Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brights & Bags

Just a fun {+bright} post for this Tuesday.
J.Crew has shocked me with these two absolutely amazing pieces. I'm in love with the Blythe blouse in a handful of neon colors, and because I saw Liz modeling it yesterday on her blog, I know that these really are super bright colors. I will absolutely be watching these very closely. And the bag? This Tillary tote I find to be beautiful. What do you think?

Are you a fan of the super brights that are sneaking into spring looks? Would you wear neon? What's your favorite look you're seeing come out for spring?


Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend in pictures {and instagrams}

This weekend was all of relaxing, eventful, and too short. The short seems to be a recurring theme, but between an inaugural Tampa blogger meetup and Tim having the whole weekend off, it was full of wonderful.

Friday night, nine Tampa bloggers met up at Fly Bar for dinner and drinks. A few had to go early, and I didn't get a picture until later in the night. It was a lot of fun, and it's so nice to see familiar faces from online actually in person! I look forward to next time! And thanks to Becca for letting me borrow a dollar when I mentioned that I ran a toll coming down because I couldn't scrape up the change.

Also...if you're a Tampa blogger and we don't know it, let me know! Nichole made a page for us and I can send it to you and also ensure that you know when the next planned event is.

On Saturday morning, Tim and I headed down to the Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete with our friends Austin and Debbie. I love the market; you can find so much stuff there: produce, plants, treats, food trucks, and delicious homemade food products. We left relatively unscathed, but I did pick up some delicious homemade pickles that are no longer in our possession (I love pickles). The foods were yummy, and if I hadn't withheld we definitely would have come home with jellies, pastries, and several of the crafts I saw.
 Now a continuation of the day, but also an explanation of the pictures below. After the market we went to Dick's sporting goods to use a $25 off any purchase coupon that was expiring, and I scored two of my favorite Camelbak water bottles that I posted about as a workout essential for $4.97! It's the little things sometimes I tell you. Normally they're quite a bit more. 

We then headed for burgers at Burger 21, where I got sweet potato fries and a cinco burger with jalapenos and guac. Yum. And some of you may have the same problem as me, but I view many types of food as a vehicle for condiments. One of the reasons I love burger 21 is because of their amazing ketchup bar. The yellow one is scotch bonnet mango ketchup, then there is Thai ketchup, honey something or another (like honey mustard), and of course the old standby.
The middle picture is a bit out of order. I stole a picture of us at Burger 21.

The two bottom outside ones are from Sunday. We went to breakfast after my long run, and I was so thankful to have Tim for two days in a row off work on the same days as me that I wanted to capture another picture. I have no idea the last time it happened we had two days off in a row together. I'm so thankful for him, and I don't think I really make that clear around here that much. And the last picture? It was my amazing 12 mile run Sunday. I felt fantastic; I think it was a combination of new music, a few rest days this week, pasta that I had Saturday night, and a mentality of just letting my body do what it wanted rather than holding it back to a pace.

Oh, and a sneak peek for an upcoming post. Tim actually snapped a few outfit pics of me while we were at the market! I'll post those soon.

How were your weekends? And random question if you feel so inclined...do you love ketchup or other condiments? 


Friday, January 27, 2012

Go for the Goal: January/February

I'm so excited to be hosting this link-up with Meghan, Lori, and Whitney! I find goals to be so important to living my life to the fullest, and I have to say that January has been an amazing month! I have done so well with goals, and I'm so excited to report on them. 
To keep with consistency, we're going to post this linkup the last Friday of every month, so I'll do my monthly recap and next month goals on these days instead of the last day of the month.

Here are my January goals in case you wanted to see what I set for myself at the beginning of the year, and below is my recap! **Edit: The money saving is because I've been living on the bare minimums because of my wedding coming up. I'm working so hard at savings...it's not because I make a lot of money...it's because  I've spent very little money aside from rent, student and car loans, and the necessities. :) Just wanted to clear that up!**
Pretty good, right? I'm so happy with myself and my progress!

