Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's been a funky week for me. It hasn't been a bad week or a strange week or anything like that; I've just had some feelings and thoughts about life and some of the things that I have going on right now. And it made me want to write a blog post.

And then I realized that I really couldn't...

And it brought me to the thought of anonymity and being candid on the blog. If you've read my blog for a period of time, you know that I write a lot about what I'm liking at the moment, outfits, running, wedding planning, online shopping, recipes, and other topics as they come to mind. You know that I don't do a TON of posting about my actual life. Most of the time, it's because my life isn't exciting enough to really keep you interested, so I don't write about my grocery trip where nothing great happened or my day at work that was just like any other. But sometimes, it's because I don't want certain people (no one in particular in most cases) to read about close details or feelings in my life without me knowing that they have read it.

I've never really "publicized" my blog per se, but there's a link on my facebook and I know that some people at work know about it...I just don't know who really reads it on a regular basis. It makes me very conscious of what I choose to write and what I say about work, relationship, friendships, finances, etc.

I'm not suggesting that I'm not honest on my blog, because I'm nothing but. I'm just saying that I sometimes (or a lot of times) leave things out that I wouldn't leave out if I didn't have my face plastered across my blog or at any point a link on my facebook. I would feel comfortable being more open about important life decisions, feelings, my job, and friendships. I don't even really like to be vague about it, because I don't want people to assume stuff.

I'm so very happy with everything going on in my life right now, and I'm sharing so much of that greatness with you. It's just that sometimes when something doesn't necessarily go as right as I would like it to or when something is a bit off, I do wish that I could share it more to get opinions and ideas and hear about your similar experiences. I just want to know who is actually reading what I'm putting out there. Know what I mean?

So, I'd like to know. 
How do you decide what you write on your blog if you aren't anonymous? 
If you are anonymous, do you literally tell no one about your blog?
And lastly, do you know how I feel? Are there things that you would like to write about that you can't? 

I'm planning on writing more about my own life as I move forward; I'm just trying to decide what I want to share and what I don't...

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Julie said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have my blog all over my facebook, as you probably already know since we are friends :), so pretty much everyone I know has read it at some point. My whole family (grandparents included) read it, all my friends, etc. So I have to be very careful about what I say. And I think this is a good and bad thing for me. For the most part, I love that they can keep up with our lives like that, but sometimes it drives me crazy because I can't talk about things like I normally would. I think I have finally found a good balance, where I'm starting to say a little more than I normally would, but it's still tough. I think as you start to talk more about your life, you will find what works for you.

Clearly by my novel of a comment, I think about this topic a lot :)

Gretchen said...

I feel the same way! It's not that I want to write negative or hateful things on my blog, but I feel like I can't really express myself about certain things because it may get into the wrong hands of someone who may take it the wrong way. That's why I write a lot of fluff! It's disappointing to come up with a good blog idea only to second guess it, because someone may interpret it incorrectly.

Leanna Vera said...

I'm not anonymous and I know some of my relatives and a lot of my friends read my blog. My blog is also relatively easy to find if you type my name into Google. I basically have the rule that if it's something I wouldn't want a current or future employer to know...I don't blog about it. I'll write things like "I went to x bar on Friday night" but I would never write "I went to x bar on Friday night and did 5 shots of tequila". I also try to keep my love life out of the blog except for vague references. I date quite a bit and I don't want a new boy to stumble upon the blog and worry that I'll share a lot of details.

Katie said...

Telling people that I know IRL about my blog is seriously the one thing I would do differently if I could change anything about blogging. I feel the same way-- there are definitely things that I can't/don't write about on my blog because my family, friends, and boyfriend will read. What I've done is create a private blog just for me (which is really just an online journal, since no one can see it except for me). That way if I just need to write stuff down, I can do it there. It's just that no one can read or comment on it.

Oh, but I no longer advertise my blog on facebook or tell people about it. The only IRL people that know are the ones I told in the very beginning. I don't tell anyone now.

Torrie said...

a constant battle that I think about all of the time- and wonder if others feel the same... so thank you for sharing this in such an honest way.

I'm pretty careful when it comes to other people... "real life" people. That has to come first... even if it means less interesting or more "fluffy (happy)" posts. I sneak in personal feelings/situations here and there, but overall, keep it fairly light.

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

I only have a few topics I can't write about - so I don't. That's basically it for me. I share a LOT, but there are a few things that involve other people that I don't share.

Amber said...

I know how you feel. Not a lot of people IRL know about my blog. They know that I blog, but don't know the address and/or don't read it. I kinda like it that way.. It makes me feel like I can write about whatever I want, and it's my little slice of the internet. P.S. I tried adding you on FB, but there's not a way to do so :( You can add me? IF you want to be friends on there, of course!

Krystal said...

I think the whole point of blogging is to share your life--the good, the bad, the boring. Blogging provides a sense of community so we can help you if you're feeling down and talk about our recent grocery trip too! ;-) If you don't feel comfortable sharing--don't. And, don't feel bad about it! This is your little space on the interwebz and you can do what you want with it. Just know that lotsa ladies would be happy to hear more!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I share A LOT on my blog - sometimes it makes me cringe when I think about my parents or in-laws reading certain posts, but my blog is for me, so I don't want to censor just for a few people. I feel REALLY weird when a coworker finds out about it, and my worst nightmare is that one of my students will ;) But I'll keep blogging through it!!

Kelly said...

I'm not anoymous either. I have a link on my Facebook page. I don't BLAST it to friends, but if Greg mentions it or if they stumble upon it from FB, then it's cool. I don't think blogs need to be anything to be afraid of-- to me, it is just a way to stay CREATIVE and to remember what you're up to. Additionally, with my parents and sister in another state, I post a TON of photos (that I otherwise wouldn't post on FB) just so that they can see them.

I did not start my blog hoping for followers. I had actually never even read another blog! I think that readers can see geniune writers and appreciate it. I love your blog, keep up the good work of being YOU :-)

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