Thursday, December 29, 2011


I told you I'd be finished with Christmas posts...but I might sneak in a tidbit or two for the next couple of days if there are things that I remember that I want to share. I just won't theme anymore of my posts around Christmas. And Christmas is officially over as I'm driving back to Tampa all day long today. 
It's not the worst drive in the world--a little over eight and a half hours plus a stop along the way. I made it home mostly because of Tina Fey and her book Bossypants. Have you read it?
If not, I assure you that it is absolutely worth the read. It's a story of her life, and in the audiobook it is told by her, which only makes it all the more hilarious.

A terribly brief synopsis: she talks of her childhood and high school life as a young Greek American misfit who found her way in the theatre kids and older outcasts at Summer Stage. She heads to UVA where she was desperate to find a boyfriend but found herself only feeling more of an outsider as a guy she likes confesses his love for another girl to her while climbing a mountain together. She starts here professional life working at a YMCA before joining Chicago's improv troupe: Second City. And of course she discusses her time on SNL and 30 Rock as well as a failed cruise where the ship almost caught on fire and sunk; it was her honeymoon. I haven't quite finished it and save the mommy bit (and a whole 20 minutes) to save on the car ride home. 

There are three quotes that I happened to type down while driving that will give you a teeny sense of the amazingness and hilarity of this memoir. 

"You can't boss people around if they really don't care."--and ain't it the truth? She has a whole life lesson to go along with this, and I laughed out loud.

"Speak in statements with your words and actions."--she spends a bit of time talking about the importance of standing up for yourself as a woman. I really enjoyed that part.

And this one is the funniest but also the most true: "People only say 'you really must...' when it's something you really don't have to do..." She is talking here about breastfeeding and how it didn't work for her and how people kept telling her "you really must give your child the gift of breastfeeding" but how no one will come up to you and say "you really must breathe" or statements of similar necessity. Another moment I laughed out loud in the car while strangers I'm sure looked at me sideways while passing.

So after I finish the last few minutes of this in the long car ride home, I'm going to start on Bill Bryson's  I'm a Stranger Here Myself. Read it? It's stories of the quirkiness of American culture told by a columnist who moved back to America after living in London for 20 years. I'm looking forward to it!
Have you read either Bossypants or I'm a Stranger Here Myself? How do you get through long car rides when you're driving? Or when you're riding? What other books in this vein would you recommend? I'm looking at the Mindy Kaling book next.

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Katie said...

I just bought Bossypants for my Nook! I've barely read any of it so far but I'll probably be finished by tonight - it's hilarious.

Nichole said...

I have Bossypants on my books board on my pinterest. I just got a nook color for Christmas from the spouse and can't wait to buy! I think this post just reminded me that I seriously need to!

Amber said...

Bossypants has been on my to-read list forever now. So many people have reviewed it, I want to go get it on my kindle now, but I'm going to wait and see if Nate and his parents got me any amazon giftcards first, since that's what I asked for ;)

Cara said...

Bossypants has been on my wish list for a while now....glad to hear the good review...I went through a phase where I was obsessed with audiobooks....def good call for a long car ride.

The Mindy Kaling book has also been on my radar since it came only hesitation is so many 'celebs' are coming out with their own books and I wondered about the quality.

Meghan said...

I absolutely adored "Bossypants"! I think Tina Fey has such a gift, and I am glad she shared her wise words with the masses!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Bossypants is next on my list to read. Sounds hilarious!

Amanda Julia said...


I was browsing blogs and came across yours and as I kept reading was struck by a few things: Epcot Wine and Dine was my first half marathon, I ran disney half , AND I received Bossypants for christmas, and proceeded to creep out the foreign man sitting next to me on the plane by laughing out loud at it :) I will definitely keep reading!


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