Friday, October 7, 2011

a coffee, some chocolate milk, and a list

This week has felt like an exceedingly long week, and somehow all over the internets people have four day weekends. Who are these people and where do they work? I'm in. 

Because Wednesday was community service day at school, which are usually on Thursdays, it felt like Friday all day yesterday. The worst part of thinking that Thursdays are Fridays is realizing that you have to go through another one. But, that's okay. I had a treat yesterday morning to make it better. 

A free treat. Which makes it all better.
I love that Starbucks gives a free drink for your birthday. I asked if there was a size requirement, and there was not. So of course I got a venti. Iced nonfat latte. Yum Yum. And it definitely did soften the blow of a not-Friday-Thursday.

The day wasn't too long, and after tutoring and coming home, I was looking forward to reheating leftovers so that I could focus on my first run back since the half marathon Saturday night (oh you get it? you're over me linking back to my first half marathon?). I didn't know what it would feel like, but it felt good! Better than I expected actually...just hoping I'm not sore again tomorrow.

And when I came back from it I drank a big glass of chocolate milk, which I've been so surprised to learn is one of the best post-run recovery drinks to have. Between the balance of protein and carbohydrates it speeds recovery for your next workout (source here). Who knew.
Having it come from a bunny wearing a mask jumping out of a pumpkin only adds to the sweet deal.
After long runs (7-8 miles plus) I drink a protein shake, but I don't want to lug out the blender for a 3-5 mile run...6 just depends.

And thank goodness for Wednesday and Thursday nights on tv. Between Suburgatory, Modern Family, The Office, Top Chef, Project Runway, Up All Night, and Happy Endings I have plenty to watch. Otherwise, when my kids ask me if I saw some History Channel or Discovery Channel special about something we're talking about, I might actually be able to say yes; and who would want to watch tv that makes you think?

Oh, and my race photos were posted. And yikes, some of them are so unflattering. But, I told you I'd share! ...I am going to buy the first one (for $25...can I be this photographer?).
Only some of it's sweat. I ended up with 1/4 of each water cup down my front side.

Even though I don't have Friday off, I do have Monday off. So for my long weekend, I need goals. Here they are:
1. Buy new running shoes.
2. Organize my closet/clothing storage system (and by organize I mean create one).
3. Clean downstairs.
4. Do all laundry.
5. Preschedule at least 2 blog posts.
6. Write 3 classes of comments.
7. Run 6 miles and finalize and start the new half marathon training plan.
8. Finish grading all papers due back to the students.
9. Menu plan and grocery shop for less than $100 for the whole week
10. Take clothes to the cleaner, bag up at least a bag for Goodwill and drop it off.

Long weekends are so productive for me...what are your plans for the weekend? Is yours a long weekend?

And I got so overwhelmed come back from Orlando this weekend that I missed a few days of blog posts and had to click read all. What did I miss? Please please tell me and give me links to fun or important posts of yours.

I can't wait to relax, relax, relax this weekend.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Belated happy birthday sweetie! And yey on the free drink from Starbucks! Believe it or not, the Starbucks on my side of the world does not give freebies birthday celebrants. =(

Jenny said...

Good luck with all your goals for the long weekend!

Meghan said...

I have just started drinking chocolate milk post-run, and I LOVE it! I also love your pics! You are fierce, lady!

Zara said...

I use to drink protein shakes after every workout, but I got so lazy with cleaning the mess I made that I stopped. I should probably start again.

I am soooo proud of you and your running. I think I might give it another try!

AND. I miss you! I feel like it's been forever, and it's completely my fault. I've been to exhausted to blog, BUT I'm back :-)

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