Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday

I'm one honors night and a short meeting away from summer vacation! I can't even believe it's almost here again. I thought it was never going to come. In honor of summer, here are a few things I'm thankful for today!

1. School being out! 
I like my job, but during these summer months I really love my job. I am so thankful to have time to re-energize and rejuvenate. I'm going to have to make a summer bucket list to ensure I get all kinds of things done. I just love that flexibility!

2. Getting back to the gym. 
After a week off for my Vegas Vacation, it felt good to get back and tick off some treadmill running and a BodyPump class. Working out makes me feel oh so good, so I felt out of sorts with my only working out being out on the town at night in Vegas. Ha!

3. Cute dresses

I love the current grouping of BCBGeneration dresses at different websites right now. This one I got to wear to a wedding when it was on sale at Macy's last week. My wardrobe needs some serious spicing up, and dresses at less than $75 a pop will set me well on the way to get there. Not to mention the ones from Express and F21 that I've gotten for much less than that! Bring on summer! I'm ready...

4. Fresh Fruit
I love summer for all the fresh fruit that comes with it. Thank you sale on grapes, in-season peaches, bright red strawberries, and heavy delicious watermelon! I could eat fruit as my only sustenance for days on end. There is such simple pleasure in summer fruits.

5. Gratitude App!

Like many other people I've read in the blogging world, I need to keep my life in perspective. I think the late 20's period of time is so funky as far as figuring out where you belong. We're too old to act like kids (says society), but we're too young to be full-blown adults (say the same people). And sometimes I think this time makes it difficult to remember all the wonderful things we have going on. I love that this app has you write down 5 things everyday that make you happy. Kristin told me about it, I've done it for the past three days, and I love looking back and remembering what makes me happy each day instead of lingering on things that don't. Try it out and see.

 6. My trip to Chicago next Thursday-Sunday for a wedding!

I was there August 2011 to visit my friend Laura, and I'm excited to head back. I'm hoping to get to see Laura again (she was in Vegas) as well as meetup with Meghan for a SoulCycle class that she raves about. Tim and his friend Josh have already planned out all kinds of activities they would like for us to do, so I'm kind of along for the ride on this one. Since I've been a number of times, I'll let him take the reigns on this one. 

7. My mom coming in town Sunday

from our engagement party in December
She and I are going to get a bunch of wedding stuff done, do my hair and makeup trial, do a dress fitting, meet with the florist, and I'm sure she'll drum up some other stuff. She also helps me get my butt in gear with organizing. Lord knows I'll have a spotless house by the time she leaves because she hates just sitting around.

8. July 21st...
It's coming! It's coming! My wedding! Ah! Which means my honeymoon is coming!! We picked! I'll tell you soon!

9. New Goals!
Our monthly linkup will be up tomorrow! Wrap up May goals and create June goals! Linkup tomorrow. Grab a button on the left!


Kelly said...

Such a great list of things to be happy about!! Love your new dress. I tried on a similar dress in THE prettiest mint color at H&M the other day. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to wear a bra with it and as much as I wanted to make it work... I decided against it!!

I know how it feels to get back into the gym routine. Have a fun time with your mom this weekend too!

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

How funny. I'll be in Chicago thurs-sun too!

Maria said...

This is so amazing! I hope you have a great summer vacation. I know I am loving vacation right now.

Andrea said...

That's fantastic, congratulations!

Meg {henninglove} said...

absolutely love that dress from macys, great color combination!

Laura said...

Hope to see you in CHicago too! I'm definitely going to try out that gratitude app, I need more positive thoughts in my life. What do you mean about not working out in Vegas!? We danced for SIX hours straight on saturday night! My body was sore the next day. Love ya!

Katie said...

What a cool app! I'm gonna go download it! Have fun in Chicago!! :)

Lauren said...

Yay for your wedding been SO soon and can't wait to hear what you picked for the honeymoon :-)

Leanna Vera said...

I made a summer bucket list and I really recommend doing it too! It's such a great way to keep track of all the things you want to do.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

What an awesome app - such a clever idea. =)

I swear I need to go into teaching - I bet you'll do so many amazing things this summer!!

Keep Shining,

Kristin W said...

Great list! I can not even wait for school to be out! I am glad this weekend is flying so that I can just have next week be over. I'm not so sure the long breaks are worth it for me anymore...

I'm loving fresh fruit and summer clothes too!

Anonymous said...

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