Monday, December 26, 2011

Instagram Target Post-Christmas Sale

I had an amazing Christmas in every way. We had our breakfast casserole on Christmas morning before opening gifts, mom and dad went before my sister and me, and we took our time lingering on each gift so that we could draw out Christmas as long as possible. We do that every year. I'll share a few Christmas gifts with you, but first I just had to share my Target after-Christmas haul through Instagram.

I mentioned that I was going to get more decor for Tim and my first married Christmas at our own house, and I thought the best way to do it would be for 50% off. We're going to have our first tree together next year!
Everything was 50% off, and I loaded up on wrapping stuff, ornaments, stocking holders, and other fun little Christmas items. It really wasn't too crazy, and I'm thrilled with my loot. Now I just have to wait until next year to use it! That will be the hardest part.

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What was your favorite Christmas moment this year? What was the best gift you received? 
I'll be back tomorrow to share more Christmas.

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megan said...

My mom makes breakfast casserole every Christmas morning, too! It's my favorite! I would have loved to stock up on Christmas decorations for next year but I had to work yesterday. :( boo.

Carolina On My Mind said...

We always have breakfast casserole every Christmas morning!! It had become a tradition, and I don't feel like Christmas would be the same without it! I meant to go to Target to do the exact same thing this year, but totally forgot!! So exciting that we will be married ladies next Christmas! :)

Sarah said...

Great Target finds!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I wanted to go to Target on the 26th but had Christmas at my grandparents house. So I went on the 27th and everything was gone! xo

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