Sunday, November 25, 2012

Marathon Training Week 11

Today marks the last day of week 11 of my marathon training plan. I got in all of my miles, and seeing that I was out of town for most of the week, I'm especially proud of that fact. Being out of town and out of your normal routes makes things extra difficult, but I made it work!
My runs were as follows:
Monday: a very slow (for me) five miler on the treadmill after the Women's Half marathon turned 17 miler last weekend. I knew I had to run Monday, even though it was supposed to be rest, because I wouldn't have half a second on Tuesday with our flight schedule and work. It was a painful 5, but it felt  good to shake out some of the lactic acid that I'm sure was still in my legs from Sunday.

Wednesday: Aside from the 18 miler, Tuesday was the toughest to get in. I went to my high school since my parents live on a mountain. (Crystal noted on dailymile that she pictures a palace alone on top of the mountain. I can assure you that isn't the case. Lots of people live on the mountains around Chattanooga). I figured it would be flatter and I would be able to run 8 there easily. I was so wrong. It was super hilly, and this Florida girl didn't know what hit her. I finished the last two on the TM at the weight room because I couldn't figure out another two miles outside that didn't make me want to drive home.

Thursday: This was the Turkey Trot, and, as usual, it's always easy to get in miles for a race. Race days are what we runners live for. There was no bling, but I didn't even mind. What a great day.

Saturday: The day that shall forever live in infamy. Running 18 miles is a long way, and planning a course for a run that long is tricky. What makes it even harder is running it in a city you've never run in before (I didn't run ever in high school). I had to map out an 18 mile route around downtown Chattanooga using the advice of one of my mom's friends and another friend who couldn't meet up with me because of her schedule. That is tricky.

I ran three bridges in Chattanooga over and over again as well as a riverfront path. It was not flat at all; bridges never are. But I will tell you that I could feel a difference between my ability on hills on Wednesday to Saturday. All of the runs I did while I was in TN had some pretty serious hills, and I can now see the benefits of hill training. I didn't feel as exhausted or defeated when I faced a hill on Saturday as I had on Wednesday. That might make it worth doing some treadmill hill work in the weeks to come. There are a few freeway bridges in the Disney marathon.

I will say, as a side note, that I was very careful to pick routes that paths that would be safe and have lots of people on them. I'm very conscious of my surroundings when I run at all times, and the fact that these were new routes for me made me even more conscious. I had my music down to a very low volume and looked around me at all times. After hearing about a few unfortunate events related to female runners in the last few days, it makes me think about ways to stay even more safe as I head out the door.

Back to my run. My pace was not consistent at all.
Miles 9, 10, and 12 kind of make me cringe. I hate that I let my pace get that high, but that was right around the time I was starting to think of cutting my run short and heading home to the treadmill. After I made the decision to just finish the run and make it work, I got my paces back down.

It's amazing how much your mind matters in distance running. Getting your head in the right place can do so much to make or break your run. The views and the paths that I ran were really pretty, though. Chattanooga has a gorgeous pedestrian Riverwalk that runners and bikers use. Paired with that and the three very runner friendly bridges and public park areas, it was a great place to run. I took my smaller camera to grab a few pictures (some I stopped for and others I took mid-run).
The Hunter Museum leading to the Walnut Street walking bridge
Walnut Street Bridge
View from Walnut Street Bridge down to the aquarium
One part of the Riverwalk
More of the Riverwalk
View of the Tennessee River from the Riverwalk
Heading back downtown
You can see two of the bridges I ran in the picture above. The one in the foreground I did twice, and the blue one in the background I did countless times, because it's a walking bridge.
I didn't mention that it was in the 30's for the whole run. I wanted to document it with a glamour shot. I apologize that I cannot link to the hat's place of purchase. I'm sure you'd all run out a buy one immediately. I found it in the closet at my parent's house before I headed out.
It was a beautiful run, and I'm lucky to have had such a great place to map out a long run. 

I'm not going to workout today, though, because I just feel like resting after yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day, but I think I'll probably cross train tomorrow instead. 

This is what my week ahead looks like. I'm glad to be back in Tampa for these.

How were your workouts this week? Did you get in all of your miles/workouts? Did you do a turkey trot or were you active on Thanksgiving?


Genna said...

I love your hat, or I should share your parents! See all those bridges have already made you stronger and good job sticking with it! Only 4miles away from 22!!! Yay!

Eric said...

Those middle miles aren't to cringeworthy, you brought them right back down! Way to finish strong, looks like it was a beautiful run!

Mindys fitness journey said...

Wow! What a great pace! Nice work lady!

Meghan @ Shine On said...

You're seriously awesome. I need to get back on the c25k wagon (yes, I'm not a runner) so that I can become a runner! It seems so..peaceful!


Jamie said...

Great job this week, especially since you were out of town for most of it!

It looks like you had some gorgeous views on your run!

Kat @ S and F said...

Way to go lady, especially on vacation! Loovvveee that hat and those views ;)

Holly Johnson said...

Great views for your runs, I tend to get tired of where I run, especially this week, I ran at home a lot! You had a great week, one day I may train for a full, right now I am happy with a half! Have a great second week!

L.Voss said...

I understand your frustration I am training for a 10k and lately my pace is all over the place. I am super impressed at 19 miles I want to fall over and die just thinking about that distance! Kudos and keep up the good work

jillconyers said...

Great recap! Despite the cold it looks like it was a beautiful day. I had a great workout week! Now to see if I can keep up the momentum with a regular work week :)

Taylor said...

"It's amazing how much your mind matters in distance running."

It's like you read my mind this week!!!

Rachel said...

Your mind is almost more important than your legs for distance running!!! And you look super sexy in that hat... I need one for Christmas ;) But seriously, way to go!!! I probably would have bailed on 18 miles in unfamiliar running territory. Who am I kidding? I would have bailed on 18 miles no matter what. ;) Keep up the good work!

Jessica said...

What a scenic run. Looks beautiful. Way to get out there and tackle the mileage. :)

Rana said...

Great job!

Lauren @ mostly i run said...

What a beautiful place to run! Great job getting a long run in on vacation. I'm scheduled to have a 20-miler when I'm on vacation in Jamaica, and I'm 100% sure that's not happening on the resort treadmill :)

Elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous place to run! Super lovely! I love/hate running in new places, because I LOVE new scenery, but finding a route of the right length, traffic level etc....isn't always easy.
Way to go on the 18 miler! Woot!

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