And my February goals...
How were/are your January goals? What are your goals for February? Feel free to leave them in the comments below...or post you own over the next few days, grab a button, and link up below! What a better way to hold yourself accountable?

The linkup will be open for the next week, so you have plenty of time!


Friday's Fancies: blog swap! {with Ashlyn}

I'm so excited that the theme for Friday's Fancies this week is "blog swap". I was partnered with ashlyn, so she's over here with her outfit and I'm over at her blog with my outfit! Be sure to check my choices out. I really love what I put together this week!

But first, look at the fun outfit that she recreated below! How fun is this amazing inspiration as well as the outfit she put together? She didn't miss a beat! Thanks Ashlyn!
polyvore via {loveeashlyn}

Hello to all you lovely ladies here at Little Girl in a Big World!:] It is Friday if you haven't guessed already -- & that means FRIDAY FANCIES! WHOOO! yes I am thatttttt excited! My name is Ashlyn & I have a little ol' blog over at {My Unrehearsed Life} where I talk about fashion, interior design, life, & whatever I feel like really. ha But if you haven't stopped by & said hi yet you def should :] I love meeting new readers!
Anywho, I am beyond thrilled to be swap partners with Miss. Meghan for this weeks Friday Fancies link-up over at {AV} blog Long Distance Loving. I am a fashionista, or so that is what I keep telling myself. I don't nec. dress fashionable in the real world all the time because I am a full-time Physician Assistant student but I sure do love to pretend!!! I mean who doesn't like to pretend right? Well this weeks outfit is subtle & chic. I feel in love with this outfit on Pinterest not too long ago & have been trying to find the right items to put it together. & FINALLYYY i did it! GO MEEE! :] I think is is so friggin' cute -- & the colors are fabulous. I love the leopard skirt with the blush colors. I think this cute outfit can be worn many ways whether you have to spend the day at the office & then head out on the town that night. It is a classy outfit that anyone could rock :]
Thanks for the oppurtunity to say to all you ladies -- stop by & check out Meghan's outfit! & say hi of course! xoxo ashlyn


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reader Feedback Requested

I have been in such a blogging funk for the last few days trying to define my style and my purpose of writing. I have read a few blog posts about having the best blog possible, and several of the things that they mentioned really struck chords with me.

One of these posts suggested that people really love blogs where they feel that something is being offered to them in the sense of style advice, makeup tutorials, outfit posts, recipes, photos, funny stories, workout motivation, or tips on the latest and greatest. Would you say that this would be true? And if so, what do you feel that you are being offered here at little girl in the big world?

Why do you read my blog? And even more so, why do you comment on my posts? What makes you take the extra time and effort to leave a comment? And this is not meant to beg you for praise. It's a serious question. When you click to open my blog, what are you hoping to find?

And what I'm thinking would also be really helpful is what are you NOT looking to find? I'm sure many people won't answer that one, but if you would, I would be so greatly appreciative.

Categories that I have written about or write about enough to mention include:
outfit creations
online shopping
photo-dumps of sorts whether instagram or DSLR
working out
pins from pinterest
losing weight

I want to make my blog even better and I want to make sure that what I'm offering to you is what you're looking for regularly when you come here. 

It would also be helpful to know how you would "categorize" my blog in your head or in your reader.

As far as a hint on why I'm writing this, I'm thinking about becoming more topic-focused. I want to hear feedback before I make any decisions, though.

And please don't forget to linkup tomorrow with me, meghan, lori, and whitney! It's a linkup called "go for the goal"! You can grab the button off my sidebar, post your January or new years goals follow up, and also make goals or additions for February. That's what I'll be doing, and I'm looking forward to remaining accountable for the goals I've set for myself! It'll be up at midnight!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Peek at my Pinterest Boards

Today I wanted to share with you some of my Pinterest board and recent pins. I've been pinning things a lot more lately, and I'm finding these board to be great to remember what I'm loving right now and also keep me organized for blogging. It's amazing what a great tool Pinterest is.

