Tuesday, December 13, 2011

pictures or a story?

Before you read my post here, go check out my guest post at join the gossip. I picked out my stocking stuffer choices.

We got back from Chattanooga on Monday afternoon and walked into our hot mess of a house. That's neither here nor there, but I will have my work cut out for me getting things in order in our regular lives after all the parties we've had lately. 

This weekend was another wonderful wedding shower put on by one of my bridesmaids, Blair, and her parents Iris and Lee. It was amazing. There was sushi and sushi and pinterested rainbow fruit sticks along with anything else that you can name. She even ordered eggplant thumb print cookies to go with our colors! It was so thoughtful. I have some pictures to share, but instead of again regaling you with stories of how loved and special I felt, I want to share the plane ride back. 

Before going into that, thank you so so much Blair, Iris, and Lee. You had such an amazing and wonderful party and Tim and I can't thank you enough!
I swear to you this plane ride was like none I've ever been on, and for the strangest reasons.

We had this man sitting the row behind us and across the aisle that was seriously intoxicated and seemed to be a bit disoriented. Before boarding the flight he told the desk attendant that he hadn't been on a plane since 1971, right after Vietnam. Lucky for me I had no headphones and just got to listen to this man talk.
After asking the man sitting next to him what he was doing on his typewriter, that man decided he wanted nothing to do with him. But the inebriated man didn't stop. He continued talking about how religious St. Petersburg (Florida) is, and how there must be 25 religions. He asked several people how much they paid for the flight, and he said he hadn't been to Tampa in 30 years and hoped nothing that changed. It was a riot.

And while I was thinking about talking to him, because he was clearly desperate for conversation, he seemed to be easily angered a few times, and I didn't want to have a new friend that we had trouble parting from (I'm not really sure he knew where he was going when he got off the flight).
While he continued telling tales, the woman in front of me across the aisle threw me for another loop. While I'm usually not one to judge a book by its cover, this woman must have been 65-70, and wasn't dressed in the most up to date fashion. She reminded me of someone you would see on Food Network kneading dough in the back of the kitchen at a family restaurant. 

However, she surprised me several times. First of all, she was video taping the plane on her smart phone before we took off. She was all over this massive screened droid like it was her life. After taking off and being told that we could use technology, she whips out her iPad and read about a slew of eastern European countries on some country data app she had. 
I had no headphones and was too tired to read, so I just listened to this man while watching this lady. And at the same time I soaked in the giggles of the man in the back row and the flight attendant conversing about their next destination and what kind of work they do (...she was at work buddy).

It was one odd flight, and while I wouldn't normally share such a mundane story with you, I hope some of you can appreciate all of the ridiculousness that ensued.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We certainly did. 

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Torrie said...

Weird!! (I always like a good story... especially here in my reader, where I don't usually get to read any!)

At least it was an entertaining flight! :)

Carolina On My Mind said...

So strange, but funny! I don't know if I would have talked to that guy either, although it did seem like he needed a friend!

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Sounds like it was an entertaining flight! People can be pretty strange, right?!

You look adorable in those pics :)

Shasta Anne said...

This WAS totally entertaining! You will never forget that flight! ha! Love all of the pics too, you look lovely as always!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

(gave you guest post love)

Oh I definitely enjoyed that story. I have way too many of my own, like the time G-man almost had to fight a guy on the plane IN THE AIR because he was beyond rude to me. I was frantically hitting the call button and waving over the male flight attendant to hurry over. haha Oh the memories...
Emily at Amazing Grapes

brlracincwgrl said...

What an amusing flight you had! Glad you had a good attitude about it all :).

Oh, people these days...

Love all your photos!

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