Friday, September 9, 2011

i heart blogging

When I started blogging, I knew I enjoyed writing, I knew I wanted to share my thoughts with whomever would listen, and I know it would be fun to read about the lives of others.

What I didn't realize, however, is how blogging would really impact my life. It might sound a bit serious, but it is unquestionably true. I truly feel like I have begun to form friendships and become a different person because of the blogging world.

Here are only a few of the ways that blogging has made me a better person and helped me make connections and friendships with those all over the country:

{1} I knew I loved blogging the moment I realized there were other people who had bad days, good days, and experiences like mine.

Each day, reading blogs and interacting with others allows me to be me while also learning that there are others like me out there. 

{2} I've made friendships and kept up with people since I started this little blog. Amber was one of my first followers, and we still keep in touch through commenting and emailing to this day. We even did a link up together!

{3} I've participated in some really fun blog swaps and collected all kinds of great stuff. My absolute favorite item that I've received is either the wayfarer sunglasses or the PBTeen M that I received from Mama Ra.
I just took the pic. Forgive me?

{5} Because of that, I'm training for my first half marathon while staying in contact quite frequently with Kristin and anxiously awaiting the recovery of Kayla, who's also running her first half near mine. It's also nice to read the blogs of others who are training for firsts (Sonja, Lindsey, and Rachel).

{6} I experienced my first blogger meetup with Meghan in Chicago this summer. It brought blogging even more to life!

{7} And of course...
a. it's made me spend way more money than I ever would without it.
b. it's inspired me in any number of ways.
c. i've learned how to plan a wedding.
d. i've begun to understand that perfect relationships don't exist, but that relationships can be perfect in their own ways.
e. it's given me an ear to share my thoughts, ponderings, and questions.

{8} Most importantly to me, it's made me begin to understand more of who I am. It's helped me realize that my work doesn't define me (and to stop having anxiety about it), that I can make mistakes and live through them, and that I'm really my own individual person. Each of these I've discovered in my own posts and by reading yours (whether I post that day or not, and whether I comment that day or not).

{9} And through it, I'm so glad that I've found you and you've found me! There are so many more people than those whom I have named that I count among my blogging friends. These were just some of the things that I think of when I think back on this last year of blogging.

So to every single one of you: thank you! You have no idea how often your comments, emails, and blog posts themselves have made me smile, laugh, tear up, and say:
"what! you too? i thought I was the only one!"

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Krystal said...

It's very nice to be able to connect to so many people all over the world =)

Julie said...

I agree with all of it! Blogging is the best :) Love you!

tara said...

blogging leads to such incredible relationships! love it!

Amber said...

This is DEAD-ON. LOVE this post. Blogging has changed me as well, and I love it. I can't imagine my life without blogging now, and it's also caused me to spend too much money, haha. I love that blogging brought us together as friends, you rock! :) <3

Meghan said...

Amen for this post! This list is so true and it's why I love blogging, too!

Zara said...

So well put!
You were one of the first friends I made in the blogging world, and I can second everything on that list. Blogging has become a part of who I am very fast, and has really connected me with people (like yourself) that I would have never met otherwise.

I am so excited to see how fantastic you do with all the running! You will rock it!

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