My "Clothes I Want" board has found some recent additions. JCrew pants, a Gap top, a Gap cardigan, and some absolutely drool-worthy (but sadly not affordable) shoes top the board right now.

top left clockwise: 1//2//3//4//5//
With cake tasting and design talks coming up, my "wedding ideas" board is brimming with cake ideas. And while I didn't really think I had any idea of what I wanted, I quickly spotted the glaring trend of circle and 3D flowers. I wonder how I can combine these ideas with others that I've found?

And lastly, a random conglomeration of a few of my other frequently used boards. 
I'm constantly pinning inspiring quotes about running, working out, and living life to the fullest. I love finding styles that I can recreate with current wardrobe pieces. Organization has grown near and dear to my heart since the new year has come around, and this over the door vanity is amazing. Beauty and healthy eating have also been more on my mind with the new year and the wedding coming this summer, and this contour how-to and avocado salad are so visually appealing. 

I'm linking up with Michelle to share my recent pins.
What have you been pinning lately? Has Pinterest helped you in organizing yourself more or realize something about your style or preferences? I find the visual organization to be so exciting.

Don't forget about the Go For the Goal once a month goal linkup starting Friday! You can find more info here about who's hosting and how to link up here. It's a great way to follow up on goals and resolutions and set follow up goals for each month!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Workout Essentials + Go for the Goal Announcement

Working out in general doesn't always take that much stuff, but I've found that as I've developed healthy habits in the last eight or ten months I've also honed in on what I need to be carrying with me when I walk out the door, depending on where I'm going. 

Everything that I included in this post is exactly what I use, so I am giving you my first-hand account. I cannot go to the gym without carrying everything in a bag, and I use the Zella gathered tote but in silver/grey. It's got a dry pocket for my phone and headphones, as well as a zillion other pockets here and there. I also never go without a towel (because I've gotten to the point where I need some serious sweat to convince myself I've done anything), my camelbak water bottle (in purple), and a pair of gym shoes. I wear the Nike frees I used to run in, because I don't wear my running shoes for anything but running.

These are the things I bring with me when I go to spin, bodypump, yoga, or any other class or machine aside from the treadmill.

When I'm headed out on a run, my arsenal of gear looks pretty different. I always wear good running shoes, which is so important (even though they're not as cute), and I always wear my Garmin (I've got the 305). If I'm headed out for 8 or more miles, I'll carry a running water bottle and wear my SPIbelt to hold keys, a credit card, and my ID.

And I always always have my iphone and headphones. Unless I'm going to a class, I have to have music to motivate me. I use Spotify to create playlists for different workouts. And as far as what I wear, the lululemon Run: For Your Life crops are my absolute favorite. They don't seem to have them anymore, but I'm guessing they're similar to the Run: For It crops. I like to look cute when I workout, because it makes me feel better. And after a spin class or a long run, what I'm wearing is the only thing that looks half decent, so I like to keep it that way.

And I can't believe I forgot to put it in the graphic above, but I literally NEVER workout without a sparkly BICband. I did a giveaway before Christmas, and I'm telling you they are without a doubt the best.
Super exciting news! On the last Friday of every month (starting this Friday), there are a few of us that are going to have a linkup called "Go for the Goal" where you can post your monthly goal progress, goals for the next month, and/or follow ups on your new years resolution. 

It's a great way to keep yourself accountable and also to see what others' goals are and how they're progressing. It can relate to fitness, money, personal things, work, travel, or anything you're setting your eyes on for the month or year. Email me if you have questions...and get your posts ready! We're starting this Friday! You can include it in your normal Friday post or make it a separate post.

(I'll still be doing Friday's Fancies, so I'll have two posts every fourth Friday!)

What are your workout essentials? What am I missing? How are you doing with your goals? Will you link-up?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Inspired!

While I pin a lot of fashion and style stuff to my Pinterest boards, when {av} picked the inspired topic this week (where you find an outfit online or on Pinterest to attempt to recreate), I didn't really know what I wanted to emulate. Then, I found a fantastic new blog this week called This Time Tomorrow. I'm probably late to this party, but her style is the perfect mix of a lot of other bloggers that I've read for a while. Plus, she wears a lot of dark colors, which is absolutely my favorite way to dress.

