Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Megan's creative DIY projects

Megan is getting married next spring, and she's one of the blogs that I've been reading the longest. I've loved following along with her boat filled weekends, she and her fiance's in-house football rivalry (since Tim and I also share this problem), and her craftiness and house renovations. You'll love these DIY projects she has for you today (I think a lot of them are great outside of weddings too), and I am now dying to try the lucite tray.
Hey y'all! It's Megan from Fried Green Pickles here to fill in for a day while Meghan is off enjoying her honeymoon! She asked me to post about a DIY project, so I figured since I'm in the middle of my own wedding planning {3.30.13}, I'd post a few wedding DIY projects for all of you out there! A lot of these projects don't even necessarily have to be for a wedding, you can use them for your home, a birthday party, whatever!

If you want to add a little flair to your specialty drinks, making these drink stirrers are super easy & affordable!

Yes, you could pay your florist to make these for you, but why? Save money by making your own!

I'm thinking of making one of these to hold my cards at the reception, rather than a card box or birdcage. I've been obsessing over Tilly Maison's tray for quite some time now, but the fiance would kill me if he knew I spent that much money on a tray.

Don't forget the groom! Have this cold and ready for him in the room that him and his groomsmen get ready in.

Hope you enjoyed these DIY projects today! Come on over to Fried Green Pickles and let me know your favorite DIY project!

Can't wait to hear all about the wedding and honeymoon, Meghan!!


The Pink Growl said...

I love that beer cake! I've seen it all over Pinterest and I want to try it!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Such a great post by Megan! I'm hosting my sister's bachelorette weekend in Savannah, and I think the drink stirrer idea is a MUST!

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

These are some great ideas Megan! And I'm seriously swooning over that tray too...if you do make one, you definitely need to post the tutorial!


Steph Garcia said...

How cute is that beer cake! Love this!

still being [molly] said...

okay that beer cake is AWESOME

Rachel said...

Such great ideas, Meghan! :)