said...

Hi Meghan! I'm stopping by from FTLOB!

I love the design of your blog :) As for fashion weeks, I sometimes (i.e. often times) don't understand what designers are thinking and I think they have turned into somewhat of a creativity show that showcases a unique form of art, rather than practicality and actual wearable pieces.

That being said I also enjoy certain fashion shows like the one's you have shown above from Milan, it gives me ideas on new trends and new ideas on how to mix and match colors and patterns.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Carlin said...

I agree completely with you! A lot of the stuff that is deemed "fashionable" just makes me laugh. I'm not a very trendy girl though...I love more classic looking styles. I found you on For the Love of Blogs. Loving your blog!


Missy said...

I went to a show by Edward Arsouni at NYC Couture Fashion week. The pieces were very pretty but very OTT. Scaled down I think I could see them work but still be the next step up from general high street fashion.

I don't know how you can diss the stewardess hat, I have loads in my wardrobe ;) haha!!

Just visiting from FLOB! Have a great Sunday!

Katherina said...


I'm stepping in from FTLOB.

As far as I know (and believe me, I'm no expert in this subject) runways can be of two types - the haute couture kind, which is extremist, unwearable, just for the love of detail and exotics... and the pret a porter, which is much more wearable and which you can then buy in boutiques for the coming season.

It's sometimes interesting to watch the rather who-the-hell-is-going-to-wear-that runway, if you give attention to detail. But otherwise, I prefer wearable designs - just because I like to imagine myself wearing them :)

Lovely blog!

Hockey Wife said...

So funny! I often find myself thinking the same thing. I'll like a few of the designs and then there are always a few that have me going, 'seriously?' That's fashion for ya!

Amber said...

I usually think the same thing. They are always interesting to watch.. but I wonder, "seriously, who in real life can pull that off?" but Blonde Salad found some great outfits! Love those pieces and would love to get my hands on them too! :)

Meghan said...

I love runway shows for the sheer art. I never really consider wearing the pieces myself.

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