Thursday, November 17, 2011 race?

I need a little help...I'm at a point where I don't know what to do.

You know I ran a half marathon October 1st? And you know I said I was going to run another one on Sunday? hip that I really thought had stopped hurting returned with excruciating pain on Tuesday that allowed me to run just 2 miles about a minute and thirty seconds slower than normal and feeling like I was actually was terrible. And now my leg hurts again. 

So I can't get in to a doctor until Monday (after the race...) to make sure that it isn't a stress fracture or bone problems, and I have to make the decision of whether to run it and hope things clear up by Sunday or sit it out...and I'm so upset about it. Like, tears...upset. And even thinking about GU and ice baths and fuel makes me sad. Because I want to be okay. Because I was training SO. WELL. for this race. I mean, I was going to break 2 hours, and it's tearing me up that I've barely been able to run at all in the last two and a half weeks. What to do. Anyone have hip problems in the past and can help? I ran 6 this past Sunday and was only a little sore after...I guess it took two days to catch up to me. I want to run!! :(

I'm so torn up...

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Allison said...

I am so sorry to hear that! I know how hard you have been working. I would feel the same way. Is there anyway you could get into another sports med doctor? I know you really want to run, but think if your hip is seriously injured (crossing my fingers it isn't!) it might do more damage to run on it for this race and put you out even longer. Also if you do decide to run go into it knowing you wont PR, you don't want to be mad at the finish line! I've never hurt my hip but I did get a stress fracture in my foot last fall and as much as I hated resting and not running, it really helped me in the long run! I hope things work out for you! Sending good vibes your way!!!!

Meghan said...

You are going to get through this! I promise you! Running will never leave you:) Besides, these injuries are great ways to show us even more strength and stretching exercises that will help us in the long run!

Even though I didn't have hip issues, my piriformis strain is similar! I learned a lot of exercises that I'd be happy to discuss!

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