Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marathon Training Week 6 + Weekly Workout Linkup + Pretty Muddy Giveaway

Week 6 of Disney Marathon training is in the books! And a great week it was!
(This is my DailyMile chart.)
I'm still missing my Sunday workout, but I haven't done it yet and haven't decided what I'm doing, so I'm not going to put something in there. I ran 21.2 miles this week, so it was a step down week. Next week it s huge step up with 31 miles. I think it may even be my highest mileage.

Here's how the workouts broke down:
Tuesday's run was yucky, even though the pace was good.

Wednesday was awesome, but I already wrote about those 6 at MGP.

Thursday's run didn't happen, because I had a zillion comments to write, so I moved it to Friday.

Friday was the first time I've ever run before work, and my body was so confused. It wasn't ready to run, and it couldn't figure out why it was up and running on the treadmill before a long day at work. It was fine, but it wasn't optimal.

Saturday was amazing in every sense.
Although I was originally planning on running them around 9:45, I just felt fantastic. The weather was beautiful, I was in the zone, and this pace just felt good. It made me wish I had started out a little faster, but it wasn't my plan. 

I ran on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, which this an 11 mile paved trail a few miles from my house that has cold water every few miles. There were a lot of people out yesterday, and it added motivation. I love seeing runners and bikers training for their respective races. It makes me wish we all wore tops stating what our next races are.
I've still got to figure out today's workout. I'll probably go ride the bike later to mix it up a little. I'm thinking about ordering the BodyPump DVDs since I've been denied at my gym now. We'll see. It makes cross training so confusing now. What do you do for cross training during marathon or half marathon training?

Week seven isa big week. I'm a little nervous heading into it...
13.1 of those 14 miles will come from my costumed Halloween Halfathon! That I'm excited about. I will post about my goals and expectations on that later in the week.

Oh, and enter below to win an entry to Pretty Muddy Tampa November 10th (or use code littlegirlinthebigworld for a $10 discount)!
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Linkup your weekly workouts whenever you post your recap this week!


KatSnF said...

That's a good pace, maybe it was speedy for a long run and that's why it stunk? You're doing great!

Allison said...

Great job on your long run, looks like you are getting faster every time! That trail looks so nice. I agree, I love seeing other runners too!

Ashley said...

ahhh i love marathon training posts! i am struggling some now that it's so cold out...hard to get motivated! what is that app you're using at the top?! it's so cool!

Morgan said...

I love reading your training posts, they motivate me! I am just starting week 6 of couch to 5K. This mud run is at such a great time because it is right before the last week of the program!

The.Pagan.Monthly said...

I have never tried a mud run...they intimidate me! I thought this might be a good place to start. :)

lilj427 said...

I haven't this will be my first!

lilj427 said...

I was wondering if you had picked the winner?

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