Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reader Feedback Requested

I have been in such a blogging funk for the last few days trying to define my style and my purpose of writing. I have read a few blog posts about having the best blog possible, and several of the things that they mentioned really struck chords with me.

One of these posts suggested that people really love blogs where they feel that something is being offered to them in the sense of style advice, makeup tutorials, outfit posts, recipes, photos, funny stories, workout motivation, or tips on the latest and greatest. Would you say that this would be true? And if so, what do you feel that you are being offered here at little girl in the big world?

Why do you read my blog? And even more so, why do you comment on my posts? What makes you take the extra time and effort to leave a comment? And this is not meant to beg you for praise. It's a serious question. When you click to open my blog, what are you hoping to find?

And what I'm thinking would also be really helpful is what are you NOT looking to find? I'm sure many people won't answer that one, but if you would, I would be so greatly appreciative.

Categories that I have written about or write about enough to mention include:
outfit creations
online shopping
photo-dumps of sorts whether instagram or DSLR
working out
pins from pinterest
losing weight

I want to make my blog even better and I want to make sure that what I'm offering to you is what you're looking for regularly when you come here. 

It would also be helpful to know how you would "categorize" my blog in your head or in your reader.

As far as a hint on why I'm writing this, I'm thinking about becoming more topic-focused. I want to hear feedback before I make any decisions, though.

And please don't forget to linkup tomorrow with me, meghan, lori, and whitney! It's a linkup called "go for the goal"! You can grab the button off my sidebar, post your January or new years goals follow up, and also make goals or additions for February. That's what I'll be doing, and I'm looking forward to remaining accountable for the goals I've set for myself! It'll be up at midnight!



Rachel said...

I'll be honest.. your blog got lost in my shuffle when I switched from blogger to wp.. that happened to a lot of blogs I read. I like your blog because I feel like I have a connection with you as a blogger/friend.

Nichole said...

I personally like blogs where I feel like I have something in common with the "writer"...I do like topic blogs (like cooking for example) but I like when bloggers, like myself, write about all kinds of things. I like that about you and your blog. I started following you b/c you & Krystal hosted the card swap @ Christmas and you were posting photos about the holidays and I could relate. Plus, you're a Tampa girl and I liked that too (can't wait for tomorrow's meet up, btw!) honestly, I say keep doing what you're doing

Kelly said...

Aww, you're just so caring Meghan! ;-) As you know, I love your blog. If I had to give two labels I would give it running/working out and fashion. I think I'd love to read more about your life, family, work (etc) only because I'm always drawn to those types of blogs. However, I always feel like I'm learning something new or getting inspired whenever I come over her and that is an awesome thing :-) As you know, keep up the good work!

Neely said...

THE OCD person in me loves to read about organization :)

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Running first - you inspire me to work harder! I also love organization. And you're just a generally sweet person and I love to hear about what's going on with you!

Katie said...

I love it all - running, your fashion, daily motivational posts! :)

Sarah Burton said...

I agree with Nichole. I love it when I feel like I can relate to a blogger. I also love that your posts are all different; you don't have just one topic. Fashion blogs are nice, but sometimes it's good to read about a person's workout style or wedding plans. So just like Nichole said, keep doing what you're doing!

Jennifer B said...

Because I like you personally, I like everything you have to write about. I am really bad about commenting all the time, but I read everything! haha. I say at the very least, keep doing what you do :)

See you tomorrow!

Meghan said...

I think you offer a wide variety of content, from running to fashion, but you present it in a way that makes sense. It's very concise and clean, if that makes sense! I think you're incredibly organized and diligent about blogging and I love your structure. I always feel like I am all over the map!

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