Friday, April 13, 2012

not unlucky

Happy Friday the 13th!

Lucky for me, it didn't live up to being an unlucky day! Nothing too eventful happened, but I thought I would share two fun things that you might care to know about.

First of all...

The Tone It Up girls that I've mentioned a few times launched their Bikini Series today! It's a free 8 week challenge where they send you workouts, recipes, and inspiration to get you bikini ready for summer. You can sign up on their blog post from today. I'm also a sucker for prizes, so I'm excited about the giveaways. I think one is for one of the Maaji swimsuits.

...and also:

I bought my first Jewelmint piece today. I got an email yesterday with a promo code to get 70% off my first piece, and I couldn't resist when I saw this bracelet. It looks similar enough to a JCrew I've been wanting. Plus, the JCrew one is $88, and the Jewelmint one ended up being $8.99.

I'd been on the email list for a bit, but I'd never seen anything I had to have. But when I got the LUXE70 code yesterday (it expires at midnight tonight) and saw this bracelet, I couldn't resist. Sign up for Jewelmint to get the emails. They offer these deals all the time.

I'll review the bracelet once I get it for quality, but hopefully it's of the same quality as ShoeMint. I loved the shoes I got from there.

And lastly (*edited to add*), I got my Warby Parker samples. I think I'm down to two choices. They're the same frame in different colors. Which do you like?
The pictures were taken at different times of day, so the first one is a bit better of a picture...

I can't wait for a weekend of catching up on work, working out, and relaxing! Let me know if you sign up for the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge! We can keep each other motivated on twitter!


Claire Kiefer said...

Those girls have amazing butts! I'm going to check out their challenge. If it means I could get a butt like that, I think I'd be all about it. ha!

Jessica said...

I signed up we will see how it goes. Although the next 8 weeks are the craziest weeks of the year for me

Breanna Hohenstein said...

I signed up :) SO excited!

jessicaj said...

I snagged the same bracelet. I am a little worried about remembering to skip a month if I don't want charged though!

Emily grapes said...

I might be checking out their 8 week challenge. If its free, I'm all for it!

And I'm with the 1st commenter..if it gives me a butt like that, I'm game!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Sam @ The Balance Artist said...

Yay for the new TIU challenge!

Aaaand I totally got that bracelet today too!! Thanks to the email, and seeing the bracelet, which I fell in love with. Never LOVED any potential pieces until now. I think it'll look good with my gazillion gold bangles I have collected, as well as my Marc Jacobs chunky link one. I want the J.Crew one, too, but still haven't brought myself to buy it. Maybe one day...I do have a $100 gift card to J.Crew! But yeah, like Jessica J said...I hope I remember so that I don't get charged every month!!

Love the glasses! Both so cute. Hard to tell the color difference with the lighting, but number one, they are super cute.

G-money said...

I gave you a Leibster Award!! Check out my page with the Info :)

lori said...

cuteee bracelet! and love the warby parkers... id say by the pictures, probably like the first one best. is that the tortoise color? i think maybe they pop a little more.

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