Monday, September 24, 2012

"Junk" Weekend

I've heard real runners call miles where they didn't have a goal and just kind of ran "junk miles", so I dub this weekend "junk weekend", because although I've been back at school for five weeks now, only two of them have been full five day weeks because of holidays and hurricane warnings. Because of that, this past weekend was another junk weekend. What I mean is that I just needed to decompress, relax, get little things done, and enjoy the feeling of not being at work.
My weekend looked like this:
Friday after school I relaxed with Tim for a bit (who had the day off) before redoing my nails in Essie's "No More Film". This color is really pretty in the light, because it's a really dark but true purple. We then ordered a BBQ chicken pineapple pizza that was bigger than my entire torso. I decided it was appropriate, as I was headed out Saturday for my first significant run back after getting cleared to run a week and a half. I decided seven miles was worthy of carbo loading. While carbo loading I made a new playlist on Spotify to get mentally ready.

And on Saturday morning I set my alarm for 7 AM to beat the Florida humidity and the sun, got up, put on my Nike Pro shorts and new running top, and headed out the door. It was an awesome run that looked something like this in terms of splits. 
A lot less even than last weekend, but I started slow and got faster as I went. It felt great, and I just had fun. I even ran a new route and saw some new neighborhoods.

After the long run I headed to Target to pick up some swap goodies, and the dollar spotted was overflowing with goodness.
I picked up quite a bit of stuff to decorate the house and my classroom, and I loved that it was all $1 or $2.50. The only complaint I have is that the glittery skull and pumpkins also led to a glittery house and an unwelcomed sense. 

And since I've been doing so well in terms of keeping up with all of my September goals, I just wanted to make sure I didn't meet them all. I wouldn't want to overachieve, so I went ahead and really drove the last nail in the coffin of keeping with my budget. I've been keeping much more of an eye on it with Google Docs this month because of Molly's financial tips, and I can't even honestly admit to you how much I've spent in areas that I didn't realize were so bad. And I can assure you it isn't food or gasoline.

However, I picked up some great stuff! I got a few candles from Bath & Body Works and also dropped into H&M and J.Crew. I got a blazer and activewear top from H&M for great prices (and had a $20 off $75 coupon) and then stopped in J.Crew and found an awesome eyelet skirt I saw on Ali last week. It was originally $120 and was marked down to $49.99. They also let me use the 15% teacher discount. It was pretty exciting. It can be found here, although it's still $89.99 online...
I also made a new treat at home when I didn't want to leave and wanted a snack. You should try it. I deem it the "eggo pumpkin spice waffle with chocolate chips dropped on to melt immediately after removing from the toaster". It's a long name, but I'm sure it'll catch on.

And now, I sit enjoying a beverage while watching my football pool picks go down the tube. You see, I must have mistakenly thought you were supposed to pick the most losers, because I would have won at that! Oh well, you can't win them all (or any of them...)!

And I've got a new linkup to announce! Starting Sunday (September 30th), Kat, Genna, and I are starting a "Weekly Workouts Roundup". It's a place to linkup your workout posts from the week, recaps of all your workouts, or anything related to working out or holding yourself accountable. I'll have the button on my sidebar soon, and you can start linking next week. We wanted to start it to hold ourselves accountable for our working out, and we thought others might want to join both as an opportunity share what you did and also to keep a workout journal of sorts for yourself!

Here are my workouts from this past week following up on my Disney Marathon training! The top row was the plan, and the bottom row is what I actually did.
Bam. Can I be honest for a second? I'm really proud of myself for getting back at it and starting into marathon training after everything that I went through with the myomectomy. It wasn't fun, but I have a goal. Nothing will stop me. I've got my eyes square set on January 13th, 2013. I'm 26.2 bound.

And lastly, enter my May Books giveaway if you haven't yet (or tweet about it if you have)! It's ending in two days!

And randomly, if you made it to the end, tell me your favorite thing you ate this weekend!
Mine was the beautiful pizza above.

Also, I'm the "featured sneaker" over at Sneakers & Fingerpaints today! Go checkout my current goals, dream races, and how I got started running!


Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

some times a "junk weekend" is just what I needed! Looks like you actually got a bunch accomplished! Loving your fun Target decorations

Hallie said...

love that fall nail polish! So gorgeous, and I will FORSURE be trying that waffle goodness!


Ashley said...

this seriously looks like the most perfect weekend ever actually. i love getting in a good run, going to Target and (as i like to call it) get some personal grooming in! so proud of your for just jumping right into training lady!

alongobucco said...

I need a "junk weekend" after the weekend that I had–it didn't even feel like rest! I love it when you make no plans and kind of just do sounds like your weekend was perfect!

The Glossy Life

Allison said...

Cute skirt! Also, great job on your workouts last week! I'm looking forward to the link up! My favorite thing I ate was the free food & beer I had at the Reds game! Anything free always tastes better :)

smk053078 said...

High five for all the "goods" you got this weekend! Isn't Target's Dollar Spot the greatest!! I get sucked in forever when I go. Keep up the good work with the running!! Have a great week.

KatSnF said...

What great progress girl! I almost bought Halloween stuff at Target because of your picks, but hubs gave me the evil eye as I've had my eye on conferences, races, and trips..the trade off ;)

Calley said...

I also bought glitter halloween decorations - decided they'll have to be front yard decorations after they COVERED the trunk of my car in orange glitter. We had friends over for the Georgia game and I made chicken wings, but honestly my favorite thing I "ate" this weekend was a grapefruit martini. We went out to dinner with my parents, and I honestly could have had 5 of them (but only had 2!)

Sarah Grace said...

i love your H&M finds! i need to make a trip there myself and check it out. one just opened relatively close to me, so i need to take advantage of it!

happy monday!

xoxo, sarah grace

The Unlikely Runner said...

I can't wait for your link up! And I ate pumpkin bread this weekend it was so good!!!

Rachel said...

We had no groceries so we ate out every meal. Guilty. Sushi, Mexican, you name it. Yikes!!!
Thank goodness for the long workouts I got in too!
Looks like a great weekend!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Love that Essie may just be next on my list! :)

And, oh boy, I get so excited about Halloween decor and goodies. :) Those glittery things look just like something I would pick out. I also like to make Hudson a little spooky goody bag, and I can't wait to pick up a "Ghost in a Jar" that I saw at Hallmark the other day. It is THE cutest thing. ;)

& my favorite thing I ate? A super yummy Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes. YUMMMMMM.

Hope you are having a great day!! xo

Jessi Fuller said...

I love love love the name of your waffle snack. :)

The favorite thing I ate this weekend would have been an indulgence of chips and queso cheese dip!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

Hey, found you on twitter. I love the polish and the skulls. Sounds like the perfect lazy day. I have that Garmin and love it. :) Good to meet you!


Kristin W said...

I am LOVING your pace times! Insane! I'm dreaming of those lap splits. Perfect weekend you had in my opinion!

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