Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fall decor

I've seen so many amazing posts on fall decorations (my favorite here), and I've really been meaning to do some decorating of my own. I mean, unless this one light counts as decorating.

I've been so busy, so it really never even made it onto a to do list. But after we came home from the grocery store yesterday, Tim asked why I hadn't put out the spider votive holder yet. I was so surprised, because I didn't think he cared. I thought it was so cute that he remembered one specific little thing that I had bought last year for Halloween.

So with that, I started putting out the Halloween and fall decorations. Halloween decorations were always some of my favorites that my mom has. Over time, she's gotten me little things that are like the ones from home.

She always has a pumpkin on the counter filled with candy to get you in trouble.
Candles help the room smell fresh but also add a fall feeling to the air.
She got me this haunted house this year. It's the exact one she and dad have at home. I love it!
I love the spider look to this votive holder without being gross or creepy (obviously Tim loves it too).
I picked these up at the store today since Tim seems to really appreciate fall decorations more than I realized.
I really like decorating with pumpkins because they can be left out past Halloween (or turned around to have no face on them). I'll pull out my cornucopia here in a few weeks and place that at the center of the dining room table. I'm just not sure I'll do with all those pumpkins I got today.

Do you decorate for the holidays? What's your favorite one to decorate for?

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Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I love the decorations and especially love that he remembered the spider. Don't you just love it when they remember something small like that!?

Aren't Slatkin candles the best? I want to say I just bought that one too, but now I'm not sure. I got 3 just last week. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Courtney said...

i love it!!!! :)

e@thisnotedlife said...

cute! I love the white bowl with the tiny pumpkins inside

Meghan said...

I seriously have zero decorations up! I really need to get cracking!

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