Thursday, September 20, 2012

Currently Loving: Beauty Products

The last few times Ulta has done 20% off I've missed it or not thought about what to buy, but this time I partook. I picked up a few things during that sale, and then I've done a bit of shopping here and there this month as well. Beauty products haven't been my strong suit, but the idea of taking care of myself and looking nice all the time has really been something I've placed more of a priority on lately. I've done some researching on blogs and YouTube beauty channels, and these are a few of the items I've either purchased lately or really started using more lately (the Naked Palette).

There are other items I've bought but haven't used enough to tell you my opinion yet, but I will be sure to share those with you once I've used them enough to have thoughts on them.
1. L'Oreal Elnett Satin Strong Hold hairspray would tie for my favorite product I've been using lately. I've never really put much thought to hairspray, because I always saw it as a product that kept your hair crunchy and in place. This product keeps your hair in place without getting crunchy. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of hair possibilities. I've used it when I've spent hours in the humidity outside, and I've used it through a whole school day in my super humid classroom (and our classroom doors open to the outside so our 'hallways' are outdoors). My hair does what I want. 
The trick is to brush through your hair once after you spray the product in. Then go about your day or night! You'll love it. The increased price is absolutely worth it.

2. The other winner would be Out The Door top coat. It is the most amazing nail product I've ever used, and it makes home manicures look just as good as salon manicures. The product is a thinner so it creates a hard, shiny finish and smooths the polish on your nail while also being a quick dry formula. I painted my nails and went to bed 15 minutes later and didn't see sheet lines in my nails like I have before. People say it's similar to Seche Vite, but I couldn't bring myself to use that because of the warning about birth defects in the state of California on the back (even though I've done tons of research and it seems to contain amounts of the substance far below danger levels, I still can't bring myself to use it). Just buy the Out The Door. You can get it at the grocery store or CVS.

3. Dove Hair Therapy detangler I've had for a month or two. I've gone through almost a whole bottle. The smell of it is amazing, like coconuts and the beach. And while I've never really felt I needed a detangler, this product feels like it adds nutrients to my hair and repairs it in some way. Maybe I'm off my rocker and imagining it, but it definitely moisturizes my hair and makes me feel like I'm helping it when I spray. I will be buying this again when I run out in the next week.

4. Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is a fun matte lip gloss that stays on. I like that it looks more like lipstick but feels more like lip balm. It's not sticky and it doesn't make my lips feel like I'm wearing anything. I got the light color Cherish and have gotten several compliments. I'll probably pick up another or ask for it as a stocking stuffer.

5. eos organic lip balm sphere in strawberry sorbet is another product I grabbed this last weekend at Target. I'd used another flavor before and didn't like it; it made my lips sticky and didn't really moisturize. But so many people rave about it that I decided to try another flavor in case that had something to do with it. I really like the strawberry sorbet flavor. It might be subconscious, but I feel like it moisturizes more. I also like the flavor better.

6. I've already shown you my purchase of essie boxer shorts, but I didn't tell you why I liked it besides because of the beautiful purple-blue color. This color is really creamy. It spreads so easily and gives thick coverage. It's not one of those nail polishes that needs multiple coats. In fact, I probably could have gotten away with one coat and been fine. I've also just finished wearing it for the fifth full day without a crack. I'm not sure if it's the polish or the awesome top coat (see above).

7. And lastly, I've had the Naked Palette since Christmas last year when I got it as a gift. I just decided to highlight it here because I've never really reviewed it. Plus, as I've been trying to be more put together for work this year, I've found I never grab for another shadow besides this kit. I really only ever use this shadow set anymore. It has everything I could want and can create any look you're going for. I might consider asking for the Naked 2 Palette, but I'm not sure what it could have that I would need beyond this one.

The verdict is still out on the Organix Moroccan argan oil, shampoo, and conditioner. What have you all found about those products? Do they work like the real Moroccan Oil? It was just so much cheaper.

