Thursday, January 19, 2012

happy thursday!

I'm sick today and feeling pretty yucky; it came on fast and has hit me pretty hard. I don't have it in me for a full blog post today, but I did click through my pinterest boards to find some pretties that are keeping me uplifted and in good spirits while I'm down for the count. And I threw in a few things that are okay with me at the end.

Khloe Kardashian's closet? Yes please! There are more red soles here than at a Neiman Marcus.
This purple cake with sprinkles is what I would like for my next birthday.
There was a great bracelet DIY this week on Honestly WTF. I'm sure I'll buy the supplies sometime and not make them for a few months (as what always seems to happen when I think of DIY)...
And because I wasn't able to workout yesterday or today (and probably not tomorrow...ugh), I can definitely tell you that I'm suffering more not running than by running. Is this true for you too?

And to add a few "It's OK's..."
It's ok...

...that I just bought a few things from lululemon but I already have several more things in my online cart to buy in February (I'll share my purchases next week).
...that I would rather spend money lately on workout stuff than normal clothes. look forward to February so that my will start over.
...that I didn't meet my goal of no Starbucks or Dunking this month. I'm doing so well with all of my other goals. look forward to a Stella & Dot giveaway I've got in the works.
...that I have so many great blogging ideas but have no energy to write them right now.
...that I'm going to be in bed all day today reading magazines, sleeping, and reading a few blogs here and there. I'll be back with it tomorrow!

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Kelly said...

Hope you start to feel better soon!! :-(

Those pink/red heels look like Barbie shoes!! Hahaha!

I love Honestly WTF. I'll have to check out that bracelet tutorial-- soo cute!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

That stinks you aren't feeling better. Hopefully staying in bed resting will get you feeling good in no time.

That shoe closet is ridiculous! Seriously!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Avery James Photography said...

That shoe collection is amazing!!
Hope you feel better soon. :)

Allison said...

Love! I love to buy workout/running gear too so its definitely OK :)

Breanna said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon :)

That cake looks amazing!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my gosh those shoes are all so amazing! Wish I had her closet. Love those Kardashians! And I hope you start to feel sounds terrible whatever it is you got. Get well!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Maybe we should get famous for nothing so we can have some red-soled shoes :)

Hope you feel better!!

lori said...

i die for that closet.

i didn't work out yesterday and i felt awful... definitely made me want to get back at it today! it always improves my mood if i can just make myself do it.

hope you feel better!

Becca Christensen said...

Looove love love that closet.

Maria said...

Oh no! That sucks that you feel so bad! I hope you feel better! The cake is beautiful, especially the different shades of purple, and the closet. Yes please!

Sarah Burton said...

Feel better soon!
LOVEEEE that shoe closet. So jealous of her.

meghan said...

Oh my goodness, that closet is AMAZING. Love love love.

Feel better, doll!

megs [at] Shine On

Ashley said...

it is totally ok you're skipping some workout to rest your just means you're going to have a GREAT Run when you get better!!

that cake looks SOOO yummy! and gah, i want that closet!

feel better!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Hope you feel better soon! I love that cake - amazing! Isn't Lulu Lemon the BEST?! I am obsessed with their yoga pants!

Jen said...

Love the bracelets! If you try it let me know how "easy" they are!

Nicole Rene said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :) Sorry you are not feeling well.. :( But WOW what great pictures....... I want all those shoes in that closet!!!! That workout inspiration is making me feel bad now though since I haven't worked out recently lol...

Fashion Meets Food said...

I knew Khloe wore a ton of Loubs but I guess I never realized how many she actually had. Definitely more than NM has in store lol. xo

Anonymous said...

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