Friday, June 17, 2011


I've heard in interviews or surveys asked, "what is something that you would change about yourself if you could?" I have always had cookie cutter answers that suit me fine but don't necessarily get to the root of what I need to change.

What I would change about myself is my balance. 

I tend to be someone who will pick up a book and read it until it is finished or start enjoying a hobby while dropping another that I had previously enjoyed. I have so many examples it would bore you to tears to hear them. I'm not suggesting that I don't have time to fit it all in, but more that I focus on one thing at a time and forget about others.

...Running, blogging, photoshop, cooking, couponing, blogging, weight loss, reading, craft ideas, organizing, taking pictures, outfits...
These are all things that I have spent tons of time on in the last few months. The problem is, I have trouble blending it and remembering to run when I want to focus on reading a really good book or taking time to make a fun photoshop piece while also spending a little time organizing. I think it's kind of all or nothing for me, and I want to change it. I want to be able to integrate all of those things on a weekly basis with balance.

And I don't know how.

So I'm coming to you multitasking wonders. How do you do it? Do you make a schedule? Do you make lists of things you want to accomplish on a weekly basis? I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it...

Am I the only one? Are there others of you out there who think back a few months and remember spending tons of time doing something that you do very little of now? Do you want to remedy this or do things just come and go in stages?

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Torrie said...

I struggle with this same area, and what I'm coming to find is that some things need to be stagnant (i.e. working out, taking care of myself- my daily routine, reading- all of which I tend to let go), and some things need to come and go- lessen and lengthen- in stages (i.e. home improvement, baking, etc.).

Rachel McPhillips said...

To use a bad analogy here, I have so many balls in the air, something has to drop. Meaning, if I craft, my house takes a backseat. Or blogging. Or my husband. Or all of the above. I think I need to start a schedule.. a timer or something. I seriously cut back on the amount of blogs I read, since that can be a major time suck. I would rather be a faithful reader and commenter than just another number for someone.

Meghan said...

I hear ya on this one! I am most definitely a schedule person. I make a to-do list for each day, and I complete each one at a time. It definitely helps me:)

Kristin W said...

I have the exact same problem, especially in the summer. I have so many things, projects, trips, etc. that I don't know how to fit it all in.

I enjoy having more free time to do stuff, but balancing it all is hard. Maybe setting certain days to do certain things? I hope you find some balance!

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