Leave me your recommendation! I'm also looking for other new beauty products to try. What hair, nail, skin, and makeup products have you purchased recently or found to be loving recently that I should try? I specifically want to try a BB creme. Anyone have a suggestion on that?

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emenchho said...

Tried to post before and there was an! Anyway, I was just trying to say that I started using Organix Moroccan Shampoo & Conditioner this past week and so far am loving it! I would swear it has already strengthened my hair and made it thicker. I have never had thin hair, but it has thinned considerably the past 5 or so years. Feels like it's getting thick like it used to be!

Dorothy A. said...

I have the Naked palette, but I've sort of forgotten about it. I'll have to start using it again, because I do love it. Thanks for the reminder! I've also been eyeing those Revlon balm stains. I'll definitely be trying one based on your review! Have you also tried their lip butters? They are amazing!

Allison said...

LOVE the Naked palettes, I use both of them almost everyday. I'm in need of a new top coat and I'm known for painting my nails at the last minute so thanks for the review! I will have to stop and pick some up!

Sam Bock said...

I use a Sally Hansen quick dry top coat, and it is so great!!! Won't paint my nails without it. Love quick dry top coats. Makes for professional looking nails! I've been searching for Boxer Shorts, LOVE that color!! It's always the empty column in the trays!

I use Naked II, just liked the colors better, and I use it everyday in varying degrees. I think buying Naked I could supplement the choices though. N2 really has some beautiful colors that the first one doesn't!

I use Garnier BB Cream...way cheaper than others but has a light coverage I like!

I am such a Sephora lover, but another cheap find that I always, always replenish is Burts Bee's tinted balm in Tiger Lily (in a brown casing). It's super light, natural, and has a nice, subtle flavor. Obsessed.

The Pink Growl said...

Everybody keeps bragging about this Naked palette - I need it! We are getting an Ulta here soon and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

lori said...

love that essie color! and i love eos lip balm. what flavor did you not like? the honeysuckle is my fave, but im currently using the strawberry, too!

megan said...

I LOVE my Naked palette and and hoping for the Naked2 for Christmas. I also have the sweet mint eos egg and am obsessed. I feel naked without it.

Emily grapes said...

I use that Organix shampoo and seriously, don't see it doing anything for my hair. I'm on my 2nd bottle of it and on my 4th or 5th round w/organix and the ONLY thing really that I like about it is that it doesn't have the sodium crap in it oh, and it has a nice smell but other than that. I see no wow with my hair.

I have to say..being in CA, they are THE most overly stupid state w/warnings. They put a warning on my coffee saying it could cause cancer. I mean, REALLY! There are warnings on hotel doors saying you could get cancer from the fumes...but all they're talking about are the chemicals the maids clean with. That's how over the top they are w/warnings. So truthfully, I wouldn't think twice...and well, don't think twice when I see a "CA" warning label on anything.

Emily at Amazing Grapes

smk053078 said...

LOVE the UD Naked shadows...I have BOTH palettes and that is all I wear!!! Do you use the primer potion? If not, you have to get it!!! It makes the shadows last alllll day!!! Gonna have to check out this lip stain!

KatSnF said...

I love Essie polish, lasts forever on me too! Surprised that the Target ELF brand (new colors in store now) actually lasts almost a week too! and that's $2 you should try it!

Miss Lace said...

I also love the Naked Palette, then I received the Naked 2 Palette and fell even more in love. Definitely worth the investment. Love love love it!

Sarah said...

Thank you for reviewing the Elnett! I have been contemplating it (that sounds so lame, haha) but I just didn't know if it was worth the few extra bucks. Now I know!!

I think that Naked palette needs to be on my Christmas list...

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

totally agree about elnet -- it's a life-changer!

also i have to say that i laughed out loud when i realized that polish is "essie boxer shorts." that is the PERFECT name for that shade of blue! every guy has boxers in that exact color.

alongobucco said...

I have been hearing so much about this hairspray lately! I'm pretty attached to my BedHead version, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to try this out. Also, I'm a huge fan of the Revlon balm, too. So pretty on!

The Glossy Life

Emily Meyers said...

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