Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Table for 1

I'm in Boston for a conference, and I'm having a great time. My hotel is super nice, and I've had time to get some sight seeing and shopping in between and after conference sessions. I'll post pictures from my freedom trail run when I get home, as I forgot to bring my cable with me.

In the mean time, I have been taking pictures of my food. Aren't you lucky? I always enjoy eating by myself, but I have to tell you that after three dinners in a row out and alone I was even more excited to meet a college girlfriend out tonight on Newbury Street to eat at Sonsie! This place has huge French doors out looking onto the street for prime people watching. I

I've eaten at four fun restaurants since I've been here, so I can only imagine that they would be even more fun if you are headed to Boston with friends or a loved one.

On Sunday night I went to Casa Romero and had fantastic Mexican food. It was very authentic and so flavorful. 

My server was so nice, and there wasn't anything that I didn't like. The guacamole in particular was fantastic. I would highly recommend this Back Bay Restaurant. Just be on the lookout if you decide to go, as it was a little hard to find.

Monday night, after my accidental 6.4 mile run (I'll explain later), I wanted a quick bite so I could get back to my room to watch the Bachelorette. I went to Legal Sea Food, which obviously isn't a local Boston establishment. It was yummy, nonetheless.

Wednesday I chased after my love of Food Network and ate at Oishii Boston. The smoking hamachi was featured on The Best Food I Ever Ate, so I wanted to go try it out. It was unique. I like it, and the hamachi being delivered to the table while smoking over coffee beans was visually pleasing. Then, when I put the hamachi in my mouth I could taste the smoking taste. I enjoyed that, two sashimis, and a roll. But, it was so incredibly expensive, and while yummy, I'm not sure it was worth every penny of what I paid.

Tonight at Sonsie was so fun. I enjoyed catching up with Julia so much that I forgot to take pictures. But here's a picture I found online of Sonsie:
We got to sit looking out onto the street, and I enjoyed a salad with a fried goat cheese ball on the side as well as a Wagyu Beef Burger and shoestring fries. Delicious. Between that and the Peach sangria this was definitely a winner for me.

I've done a lot more than just eat here, so I'll post everything else when I get home. I'm headed back to Tampa tomorrow, and while I've thoroughly enjoyed myself here, I'm ready to get back. I miss Tim, my bed, and the feeling of being at home.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

making a statement

I don't know what's gotten into me lately as I've been blog browsing. I've been eyeing statement necklaces galore. Usually, it's the smaller pieces that stand out to me and make their way onto my wish list, but for now I'm hoping to add one of these beauties to my jewelry collection in the next few months.

Does any one in particular stand out to you? Or would you take any of them like me?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

better hair, stronger nails

Ever since high school, I've had fairly thin and fine hair. I was okay with it, because I never had thick hair to deal with. Sometimes I wished my hair was a little thicker, but I've overall been happy with what I've been able to do with my hair.

In the last few months, however, I've seen an increase in the amount of hair that I've been shedding. It was starting to scare me a little bit, so I did all kinds of google searching, talked to a girl at the salon, and talked to my doctor. Everyone said what I had read online:
-you lose 150 to 200 strands of hair per day
-you shed more in the summer because it's hot
-etc etc etc

During this time, I was having my thyroid medicine checked, I had changed birth control, and I had changed my exercise habits. All of these things were things that were suggested to increase shedding. Of course everyone said to wait it out...but I didn't like worrying. So, with the suggestion of my doctor and hair stylist, I started taking vitamins and supplements.

*cue* angels singing.

Oh My Gosh. Do you take vitamins? It's amazing how much of a difference it's made in just the two weeks that I've been taking them. I'm taking a multi-vitamin for women, biotin, and B-12. My doctor said I should also take calcium, but I haven't run out to get that yet. 

I have legitimately gone from seeing what seemed like hundreds of strands of hair falling out per day to seeing no more than 30 or 40 in the shower. It's been such a sense of relief for me. Aside from the wanted effects that it has had on my hair, I've also seen an improvement in my nail growth! It's the Biotin. They're growing faster, and they're growing stronger.

It's not necessarily something that girls and women like to talk about, but I would really encourage you if you have thin or fine hair or feel like you're losing more than you should (or really just if you breathe) to start taking vitamins! The positive effect I have seen already has been fabulous! Of course, you should obviously talk to your doctor, but I was so skeptical about the vitamin recommendation when people would mention it. I just didn't want to buy into it. It seemed silly.

But now, I have to admit

So, are you a believer in vitamins or supplements? What do you take? Do you see the effects? I'd also be interested in hearing what you take to replenish energy lost while running or working out!

If you're looking, I'd recommend the Women's One-A-Day as a starter!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the one with the giveaway.

Does it pop up on your phone when someone posts on your facebook wall? Me too. I don't know how that started happening or how to turn it off, so I just get excited every my phone dings thinking it's a text message. (Sidenote: the worst is when it's someone you don't know who has also commented on someone's photo or status)...moving on.

