Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend recap + random

I have a lot of fun stuff to share, and I've found some fun stuff around the blogging world, so steering from normal tradition of picking a theme, I thought I would just do a weekend recap and random post.

This weekend was so so much fun! It went by wayy too quickly, but so much fun stuff happened that I can't complain in the least. 

My best friend came into town since she's up at UF doing part of her rotations for her last year in medical school for the month. She got here with her boyfriend, and we all went out to sushi! It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. She's one of my bridesmaids, and she shockingly had never met Tim. They stayed the night, and then we went to brunch at Datz.

Afterwards we took them on a driving tour of Tampa, and it made me realize how much cuter of a city Tampa is than I sometimes give it credit for. We showed off where we're getting married, Bayshore Boulevard, and Tampa General Hospital (since they applied there for residency). We had a great time!

After the left to go watch the Tennessee game at a local bar, Tim and I headed to Raymond James Stadium for our first USF tailgate! We had so much fun hanging out with friends getting ready for the first home game. Our seats were great again, and the stadium filled up quite a bit more by the time the game actually started.

The best? We won! By 30+ points!

I didn't partake in any adult beverages, because I was running my first 10k today! I ran my first 5k a few weeks ago, so I wasn't that nervous for this one. I was more excited. It was the exact place in my half marathon training plan that called for a 10k, and some others from work were running it too.

This time, I was number 914, and I ran a fantastic race. 

I was so thrilled with my results! For 6.2 miles, I was right around 55:30. I forgot to stop my Garmin, and I'm waiting to results to post online to find out what my actual time was. I'll update once it's posted. But, it looks like I held right around or maybe a little under a 9 minute per miles pace! I can't believe it! So happy!

Then, I stopped by and got a Pumpkin Spiced Latted and have been lounging on the couch since then. And, you all might think I'm a looney, but I didn't love the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. It was too sweet for me...will you still be my friend? I'm currently waiting to find out if I'm going to be able to make up a 25 point deficit to win my first week on a fantasy football team. It makes watching NFL so much more fun!

And...some random.

I don't usually post about giveaways, but this one is amazing; I just had to share. Yes, it got me an extra entry, and yes, that's how much I want it!

Just go here to enter.

And because I love creative posts and bright colors, I wanted to make sure you saw these super cute photos that Emily @ cupcakes and cashmere took. I love how she was able to find such close matches between shoes and candy. She's so creative!

Both images are of course from Emily. I love her posts. They're so clean, inspirational, and picture-filled.

I hope you had wonderful weekends! What did you do?
What are you looking forward to this week?

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Jennifer B said...

I love Datz! Yummy and big portions!

this free bird said...

Congrats on your race, girl--that's awesome!! xo-C

Kelly said...

Congrats on your race!! Sounds like you did SO well :-D

April Westerhold said...

Yay for you and a 9 minute mile pace! I'm losing in FF, too. Didn't help that Steven Jackson got injured in the 1st half and Nate Kaeding is probably out for the year. One of my WR's only got 1 bleeping point and my tight end sucked, too. Oh well, I've got Patriots defense tonight so we'll see how they do.

april@Party of Five

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Way to go on your 10k! That's so awesome you're getting into those! I can't imagine doing a 9 minute pace the entire time.

Oh and you aren't the only one that doesn't like Pumpkin Spice lattes. Though I will say i used to like them, but I got one last Friday and absolutely HATED it. It was gross. So yes, we can still be friends. haha

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Jen said...

I'm dying for a pumpkin spice latte! Hopefully this week!

Morgan said...

Awesome job! Congrats!
The tops I got were all from Old Navy and GAP! Super affordable!

Amber said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Congrats on your race.. of course you rocked it! :) Too sweet on the PSL? You're crazy, I think it's perfect :) Do you drink regular coffee black?

Lamb said...

So proud of your running! I wish that you could come get me off my lazy butt.

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!

xo lamb

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