Wednesday, September 19, 2012

July 21st Part Two: the ceremony and details.

I posted a couple of weeks ago with pictures of me and Tim and the bridal parties, mentioning that I was going to do three posts. In the second post I wanted to share with you the ceremony and decor details.
I love this picture of my parents and my Grandma watching us. My mom's face is my favorite.
We danced out to Hall & Oates "Making My Dreams Come True" instead of doing something more traditional. We stuck with tradition for all the prelude and processional music.
But we had fun with this one!
And one thing people kept telling me is that the flowers don't really end up like you expect, and these weren't exactly what I had pictured, but they were great.
I loved the eggplant table cloths.

The cake was pretty, but it didn't come out exactly like I had pictures. I wasn't displeased, but it was supposed to be more eggplant and matte grey than the shiny purple that it ended up being. And I think the July Florida humidity messed up the stenciling a little. But the sugar flowers were amazing.
Tim's groom cake was one of my favorite things to plan. I just told our cake lady all the things he liked and said I wanted them all to be represented (he went to USF, loves the Gators, and is doing his MBA at Ole Miss). And I mean, she did an amazing job on the iPhone with an angry bird.
The museum from the outside during the ceremony. 
And to leave you with our entrance into the reception. We came down from upstairs to the song Marry You by Bruno Mars. It was so fantastic.

I am so thankful for the amazing night that we had. We didn't do videography, which I sometimes regret, but these pictures are worth so much to me. All the details that I spent hours finalizing and perfecting were so unimportant to me in the moment. Most people didn't get programs, the flowers were in the wrong place on the inside, and the dj missed a few songs we wanted. But I didn't care. There was nothing that could have happened that would have ruined that night.

In fact, during cocktail hour outside under the overhand while we were taking pictures, a quick windstorm came through and blew over high tops and knocked over a table of glasses. People were just talking about how magical the whole storm was. I can't even explain it. It was just so so perfect.

I'll share the reception pictures soon.
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Annie said...

You looked absolutely gorgeous - what an amazing day!

The Other Side of Gray

KatSnF said...

such awesome shots of a wonderful day! I loved looking at our weddings pics..still do...because that day flies by so fast that you get a chance to finally go back and time and be there whenever you want :)

Megan said...

Beautiful wedding! Congratulations :) I love the photo your parents looking at you two during the ceremony - how sweet.

The Pink Growl said...

Your venue was amazing!! Love your eggplant tableclothes and centerpieces.

Amber said...

Sooo so gorgeous! I love the one of Tim's face while you're walking down the aisle, so sweet!

Lauren said...

Eerything looked so amazing! Love the above shot of all the tables setup, so pretty :)

megan said...

All of the details are so beautiful!

lori said...

your pictures are amazing. love the one of your mom looking at ya'll... and the grooms cake is so fun. i love how it has SEVERAL things about him rather than just one.

According to Jax said...

Oooooh. What an amazing weddding!! Keep talking details, I LOVE to hear them all, especially since I'll be planning soon! :)

Gillian @ Money After Graduation said...

What a beautiful day. You looked amazing and the venue was unreal !! The centrepieces were so nice as well.

Calley said...

The thunder and lightening and wind during the cocktail hour and beginning of dinner WAS magical! It was a beautiful wedding that couldn't have gone any better :)

Jessica said...

Love them all you look so happy!!!

Emily grapes said...

Love these! That picture of your parents and grandma is so sweet!! What a great moment to capture.

Can't wait to see the rest. keep 'um coming!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

still being [molly] said...

oh my GOSH. meghan! SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that cake is amazing. the venue! wow! i love it all!

Allison said...

Everything looked so beautiful! The colors in your bouquet were so vibrant against your dress! Your venue looks so breath taking!

torrie said...

so incredibly lovely. HAPPY memories, HAPPY DAY. <3

Jen said...

Meghan! Your photographer was amazing! I mean really, all your pictures so far have been phenomenal! I do love that one picture of your mom. Her expression says it all; she couldn't be happier! And neither could you or Tim :)

Katey Warren said...

These photos are stunning! I've worked with a local wedding magazine for about a year and am always inspired by what people come up with to make it special and their own. Xo!

Vanessa said...

You look gorgeous and your bouquet is absolutely beautiful!!!

Julie Marie said...

you look beautiful. i love that one of your mom too, its a keeper for sure.. so much emotion on her face.. =)

Sarah Burton said...

So pretty! I've never imagined a wedding in an industrial/city setting but it looks gorgeous! Even the view in the background of the city is great.
The tables look great with the eggplant table cloths. Love that color!

Token Yankee said...

Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Love all the touches!

Morgan Wood said...

Beautiful wedding! My fiance and I are considering having our wedding at that venue next fall!

Katie said...

Everything about this is BEAUTIFUL!! The groom's cake was so cute.

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