I was sitting on the couch yesterday doing something relatively pointless I'm sure, and my phone dinged. My sister. Had written on my wall. Had suggested I do a giveaway because I hit 200 followers.

I was excited! She realized I hit 200 followers before I did! I love my sister...she keeps me motivated to posting.

So, a giveaway to thank you for being a follower! (You can thank my sister...I'll tell her).

I wanted to give away some of my favorite things that I've talked about over the last few months, so you'll get a fun little prize package that relates to me!

Here it is!
1. An Essie nail polish of your color choice...because I love essie!

2. A copy of Hunger Games...because it's my favorite book I've read in a while. I'll send it via Kindle or paperback, and if you've read it you can pick another book!

3. A $10 iTunes gift certificate...because I buy so many songs in all this running business.

4. a tervis tumbler with your initial on it! because I adore monograms and tervis tumblers...

It won't be this exact one, but I wanted a pic!

And how to enter:
1. Be a follower and leave a comment below with what essie color you would doesn't have to be the exact name...just the color family (1 entry).
2. Tweet about it with a link to this post and my twitter name (@lttlegrlbigwrld) in your tweet (1 entry). Leave a comment telling me you did it.
3. Blog about it and leave a link to your post below (5 entries). You only need to leave one comment. I'll count it 5 times!

Short and sweet! It will end July 5th at midnight and I'll pick a winner and announce July 6th!

Good luck!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Running

I mentioned that I am planning on running the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on October 1st. I'm really excited about it, because it's a night half marathon and my birthday is October 2nd. I'll finish my first half marathon on my 26th birthday! How fun is that? (Channeling Ina Garten...)

Before I get too excited about the race, though, I have to start thinking about a training program to follow. I'm supposed to start at the beginning of July, and I truly had no idea how different it would be to transition into summer running. I really felt the difference this morning...

See, I took a little bit of a break at the end of school (right around the same time I took the blogging break), and I finally got back into running last week. I ran 4 miles a couple of times, 5 miles once, and a 3 mile recovery. I was running at night, though. This morning, I decided to go for a morning run and see if it was more pleasant, and Oh. My. Gosh. did I learn my lesson. Running at 9:00 AM in Florida is like running on the fact of the sun. It was miserable, and between a grumpy morning and a too tight shirt, I experienced the first of what I'm sure will be several FAILS. 

But, I'm not going to let it discourage me. I'm going to keep at it and run at night. I'm going to make sure to stay plenty hydrated during the day and eat food that will give me energy to sustain a solid effort. I'll slow my pace down a little bit to make up for the heat, and I will persevere!

I will keep running at the same rate as last week until July when I kick it into gear. I'm thinking I'll follow the Runner's World or Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Plan, and with some good music, blogger motivation, and excitement I can't wait to get this thing really started!

And for the days like today that come, I'll just keep this in mind...
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Friday, June 17, 2011


I've heard in interviews or surveys asked, "what is something that you would change about yourself if you could?" I have always had cookie cutter answers that suit me fine but don't necessarily get to the root of what I need to change.

What I would change about myself is my balance. 

I tend to be someone who will pick up a book and read it until it is finished or start enjoying a hobby while dropping another that I had previously enjoyed. I have so many examples it would bore you to tears to hear them. I'm not suggesting that I don't have time to fit it all in, but more that I focus on one thing at a time and forget about others.

...Running, blogging, photoshop, cooking, couponing, blogging, weight loss, reading, craft ideas, organizing, taking pictures, outfits...
These are all things that I have spent tons of time on in the last few months. The problem is, I have trouble blending it and remembering to run when I want to focus on reading a really good book or taking time to make a fun photoshop piece while also spending a little time organizing. I think it's kind of all or nothing for me, and I want to change it. I want to be able to integrate all of those things on a weekly basis with balance.

And I don't know how.

So I'm coming to you multitasking wonders. How do you do it? Do you make a schedule? Do you make lists of things you want to accomplish on a weekly basis? I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it...

Am I the only one? Are there others of you out there who think back a few months and remember spending tons of time doing something that you do very little of now? Do you want to remedy this or do things just come and go in stages?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Transitioning Turquoise: Day to Night

I painted my nails turquoise the other day (Essie: Turquoise and Caicos) and bought some turquoise flip flops, and suddenly I was ready to wear bright summer colors. I normally wear a lot of dark colors with black as a base, but bright colors really can be transitioned from day into night outfits. This was my quick attempt at taking turquoise from day to night, and while this night outfit might not work for lots of occasions, Florida nights are a little less formal than some other places. 

I would wear the day ensemble to lunch with girlfriends or a day at the beach. The night would be perfect for a summer dinner date drinking mojitos on an outdoor patio. 

Thoughts? Can turquoise be made a night color?

Day: Jewelry: Stella & Dot, Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Old Navy, Polish: Essie
Night: Pants: LOFT, Shoes: Michael Kors, Earrings: Kate Spade, Bangles: Nordstrom
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Monday, June 13, 2011

I know, write?