I decided I wanted to try to recreate this look that she's wearing, without using the same pieces (except the shoes...I found a new pair of shoes to love).
Here is my recreation. What do you think?
shoes - bag - dress - bracelet - bracelet - necklace - trench
If I was a lady who lunches or often went to weekend brunch, this would be perfect for that. I could also see myself wearing this on an airplane going on vacation. I know I could find a zillion places to wear those shoes, though. I think I'm late to that party too.

Have a happy Friday! Time is flying by. I can't believe this is already the third Friday's Fancies of January! What are you doing this weekend? 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

happy thursday!

I'm sick today and feeling pretty yucky; it came on fast and has hit me pretty hard. I don't have it in me for a full blog post today, but I did click through my pinterest boards to find some pretties that are keeping me uplifted and in good spirits while I'm down for the count. And I threw in a few things that are okay with me at the end.

Khloe Kardashian's closet? Yes please! There are more red soles here than at a Neiman Marcus.
This purple cake with sprinkles is what I would like for my next birthday.
There was a great bracelet DIY this week on Honestly WTF. I'm sure I'll buy the supplies sometime and not make them for a few months (as what always seems to happen when I think of DIY)...
And because I wasn't able to workout yesterday or today (and probably not tomorrow...ugh), I can definitely tell you that I'm suffering more not running than by running. Is this true for you too?

And to add a few "It's OK's..."
It's ok...

...that I just bought a few things from lululemon but I already have several more things in my online cart to buy in February (I'll share my purchases next week).
...that I would rather spend money lately on workout stuff than normal clothes.
...to look forward to February so that my mint.com will start over.
...that I didn't meet my goal of no Starbucks or Dunking this month. I'm doing so well with all of my other goals.
...to look forward to a Stella & Dot giveaway I've got in the works.
...that I have so many great blogging ideas but have no energy to write them right now.
...that I'm going to be in bed all day today reading magazines, sleeping, and reading a few blogs here and there. I'll be back with it tomorrow!

What's OK with you?! Link up with Amber and Neely.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Make a Statement

Something has gotten into me since the beginning of the year, and I've been lusting for large statement necklaces. That's not to say that I don't also enjoy small layering ones as well, but I've seen so many amazing statement necklaces in so many places that I decided to compile them into one post. Keep in mind, this was me choosing my absolute favorites from the many more I pulled. The prices vary immensely, but I find the amount I love each piece to stand alone from the price.

I'm loving the trend of chains, heavy metals, and bright colors. I also believe each of these could be dressed up or down depending on the outfit paired with. In fact, if you want to purchase any of them for me I'd be happy to demonstrate.

These pieces are from BaubleBar, Stella & Dot, and J.Crew.
clockwise from top left: [1][2][3][4][5][6]

All of these are Dannijo or Tom Binns
clockwise from top left: [1][2][3][4][5][6]

What are your favorites? Do you wear statement necklaces?

I've been wanting a DANNIJO necklace for the longest time, and they have an amazing one on sale for 55% off at The Outnet right now. What do you think of it? I'm thinking it might be perfect for my wedding...

And as a sidenote, I got an email today that BaubleBar is bringing back their bestsellers from this year as a celebration of their one year anniversary {they're releasing January 23rd, and I can't wait}. Sign up for an account and get $10 off your first order.

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Monday, January 16, 2012


A few weeks ago, Meghan tagged me in a question post. To make things interesting, I decided to make a visual representation of my answers using Pinterest images only. To create it, I searched for a keyword that answered the question. There were two questions that I had trouble thinking of answers for or keywords for, so those are answered below without being included. I included all of the questions and answers under the collage.
all images are from pinterest!

