Monday, June 13, 2011

I know, write?

I LOVE good handwriting. It is strange, and I'm sure of that fact. I've never had my handwriting analyzed, but I am sure that handwriting really does say a lot about a person. 

Neat handwriting says that you put a lot of time and care into things.

Bubbly letters say that you have a positive outlook and are a happy person.

Little hearts or circles to dot your i's say that you have a lot of time to waste (haha, just kidding, but I always wonder how people have the time when writing long letters or papers to do that).

I take pride in my handwriting, which is an odd thing to say I'm sure, but ever since I learned to write I wanted to have perfect letters that looked like the ones that were the examples in the handwriting books. And because of that fact, I love when other people have pretty handwriting or pretty scripts. 

That being said, I have found some of the prettiest handwriting when looking at blogs and etsy shops in the last few days. They're people's handwriting turned into return address stamps, and I MUST have one!

Source: via meghan on Pinterest

I know it's strange to get such enjoyment out of handwriting, but I really do. And because you might be  sitting there wondering what my handwriting looks like, here ya go! Just click to make it bigger.
Do you care about handwriting?

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Zara said...

I know exactly what you mean. I use to redo my notes over and over until my handwriting looked perfect :-)

Also those return address stamps are way way cute. I think I might need to get some!!!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love that stamp. what a great idea! xo jillian:: ps im hosting a judy kaufmann print giveaway!

Heather said...

I love your handwriting! And I think I need that stamp! I really hate writing the return address on envelopes!

Kayla said...

I love handwriting too. I study it play with it and try like hell to improve my own. It doesn't work but I try. Sorry I have been so MIA I think I should be back in the game soon!

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Amber said...

This is the greatest idea. I'd love one of those stamps too, so cute!

I think handwriting is cool too. My best friend read a book about it once and it told the psychology behind it, it was pretty interesting.

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