Friday, September 28, 2012

Style Crush and Letters

I had so much fun last week doing Friday's Letters and Friday's Fancies that I decided to double dip again. I especially love this week's Friday's Fancies theme: Style Crush! Basically you find an outfit you've been crushing on from Pinterest or the Internet lately and recreate it with your own twist. 

I've had this picture pinned to my style board for the longest time, so when I saw this was the topic, I instantly knew it would be the outfit I would be inspired by. Sadly I can't find the source of the image, as it's one of those frustrating pins that goes to a tumblr that has pages and pages with this one particular image nowhere to be found. 
But with that look in mind, I created this spin on the outfit. I would wear this to bed tonight if I owned all the pieces, I love it that much. My birthday is on Tuesday, and that blazer was my number one request, so I've got my fingers crossed I can add that to my closet next week. The scarf has been added to the top of my Christmas list, and the rest of the items are things I have some version or variety of. What do you think? Is it perfect for fall?

I like the black corduroys on my version of the outfit, and I love the pop of purple on the scarf. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

And on that note, a not so smooth transition to my Friday's Letters.

Dear Tim, you're first this week, because tonight you made me smile so big. You saw how disappointed I was that I had missed the picks for the football pool and you said I could split your picks with you so I would feel like I had teams to follow this week. While some people may not view this as love, this is another one of the reasons that we're so perfect for each other. Dear Misikko, thank you so much for my Hana hair straightener! I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I will surely be posting a review soon! The goodies that came with it were so much fun! Dear Hailey, thank you for my swap goodies! Do you know that I've not seen a scarf that I love that much?! I can't wait to wear it! And you got me skirting the issue! I'm so excited to put it on.
Dear three sub 10 minute outdoor runs this week, thanks for happening. You felt lovely, and that run in the rain on Thursday was just amazing. Running in the rain without music was like a spiritual cleansing; I can't even get into how happy it made me.
Dear foam roller, I think you're what one would call a frenemy. I cannot stand you and dread hanging out with you, but when we're together I remember that it's probably a good thing we're together. Let's keep my IT band out of trouble. Dear USF/FSU game this weekend, could you at least be a game? It's not fun to go watch a blowout. I'll be sporting my green and gold! Dear iPhone cover posts I read this week, you've made me want a new phone cover even though I didn't get the new phone. This one would be my current favorite (from here). 
Dear anyone who runs, you should download the Run4Good app if you have an iPhone. Saucony donates money based on mileage run by members to organizations to fight childhood obesity. They're going to double their donation if they get to 10,000 miles in the month of September! And of course, dear Friday, hai girl hai! 

What are your weekend plans? I've got some football watching and thank you note writing on my plate! The football pool manager ended up manually adding my picks, so I'll be glued to the NFL games on Sunday! And speaking of Sunday, come back Sunday and linkup your weekly workout recaps! Grab the button over on the left and get at it!

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KatSnF said...

Cute outfit! I never put enough thought into my ensembles lol. Yay for run progress too!

Allison said...

Almost one more week down in marathon training! Keep it up! Love your swap goodies, especially that scarf! My weekend plans include a 13 mile run, either the pumpkin farm or a segway tour, dinner with my future sister in law and the other bridesmaids, & watching the Bengals game Sunday!

Ashley Slater said...

great outfit inspiration :) loved your letters as well!

Blue Dog Belle said...

OMG. Yes. Great outfit!

xo, Emily

Nicole Rene said...

Gahhh such a sexy outfit I LOOOVE it! It's pretty with a little sass :)

xoxo, Nicole Rene
Simply Savannah

Swede Dreams said...

Lusting over the boots and the bag! New gfc follower for you! I'm hosting a Bloomingdale's Gift Card giveaway that ends in 2 days, if you are interested please stop over! Enjoy the weekend! Angie

alongobucco said...

That iPhone case is TOO CUTE! I'm waiting to see if I have an available upgrade to get the iPhone 5, but if I do I'm heading right out and snagging myself a cute case! Happy weekend! xo

The Glossy Life

katie michelle said...

Love that first outfit! Too perfect for fall. I just started running, and am doing a couch to 5k plan :) Way to go on you sub 10 min!!! That's so awesome! I'm hoping I'll get there.. some day! haha

briannelee said...

Cute outfit! I love that its casual and sophisticated.

Emily grapes said...

I like that outfit a lot!

My weekend will (hopefully) consist of nothing...minus the sunrise photo shoot I'm doing tomorrow, I hope to do a whole lot of nothing after. I'm pooped!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Christa Waldrop said...

Great outfit inspiration!! I adore that iphone case! Happy Friday!

Significance or Nothing.

Katie said...

Such a cute outfit! And I'm definitely looking into that running app :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Your spin on that cute outfit? I LOVE IT!! The blazer is DEFINITELY perfection.

Those nice folks at Misikko sent me a Hana straightener a while will LOVE it. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Emily said...

that outfit is amazing!! so chic and classy - i love it!! happy weekend, darling!! xoxo

Lauren said...

Loving both those scarfs especially with a blazer :-) Have a great weekend and you are doing an awesome job with the running!

The Unlikely Runner said...

I love these link ups! I might have to try them next week!
Awesome job on the running!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love your version. So cute! And how sweet is your husband?!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Swaps are always nice especially when both gets such good goodies. I run so I am without a doubt going to have to go check out the iphone download too see if I like it enough to download it! Thanks for sharing :)

SHF said...

I love the outfit you posted! I have a weakness for a really pretty scarf!


siddathornton said...

i love your outfit inspiration pic, & i REALLY love the essie polish you got! looks like such a great fall color. hope you're enjoying your saturday!

Lauren said...

ah! the foam roller is at once my best friend and worst nightmare!!

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