{one} what are you most looking forward to in 2012? my wedding, of course!
{two} what is the first thing you notice about people? when someone first walks in somewhere, their outfits 
{three} where is the furthest you've ever traveled from home? ethiopia
{four} what's your favorite sport and why? football to watch, running to participate in
{five} what's the numero uno most-played song on your ipod? nelly the champ because it's so inspirational and motivational
{six} what's your least favorite chore? emptying the dishwasher (although if I had more bowls like these it might be a bit less of a chore)
{seven} what is one of your favorite quotes? See above.
{eight} coke or pepsi? coke!
{nine} if you could be any fictional character, who would it be? Hermione Granger...because I want that tool where you can be in two places at once!
{ten} if you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be? This is such a hard question. I'm a history major...I have no idea what would be the event I would most want to see. Maybe victory day in Europe after World War 2 or the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
{eleven} what do you miss most about being a kid? Without a doubt...knowing that my mom would always be there to pick me up from school or wherever I was when she said she was going to or knowing she would always cook us dinner. I miss my mom {and dad} and wish we lived closer together.

And the winner of the Erin Condren giveaway is Amber W! Amber I emailed you through rafflecopter.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Color Crush

It's Friday! Another week of 2012 has passed. And today, {av}'s theme for Friday's Fancies is color crush. I would be denying myself (and you) if I didn't of course include purple in my post today, and along with it I thought some black, gold, and nude would accent well.
I saw this dress on one of Kelly Ripa's outfit identifying sites. She (or her stylist) has incredible taste in clothing, and I would love to possess even a small amount of her wardrobe. When I saw it, I knew it had to be the highlight of my purple post.

1. The necklace is the J.Crew bubble necklace I've wanted for a while now. I've seen it on a bunch of blogs (like Danielle's yesterday and Megan's a few weeks ago), and I know they keep bringing new colors out. I just really love the black.
2. The dress is the Elizabeth and James penelope blouson dress, and there are so many things I love about it: the color, the sleeves, and the waistline are a few.
3. Some simple Kate Spade studs complete the black accessory look without taking anything away from the necklace.
4. And this would be the biggest splurge of this FF post. Some Louboutin shoes complete the look for me. I love the stacked heels on these as well as the color.
5. And lastly, another piece from kate spade. I like the chain and material on this Flicker clutch. You can tuck in the chain to hold it as a clutch or carry it over the shoulder with the chain.

We're going to a birthday dinner on Saturday night, and I would wear this outfit if I did own it. I think it's perfect for a Saturday night birthday outing. 

And I'm off Monday. It'll be a nice three day weekend. I've got a bunch of stuff I want to get done around the house and for the wedding planning. What are you up to this weekend?

Today is the last day to end my Erin Condren giveaway! I'll post the winner soon.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

love {engagement pictures}

While I've been waiting to make the decisions on all the little things for the wedding, we booked almost all of the big stuff very quickly. The photographer was one of the first decisions; we chose Reid with 12-1 Photography for his unique style and keen eye. We had our engagement pictures taken in December, and after spending a lot of time this week ooh-ing and aah-ing over them myself, I wanted to share some with you. We're so pleased with the result, and it makes us even more excited for our wedding and the amazing pictures we know will come.
I can't decide on a favorite, but the first, second, and last ones are up there. The handcuff one? I love it so much and think it's hilarious!

So again, I didn't take them and want to make sure the very talented Reid of 12-1 photography gets credit. If you're in the Tampa area and are looking for a wedding photographer (he also does band photography), please contact him. He has such great style, and he directs so well.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cute new accessory {Disney marathon relay race recap}

This past weekend was a blur, but it was one I'm happy to reflect on. I mentioned last week that I was sneaking in a half marathon after some time off running to recover from some hip pains with spinning and yoga to keep me in shape. I probably wouldn't have done it had I not signed up as part of a team. Me and a colleague from work were doing the full marathon split into a relay together. I ran the first half, and he ran the second half. Without me, he wouldn't have been able to run.

So I took one for the team {literally} and dusted off my running gear, packed up, and headed for Disney on Saturday afternoon for the Disney Marathon Weekend. Disney just knows how to do it right.

