Monday, May 2, 2011

Did you know?

I throw pottery. I guess I haven't really shared my secret and occasional pleasure here, but I love it. I started in high school, took classes in college, and have taken classes at multiple studios since I graduated. I haven't taken in a year, but I'm going to start again this summer and cannot wait!

It's my escape. It's so relaxing to know that I can control the clay and make it do whatever I want. 

While these aren't my favorite pieces, they're ones I had handy to photography. My last class ended a few sessions early when the building was declared structurally unsound after a car hit it. It was an hour from my house, so I never went back once it opened again to pick up the pitcher and casserole dish that I had made. A few months later I wished I had.

Hopefully when I start again this summer I'll be able to make some bigger and more frequently useful pieces.

My original intent of this post, however, was to tell you that I am the least crafty person in the world. I just remembered that I hadn't shared my pottery with you and wanted to. When I say I'm not "crafty", I mean that I cannot scrapbook or hot glue or knit or sew for the life of me. I have, however, found a few DIY projects to try this summer that I think will leave me unharmed once completed. I've found them on random blogs, and they're all credited on the pinterest link below the picture.
These coasters are so pretty, and they seem inexpensive and useful.
I would not use the word 'useful' to describe these, but how fun to have a matching magnet set.
I have so many maps from different trips, and these seem like a delightful way to put them to use.
What do these three things have in common? Modge Podge. I don't think I've used it, but I need to get some yesterday. It seems that I have a future with these kinds of things.
After selling jewelry, I haven't ever wanted to make jewelry. But, this seems fun and sort of organic looking.

Have any tutorials or tips you've found recently that I could add to my collection? I am looking forward to trying these things this summer and enjoying some time getting sticky and dirty.

What's your favorite thing you've ever made?

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sarah nicole said...

I've always say the same thing about myself, but recently I've been like, "Wait a second, lady, you totally just whipped up those cupcakes from scratch!" I've been trying to recognize my own unique creativity more, and it's good that you are too! I think you are incredibly talented, throwing pots was SO difficult for me when I tried it in high school. I can't wait to see the beautiful things you make this summer!



Zara said...

These are so fun! I can't wait to see how they turn out for you. I might have to give the coasters a try :-)

Also, pottery is so fun, I wish I was good at it. There is a studio right down the street from me, but I've been completely unsuccessful at making anything!


Kayla said...

First you should totally make me something for my kitchen. I would love it. Second - love all the magnet ideas. I have always made jewelry and not to be cocky but get lots of compliments on my pieces. I have thought about opening an Etsy shop but there is it again - another project. Keep us updated on your project progress!

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Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I'm kind of loving those Panetone magnets. I've made magnets with flat marbles before, easy and fun. Let me know if you want the link. I've been wanting to make coasters...but haven't. Love the pottery!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh your pottery is GORGEOUS. You are seriously talented.

Mrs. Puma said...

I love your pottery, it's gorgeous! I enjoy a variety of DIY projects, but painting is my stress-relief. I like to paint things, not canvases. I'm ok at it, but I love it anyway. I have all the supplies for those map magnets but the maps now (I'm getting them on my trip later this month).

Emily said...

I love your pottery! That's so great that you do that. I am 100% NOT crafty...all the things you say you aren't crafty in either...and add pottery to that as well.

(I like those tiles too, that looks hard)...or is it just a print that goes on them?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I am not crafty at all, but I've made a few neat things! My idea of scrapbooking is a Shutterfly album! Haha!

Torrie said...

The pottery is beautiful!

Here are some fun DIY's...

Kristin W said...

That's really cool about the pottery! I'm a little nervous to try pottery. I can't wait to see what projects you pick and how they turn out. The summer is the best for embarking on new DIYs!

Kristin said...

Dude. I feel ya. I am SO not crafty, but I've always wanted to take a pottery class!

caitlin said...

wow girl that looks amazing! i would LOVE to take a pottery class (ghost anyone?!) haha! xo

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