Monday, June 25, 2012

Wonderful Weekend in Photos

Tampa's finally getting a break from the rain for a few hours, and things are definitely looking soggy around these parts. I'm safe from major flooding where I live, but definitely keep Florida, and all of the Gulf Coast, in your thoughts, as the rain picking up to today will lead to flooded roads, rising water near homes, and dangerous driving situations. 

This weekend was one of those weekends without anything planned (except Leah's baby shower on Sunday), and the rain was sort of welcomed. It made being lazy and doing house chores all day and getting to do lists done really acceptable. Not that I need rain to keep me inside, but something about it makes me feel like there's nothing else I should be doing. Do you know what I mean? In fact, after biking (almost 9 miles on the stationary bike) and swimming (1000 yards) on Friday, I didn't even workout this weekend! It was a well-enjoyed break.

Here are a few shots {from instagram} of what I did do this weekend.
1. I wore my new necklace that Annemarie sent me on Friday and got several compliments.
2. I got two new additions to my arm stacks. I got the neon yellow skull above and a red one (you can get them at BaubleBar).
 3. Tim still hadn't gotten fitted for his tux, so we headed to his fitting on Friday and stopped at Pinkberry for a treat! I got the Peanut Butter and it was delicious.
4. I treated myself to a pedicure on Saturday morning and started Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. So far, very funny!
 5. On a Target run for a children's book and some gift wrap, I had to pick up these amazing looking berries that were at amazing prices.
6. And somehow the Michelob Ultra Light Cider I've been reading about on everyone's blogs and some hint of lime chips jumped into the cart. I was mad that they made it in there when I got home, but I figured if they made it home I should probably enjoy them. ;)
 7. I've been taking more outfit of the day photos (and posting them on instagram @lttlegrlbigwrld), and this was my Sunday baby shower outfit.
8. Before leaving Leah's shower, I wanted to grab just one picture. I'm sure she'll do a recap of her whole shower on her blog. It was very nice. These are a few of the girls that are friends because of our husbands/fiances/boyfriends. It's so nice to have such a fun group to hang out with.
9. And lastly, I made raspberry and lime infused water when I got home from Target, and after a day to really sit, it was delicious! All I did was muddle half a pack of raspberries into a pitcher of water and then added the juice of one lime. When I poured it into my glass I added another handful of raspberries just to get the full effect.
On top of everything you see here, I also got all the laundry in the house done (somehow the washer and dryer are currently sitting empty...I think that may be a first), did the dishes, organized the downstairs a bit, wrote out my rehearsal dinner invitations (that I still need to address), and caught up on blogging! What a weekend!

How was your weekend?
What was one fun thing that happened?

I'm linking up with Hayley today for Life Lately and Leeann for Weekend Update and Molly's new linkup #YOLO Mondays.


still being [molly] said...

love the pics, girl! and that water looks so refreshing - making me thirsty :) happy monday girl!! and if you want you should totally link up to my #YOLOMONDAYS linkup today :) xoxo
still being [molly]

Dana @five30three said...

Love your Stella & Dot and Bauble Bar arm collection. Too cute! Sounds like an awesome weekend.

Thanks for linking up!

Ashley said...

you look so pretty! love that dress muffin!! and totally get it with the rain -sometimes those weekends are VERY welcome!

Lesley Anne said...

I love that yellow dress you wore to the baby shower! Where is it from?

Krystal said...

Oooo love everything about this post! I can't wait for Leah to share her shower -- I've been following her blog for a while now! How fun you all know each other! My shower is this Saturday in Hyde Park. I hope it's just as lovely! ;) The water looks divine and I'm EYEING that cider. Counting down til Sept. That's going to be one of my first drinks.

Sami said...

Love your skull bracelet! I'm rocking mine today in black! Pinkberry is my fave.. have you ever had their Salted Caramel flavor? It's the best! Thanks for linking up :)

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

Love the yellow dress - super cute!

Vanessa said...

Mmm after seeing the hint of lime chips (aren't they the best?!), froyo, and berries, I am super hungry! YUM!

siddathornton said...

i can't wait to read mindy kaling's book! i think she is hilarious.

- lauren

Lindsay said...

Um that baby shower dress that you wore is amazing! I love, love, love it! Love the new bracelets too!

Alyssa Lianne said...

Found you from the link up! I love that yellow dress. That's such a great idea to make the raspberry water.. I'm so stealing it:)


Claire Kiefer said...

I have to admit that when I saw your water on instagram, I thought: that would be great . . . with vodka! Ha. Love that necklace and bracelet Annemarie sent you--how sweet! I've been wanting more Stella & Dot stuff lately but have to reign it in!

smk053078 said...

Looks like a jammed packed weekend! I am obsessed with those hint of lime chips. I swear I could eat the whole bag! Loved your outfit from the shower. Super cute! And that raspberry/lime water sounds perfect for this crazy HOT summer! have a great week, lady!!

Kimberlee said...

Love that yellow dress! That Pinkberry looks super yummy :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

that photo with the chips, cider and berries looks exactly like my fridge minus the bee and chips. bought LOTS of fruit this weekend, why because it is summer and i will meet my yearly fruit quota during the summer months

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I pretty much love everything about your weekend. You are the person to hang out with! Fashion, food, beverages. Can we be BFFs? :)

OK I'm convinced. I'm buying the red skull bracelet!

Thanks for linking up with us!

ashlyn williams said...

pinkberry, heaven. & you look so cute in all of your pictures! you had a great weekend, can we hang out? ha


Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Here from Life Lately. You look gorgeous in our yellow dress. Looks like such a nice few days for you!

jessicaj said...

I really like the yellow sundress you are wearing for your friend's baby shower. It is a perfect summer color and the ruffles and side tie gives a sundress the extra flare that I often think they need! Very cute!

TheTinyHeart said...

I found your blog from the YOLO linkup and it's adorable! I love Pinkberry but I'm so sad that there isn't one where I live now. You look so pretty in the yellow dress! I'm your newest follower :)

The Tiny Heart

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