Wednesday, February 8, 2012

checking in


I didn't post Monday or Tuesday. For some reason I can only juggle three balls, and I have really ramped up the wedding planning. We're talking coordinator meeting this past Friday, florist appointments made, cake appointments made, and other decisions in the works. With that and my next half marathon on Sunday (and my mom coming in town) and work being particularly busy, I dropped the blogging ball for a day or two. I'll be back tomorrow with a more thought provoking post, and will you forgive me for not commenting on your blogs in the last few days? That will resume as well.

For now:

Today will be amazing. Just because. 

And a random question...also just because. If you could be anywhere in the world right now with one person, where would it be and who would it be with?


Sarah said...

A tropical beach with my hubby!

lori said...

hope you have a good day! wedding planning was SO fun. i miss it.

and i would totally pick a quiet beach with my hubs. a hammock, a good book and an umbrella drink ;)

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

Good luck with the wedding planning, it can def take over sometimes :-)

Mo (New on U) said...

I think I would be in a cozy ski chalet in switzerland with snow falling, a fire roaring and my love curled up next to my on the couch.

Hope your day is amazing :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Chica, like i said in my tweet, its totally ok! I can't imagine juggling everything that you are right now. Shoot, I feel I've barely had time to blog myself with the few things I'm doing right now.
So its all good. :)

Well, for me...I'm exactly where I want to be with who I want to be with.

And that's Hawaii with my love.

So thankful I get to be here.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Table4One said...

I am a new follower and I didn't know that you were engaged! Congratulations!!! I would be in private tiki hut in Bora Bora with Mr.X - my current flame!

Nichole said...

a friend of mine and I joke the year we planned our weddings, we lost b/c planning took over!

Kari said...

Wedding planning is a ton of fun, but it will consume your life and time if you let it (at least that was my experience). It sounds like you're balancing it pretty well, but it's understandable if you need to turn your focus to that for awhile. I hope your appointments go great!!

Meghan said...

NYC, hands down! With the hubs:)

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