Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hey! I've got some new shoes on...{last Christmas post}

I can't stop with Christmas posts! I've had such a great Christmas with family, gifts, and traditions that I have so much stuff to share. I wanted to share some Christmas Eve pictures as well as my gifts with you today (because I love seeing what everyone else got), even though it's a bit out of order.

 Baxter got so worn out by all the Christmas festivities it took him two days of non-stop napping to recover. 
 Mom made homemade thumbprint cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and peanut butter cookies (not shown). She had to cheat with a box chocolate cupcake, which I said was obviously acceptable.
 My sister and I exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. It's one of our traditions. She pegged me with her gifts, and I thought a lot about what to get her.
Grandma had a nice Christmas as well. We got her a new computer, as the one that she's been using is very outdated. We're going to get her a webcam and show her how to Skype with us.

Now for my loot. Here are my gifts that I love love so much! You'll probably recognize a lot of it from past blog posts!

From mom and dad I got

the Tory Burch crossbody bag, the Seychelles wedges I've been wanting for a full year, new slippers, the NAKED palette, and Nike Running tights. I also got some BaubleBar jewelry, nail polish, and some money! It was an amazing Christmas.

From Grandma, the holy grail of boots were unwrapped.

Do you remember how many times I put these into outfit and Friday's Fancies posts?

And from my sister, I received

a chann luu bracelet that I've also posted multiple times and a blogger's book of style.

I got Kacey

Anthropologie candlestick, earrings, headband, and scarf as well as some personalized Erin Condren notepads. I was happy with my gift because those were all things that she had asked for. She liked them as well!

Tim got me the books I showed you before, and then the rest of his gifts hadn't arrived when I left for Chattanooga, so I'll have another little mini Christmas when I get back to Tampa!

I hope Santa (and your family) was good to you and you have a wonderful end to 2011! 
What was your favorite gift?

This is my last Christmas post. I promise! It's just been such a wonderful holiday season!

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Zara said...

Ohhh my!!! Looks like shoe heaven to me! I love those boots and the sandals!!! <3

Kelly said...

Wow!! What a present from you Gma! You're one lucky girl :-) Lots of FUN presents!!

Jules said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love that photo of your and your sister in front of the tree. Everything looks so cozy, especially the fireplace.

I didn't even know there was a blogger's book of style. I need to add that to my Amazon wish list. The Tory Burch bag is so nice and I also love the J.Crew boots from your grandma!

Amber said...

I love reading Christmas posts, so post away! :) You got some great stuff this year girl. I love that you and your sister exchange on Christmas Eve, so cute. I am excited for Nate to be back in TX tomorrow because I get another mini-Christmas too. So fun! We'll have to do more posts after that ;)

megan said...

You got some good stuff! Glad you got your boots. :) I got the Naked palette too and am so pumped!

Courtney B said...

Ah! You got the best gifts ever! Lucky girl :)
And I totally don't mind the Christmas posts... it's always a little sad to see the holiday end but reading these posts helps it last a little longer :)

tara said...

looooooove those boots!!! said...

where are those slippers from???

Nichole said...

Um, can I like ALL of your gifts?! My siblings and I (there are four of us) also exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, too.

Michelle said...

WOW! Lots of wonderful presents! Looks like a great Christmas! xoxo

Jen said...

Love the boots! So thanks to you I got a BIC band for Christmas and love it! It is pretty fantastic. Pretty and purple :)

Alyssa said...

Such great things! What a wonderful Christmas! :)

Michelle said...

Look at all your awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I love it all!!! Especially those boots!!!!!! LOVE!!!

Thanks for linking up!!!!

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