Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap Linkup

This is the first week of the Weekly Workout Linkup. Link your workout recap posts, workout finds, and really anything to do with a workout or a weeks workout. Make sure you link to your specific post and not your blog in general, and grab a button on the left!

My workouts for the week are nicely recapped in my Google docs file. They look like this:
I was pleased that this week I ran outside for every run, including Thursday when it was raining with no thunder or lightning. I've never intentionally run in the rain as I walked out the door, and it was so much more pleasant than I expected. I ran 7 on Saturday because I didn't want to let my mileage for a long run drop to 5 during the third week. From here on it's 9+, and I decided I didn't think 5 was ample preparation for that.

I get frustrated that 9.5 minute miles take it out of me and I can't get a long run under 10 minute mile pace, since I was so much faster than that before I had the surgery and 6 weeks of recovery. But, I understand that I have to get back at it and it will take time to regain my speed. Someone once told me that Marathon training steals your speed, and I refuse to let that happen!

The seven miler this week wasn't terrible. Almost all of my splits were in fact under 10 minutes. That first mile was high because it was warmup and also because I got a stomach ache and had to stop at the gas station. I stopped my watch for that of course. The rest of it felt good and looked pretty good too. I walked .32 miles after the 7 to shake it out. That's that last line...

The highlight of the run was finding this mini trail loop around a little lake off one of the roads I've run past a million times. I can't believe I've never seen the offshoot before. Look what I found when I get back there:
It's only a .3ish mile loop around a very small lake, but it gets me excited to find more gems as I'm doing these long runs. I know I'll put some mileage on this mini-trail. I did two loops in my seven miler yesterday.

BodyPump ended up being cancelled this week, which they hadn't announced earlier. I was frustrated and almost turned to go home, but I knew I'd be mad to lose my rest day on Monday if I didn't do something today. I jumped on an elliptical before a few other women decided they were going to do BodyPump without a teacher. We hooked up my iPhone to the speaker in the class room, and we did it ourselves! It wasn't perfect, but it was a lot of fun and we definitely got in a good workout.

My workouts for this week look like this:

I'm going to sign up for the HCSO Ranch Run 15k on Saturday, so that will be my 9 miler. I'm excited to get back to racing! I just have to remind myself that it won't be fast and that I shouldn't aim for my previous 15k time.

Linkup below with any type of workout recap, workout goals, or weight checkin where you talk about you incorporated working out!

And besides being my birthday, Tuesday will also be the Go for the Goal Linkup! Get your September/October Goal posts ready!


Dara said...

great idea for a link up! I would do it if I ever post about my running, lol. maybe one day I will!

Meghan said...

Ahh! I will have to link up next week! Great idea, and awesome work. You will definitely get back there, girl! Just take it slow. I know that can be frustrating, but better that than injury!

Mommy Run Fast said...

Great job on your runs! I love the link up idea... unfortunately, I'm already hosting a menu planning link up on Sundays. Just wanted to stop by and say it sounds like fun!

glamourpaws said...

Great idea for a link up. I've been so busy (yeah I know no excuse!) that I have not ran in two weeks. I am going to start up again tomorrow. I loved the picture of your trail.

A Babbling Brunette said...

Great job girl! You're doing awesome!

Jessica said...

I'm excited about this link up! Maybe it's what I need to kick my butt back into gear.

Crystal said...

Great job with the working out! You're going to easily be running double digits again soon.

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