Friday, November 30, 2012

The letters return

With the holiday hubbub last Friday, I somewhat forgot that it was Friday and time for Friday's letters, and then for some reason the week before that I also neglected my letters. When I looked ahead earlier this week to today, I knew I'd be posting letters, even with the Foodie Pen Pal linkup the same day. So here I am, ready to write!

Dear November
, Did you even happen? How are you over already? I still have Halloween decorations waiting to be put away, and yet you're leaving and December is coming? Complete blur. Dear Candy Cane Oreo Chocolate Chunk Cookies, you better be good. I'm taking you to a cookie swap on Sunday, and Tim has his doubts. I was starving yesterday when I picked you as my final choice, so it'd be great if you could do me well. I want to win something at this swap.
Dear SEC Championship Game, please come out my way. Roll Tide Roll! All of Bama Nation would love another National Championship Birth. And with that, Dear Crimson Tide, please all play your very best against Georgia on Saturday. I'm pretty sure they're going to put up quite the fight. It'll be the best man left standing, and if that's not us, we don't even get to go to a BCS game. Let's not have that happen? Dear Oakley Overtime Sunglasses that I posted about yesterday, I think Tim will kill me if I ask for you for Christmas. There is a pair of non-running sunglasses that have needed to be fixed now for a long time sitting by the door. He just doesn't get that you're meant to run in, though. Dear JCrew Factory, you definitely had the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales, but your website was so crowded and hard to navigate that it turned me off. Sorry you lost a sale, but I'm guessing you wouldn't have noticed with all the other people that purchased. I really wish you'd restock the tassel keychain, though. I want that.

Dear TurboFire Fire 30 DVD, I enjoyed you a lot. Shalene is a lot less annoying than Jillian (although I still love Jillian's DVDs), but those moves are going to take me a few sessions to learn. They are fast paced! I will be incorporating you into my workout routine more regularly after January 13th, but for now I'll definitely come back to you every now and then (I'm planning a post tomorrow with more of a full review on my initial thoughts. I had more than this). Dear marathon training, we're getting along so well, and I really don't hate you. Though the long runs are mentally draining, I'm feeling so strong and so confident in my abilities. You definitely are stealing my speed though. 13 miles this weekend, which is such a nice and welcomed step back. Dear Tim, I'm hoping that work doesn't make you come in this weekend. I want to get our first Christmas tree on Saturday or Sunday! We need to pick it out together.  Dear winter break, I can see you like the light at the end of the tunnel. You're coming up soon! I'll be ready for you when you get here, but I won't rush you. Dear HBBC and Elf4Health Challenges, thanks for keeping me motivated and on my toes at this time of year. You're so refreshing, inspirational, and good for me! Could I please win one prize before you're both over in 6 weeks? Dear Readers, thanks for coming by here daily, occasionally, or for the first time. I love hearing from you and knowing a little about you. 
A few questions:
1. I want a "first Christmas" ornament. Any suggestions on a good place to find one? I haven't found it on etsy...
2. Our Christmas cards are coming Saturday. When is the official "start to Christmas cards" date?
3. Are you going to any cookie swaps? Leave a link to your cookie below. I've got two more to make something for after the one this weekend, and I'd love your tips. 

Don't forget to come linkup your end of the year goals or Christmas goals on Monday for the 


Kat @ S and F said...

No idea where December came from...or where November went..this year has been FAST!

Niki Caron said...

Ohhh my gosh those cookies!!! They look amazing! And I'm with you - it's crazy how fast this year has flown by!

Katie said...

I saw those cookies yesterday and really want to make them. Can't wait to see what you think of them! We got two first Christmas ornaments-- one at a little Christmas shop in town and the other at target. There were also some cute ones at Belk, although it's not personalized. And, I planned on sending our cards out once December got here. I've already gotten some, but I think November is too early.

Have a great weekend!

Jen said...

Now that you mention I AM going to a cookie swap next Wednesday... And you know what? I will probably try those Christmas Oreo cookies. They are looking pretty yummy right now. And I'm pretty sure you can start sending out Christmas cards this weekend- sometime during the first week of December. I always figure the earlier the better because then people can display them longer. (Although I don't always heed by my own advice getting them out early)

Let me know how the cookies turn out!

Just What Jess is Up to said...

Check out these ones I found for your ornament search :)

Genna said...

Oh, and save me a cookie!

Genna said...
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Genna said...
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Kristin W said...

Tell me more about this TurboFire 30! I'm looking for something after I finish with Ripped.

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