Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shopping the website: JCrew

I've been so so good this month with not shopping (and also not going to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks...which I've promised Tim myself that I wouldn't do this month), and I plan on continuing that streak. Because we're saving for the wedding, there's not a lot of room in my budget for clothes that I don't necessarily need. That doesn't mean I don't still want clothes that I see online. And I know I just mentioned how I realize I don't have to shop at expensive places for nice clothes, but sometimes when those stores send me emails I can't help but take a peek. Is that so wrong? ;)

JCrew has been so unimpressive to me lately, so when I actually went into the store the other day to look for a necklace, I was shocked to instantly see two things I loved. That hasn't happened to me in that store in forever. I walked out empty handed, but when I got one of those emails I remembered that I had seen some stuff I liked, so I clicked.

...and I clicked and clicked and clicked.

J.Crew has stepped it up I must say. I loved so much of what I found on their website. And while I'm still not shopping for a while, I added a bunch to my virtual cart so that in case it does on sale and in case  it goes 30% off sale, I would be prepared. Wow. Things add up fast.
all images from JCrew's website

Have you clicked over there lately? I'm adding a piece or two to my Christmas list...and I might buy one of those Chambray shirts (I tried one on at Old Navy a few weeks ago and it fit me really funky) since I've been looking for a while.

But for now, it's still all just an online illusion to me. But it helps to share with you. And maybe if you make a purchase you can tell me and I can live vicariously through you?

What do you think? Any favorites from there lately?

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Kacey said...

I bought a chambray shirt from Forever21 that cost a lot less and is really cute. You should check it out.

Amber said...

Oooh I love those dresses and that skirt you posted. Very cute. Maybe you'll get the whole wishlist for Christmas :)

skippysays said...

I like those brown boots a lot, and am with you on the chambray shirt. I've been looking forever, but all the cheaper ones fit funky. I'm thinking it might be worth the investment at this point...

taylor said...

their chambray shirts are amazing! i also kind of love the pencil skirts, although i probably wouldn't get a lot of wear out of them. the chambray is so versatile, though!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Darn, I can't nor will I ever wear a chambray shirt since inmates over here where that color. haha, I'll forever associate chambray with prison inmates. =/

I have certain stores I love that email me stuff and I tell myself not to click, but then I do..and browse and browse. Oh I wish I could get so many things, too. haha

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

this free bird said...

I'm so glad to see they've been unimpressed with J.Crew lately. I walked out of one of their stores this weekend feeling like I'd been in an old lady shop (no offense to old ladies). It was the most bizarre experience!

Maybe I need to meander online as you did...however I'm on the money saving train with you. Not getting married though. Just savin :)


Laura Darling said...

Oh I love those brown boots! You have a lot of will power not shopping! Good for you!

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