I LOVE good handwriting. It is strange, and I'm sure of that fact. I've never had my handwriting analyzed, but I am sure that handwriting really does say a lot about a person. 

Neat handwriting says that you put a lot of time and care into things.

Bubbly letters say that you have a positive outlook and are a happy person.

Little hearts or circles to dot your i's say that you have a lot of time to waste (haha, just kidding, but I always wonder how people have the time when writing long letters or papers to do that).

I take pride in my handwriting, which is an odd thing to say I'm sure, but ever since I learned to write I wanted to have perfect letters that looked like the ones that were the examples in the handwriting books. And because of that fact, I love when other people have pretty handwriting or pretty scripts. 

That being said, I have found some of the prettiest handwriting when looking at blogs and etsy shops in the last few days. They're people's handwriting turned into return address stamps, and I MUST have one!

Source: via meghan on Pinterest

I know it's strange to get such enjoyment out of handwriting, but I really do. And because you might be  sitting there wondering what my handwriting looks like, here ya go! Just click to make it bigger.
Do you care about handwriting?

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Friday, June 10, 2011

a couple of observations

Because school is out, I have time to go to those necessary appointments that I normally don't have time for. For example: the doctor, the dentist.

I spent three hours on Wednesday at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned and getting cavities that I've had for a while but haven't wanted to have filled done. Then, on Thursday, I went for my annual doctor's appointment, because apparently blood work alone isn't enough for a refill on a routine prescription. While I was at those appointments, I made a few observations...

Mind you, the observations that I had while at the dentist were while I was under the influence of laughing gas (and wearing a super attractive green rubber nose).
1. Doctors offices need you to come in more than you need to go in a lot of the time. They want your money. They want to look at you, tell you you're fine, and then charge you and your insurance for your visit.
2. The dentist talks while her hands are in your mouth, and sometimes she says things that render responses. Why? It is completely impossible to respond. My dentist even made some political statement, to which I disagreed, but I couldn't do anything about it.

3. Am I the only one in the world that doesn't floss every day? I feel like they scream flossing at me, but I'm not convinced I'm the only one who doesn't do it. Does it really make that much of a difference? It's so time consuming!
3. The door. The nurse who comes to get you from the waiting room ALWAYS opens a door, looks down at her folder, and calls your name. What is behind the door is just a hallway, and it leads to the rooms. Why is it necessary to have a door there? Yesterday at the doctor, someone left the door open for a few minutes when they left, and I felt some kind of special privelege being able to see inside. The next patient to leave promptly shut it, because we all know that door isn't supposed to be open.

4. Laughing gas makes me think and feel the strangest things. I was dying to cross my legs the entire time, but I was convinced they would think I was strange. I continued feeling as though there was drool running down my face, but EVERY time (yes, three times) that I went to wipe it away, there was nothing. And third, I always feel like they're thinking laughing at me for being happy with the laughing gas.
Anyways, I had more observations, but I of course can't remember them now. Do these ring a bell? Are there any other standards for doctor/dentist visits that I'm missing?
It's Friday! Have a wonderful weekend! I have fun plans to help a friend with wedding crafts, and eat out Friday and Saturday night with different couples! Can't wait!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Travel!

Slowly but surely, right? Here I come.

Now that I've finished all three Hunger Games, I will be back more regularly. Before starting my thoughts on summer travel, I need to urge you to read those three books. They're fantastic, and you must read them before the movies start coming out. You won't be able to put them down. I literally read Catching Fire in one day. I promise you'll love them.

Anywho, to me, summer means vacation! So, I do have some plans. Some may not sound that exciting, but I'm thrilled about it all!

First, later this month, I'm headed to Boston.
I'm going for a conference called EdTeachTeacher. I'm so so excited about the conference; it's for teachers to learn how to better and more effectively integrate technology into their curriculums. Aside from the conference, I have plans to eat at some fun restaurants and run along the Freedom Trail. It should be fun to run past Bunker Hill, the USS Constitution, and other sites that I teach about in my History classes. I'll probably take one of my small cameras with me to take pictures along the way.
Anyone in Boston want to meet up?

In July, my family is coming down to St. Pete Beach and renting a condo. I'll head over there and stay with them for the week and enjoy the beaches of St. Pete!
I can't wait to see my family! Being so far from them makes it so enjoyable when I do get to see them!

In August, I've got two ideas that are in the works. First, Tim and I are thinking of going somewhere like Charleston.
We haven't planned it yet, but since we'll be driving we're just going to wait and figure out details later. We love trying new restaurants, and with that and the culture and things to see there, we're sure we'll have an enjoyable time.

I'm also planning a meetup with girlfriends from college later in August in Chicago. If that happens I'll write more about it. I'd also love to meetup with blogger friends in Chicago if that happens. I'll update later

Where are your plans taking you!?

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