I checked in and picked up my bib (with our team name "Taking you to school" printed on the front), then I headed to the expo. The official race shirt was pretty nice looking, but I was hoping to buy one of the cuter shirts runDisney always has at the events. I was a bit disappointed that they only had one not so cute shirt, and the only size left was an XXL. Oh well. It saved me a few bucks.

After dinner at Brava, I headed back to my room to lay out all the stuff I knew I would need Sunday morning.

And Sunday morning came really quickly. I had to get up at 3 AM, because the gun went off at 5:30 and I was running the first leg. I tried to make coffee before discovering that I had no idea how to use the coffee maker, drank some water, grabbed half a bagel and banana, and ran out the door.

The traffic getting to Epcot was a bit frightening. It was so backed up at 3:45 you would have thought you were in Atlanta rush hour traffic. By the time I got there it was 4:15, and I needed to jump in the port o potty lines, walk the 20 minute walk to the starting corrals, and be there by 5:00. It all happened, but by the time I got in my corral there was only five or ten minutes before the first corral was off. It was a very long process. If you ever run a Disney race, they're not joking around when they tell you it takes 20 minutes to walk to the starting corrals. I would give myself more time.

At 5:43, my corral started, I ran across the starting line, said a little prayer, and hoped that my prior running and constant cross training would carry me through this. The first miles ticked by very quickly, and before I knew it I was crossing the five mile marker (I previously would have wanted to kick someone in the face if they had suggested this, but I assure you that they really didn't seem to take that long). I started feeling some blisters rubbing in my shoes, but I wasn't getting tired.

I was taking water and gatorade at every stop, I took a GU at mile 7, a Shot Block every 3 miles until I dropped them accidentally at mile 9, and I was feeling good. I had started at about a 10:20 pace to make sure that I was going to be able to run the whole way, and around mile 6 I decided I could pick it up. After a quick bathroom stop and telling a man eating the medical tent vaseline what he was ingesting (they hand out vaseline on popsicle sticks as you run in case you're rubbing anywhere), I knew I would make it through this race at a faster pace.

And I did!

We entered the Magic Kingdom around mile 9, and I grabbed a quick pic of the castle while I ran. It's blurry and slanted because I didn't stop running, but check out the signs if you can see them. The crowds were fantastic! They helped so much, as the Wine and Dine had no crowd support at all.
This race was just so much fun. I had the best time between the music I had, the crowds cheering us along, and the fact that I knew that when most people were going on to run 26.2, I did in fact get to stop at 13.1 (the relay was an inaugural event run during the marathon).

The last mile hurt like crazy, but I think that's to be expected. I held under a 10 minute/mile pace for the last 6-7 miles. When I turned off to the transition point, I was so glad to be finished. I saw Mike (my partner), said good luck, and he was off to the finish!
I got my picture made with Chip and Dale (who were the stars of the medal), and then made my way to the finish line to see Mike finish. Disney is good about loading you up with snacks and drinks when you finish, so I had a bagel, orange, banana, other treats, water, and powerade. Every other person asked me if I was okay, and finally I just asked someone if I was purple or something. They said they have to ask...

Once Mike finished we got our official photo made.
We were both happy.

My official time was 2:14.12, which was about 8 minutes slower than my PR at the Wine and Dine. All things considered, I am thrilled.

My medal, though, is absolutely my favorite part (possibly aside from telling the man he was eating vaseline). It's the cutest accessory I'm going to be getting this month!
I just love Disney races, and the medals spoil me. I'm running another half in February, but I'm going to train through a training plan with this one (if my legs ever recover).

Next year, though, I'll be running the full marathon (unless I get into NYC)! I'm telling you there's nothing that will get you more pumped to run a marathon than running the first half with a bunch of people that are running the full.

And if you made it through this post, thank you! I appreciate you reading it. And if you're wanting to start running, start with Couch to 5k! That's what I did March 2011! I couldn't run a full mile before that.

And if you're a runner, what are your next races coming up? Anything on your calendar this year you're really excited about?! I'm excited I entered the NYC lottery. I'm sure I won't get it, but it's fun to dream!

Oh, and of coure: Roll Tide! What a win!

Enter my Erin Condren giveaway!
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