Friday, November 30, 2012

November Foodie Pen Pal Goodies

After reading Beka's blog last month and seeing her Foodie Pen Pal loot, I quickly clicked over to Lindsay's blog and signed up. The concept is really neat, and there are hundreds and hundreds of people who participate monthly; I was amazed. When you sign up, you get an email with the person you will send a package of food to (you receive from a different person than you send to). It is then up to you to email and find out about dietary restrictions, likes, dislikes, and allergies.

I sent a package to Rachael, who is a vegan, and I made sure to pick out items that would be fun to snack on but would also fit her dietary needs. You can click to her blog to see the package I sent. 

I received a package from Judy, whom I told that I like to eat pretty healthy but will definitely indulge every once in a while. Like all food in our house, it got eaten pretty quickly. My picture was taken after several bags had been opened, so I decided to throw together a collage too.
I think the Zapp's chips may actually be completely gone by the time of this picture. I didn't get very many of those.
Required in the package is also a note, and in it Judy explained why she sent each of these items. I haven't tried the cheese spread yet, and I couldn't find a picture to include the chocolate peppermint pretzel in the collage.

My favorite item in the box would have been the voodoo chips. The flavor is really unique and is kind of a mix of sweet and sour. I wish I could come up with a better way to describe them. The flavor is a New Orleans kettle style, so it has a bit of a cajun flair.

The snapea crisps were good too, although they confused me. I couldn't decide if there were real peas in them. They were baked but super greasy, and I never did decide on the presence of a pea. I kept eating them, though, so I definitely did like them.

I like sriracha sauce already, and I'm actually glad Judy sent it because I left an open bottle on the counter and need to throw it out. 

The whisk was such a fun addition, and he will go to good use. It actually matches a little omelette skilled I bought at BB&B on one of our many wedding jaunts. 

The two sweet items, the caramel wafer and the chocolate peppermint pretzel, were both good. I didn't like the pretzel as much, because the chocolate was really dark and overpowering. The wafer was yummy, as it tasted like a waffle cone with caramel in the middle. Because it was high in calories I didn't eat both of them in the package.
The Lean Green Bean
The whole point of the swap is to meet new people and find new foods you wouldn't try yourself. Some people get local items, others get homemade (although you can tell your partner if you'd prefer not to have homemade), and I've seen so many varying packages. This was my first month to participate, but I'll definitely be doing it again. Lindsay doesn't have it for December, as she suggests the $15 you would spend on your box be sent to charity instead, but she'll have it back up and running if you want to jump in in January.

Have you done the FPP program? If you're jumping over from the linkup, what was your favorite item that you received? If you've never heard of it, is it something you would consider?


CarolineCalcote said...

Looks like great stuff! I love the Foodie Pen Pals idea, but I'm afraid I'd get swamped and miss a deadline or somehow lame out, so I've resisted joining in.

alongobucco said...

This is such a neat concept. As a huge foodie, I'm intrigued!

The Glossy Life

Beka said...

I'm so glad you took part this month! :) So far I'm 2 for 2 with good pairings and love everything I've recieved. Some items are not within buying locale and makes it interesting to try new stuff!

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