Saturday, April 14, 2012

You get stronger

It doesn't need a lot of explaining.
The harder you work, the stronger you get. I can speak to this first hand. You've got to start to get there, but once you do, it feels so so good. And if you're there too, you know.

Friday, April 13, 2012

not unlucky

Happy Friday the 13th!

Lucky for me, it didn't live up to being an unlucky day! Nothing too eventful happened, but I thought I would share two fun things that you might care to know about.

First of all...

The Tone It Up girls that I've mentioned a few times launched their Bikini Series today! It's a free 8 week challenge where they send you workouts, recipes, and inspiration to get you bikini ready for summer. You can sign up on their blog post from today. I'm also a sucker for prizes, so I'm excited about the giveaways. I think one is for one of the Maaji swimsuits.

...and also:

I bought my first Jewelmint piece today. I got an email yesterday with a promo code to get 70% off my first piece, and I couldn't resist when I saw this bracelet. It looks similar enough to a JCrew I've been wanting. Plus, the JCrew one is $88, and the Jewelmint one ended up being $8.99.

I'd been on the email list for a bit, but I'd never seen anything I had to have. But when I got the LUXE70 code yesterday (it expires at midnight tonight) and saw this bracelet, I couldn't resist. Sign up for Jewelmint to get the emails. They offer these deals all the time.

I'll review the bracelet once I get it for quality, but hopefully it's of the same quality as ShoeMint. I loved the shoes I got from there.

And lastly (*edited to add*), I got my Warby Parker samples. I think I'm down to two choices. They're the same frame in different colors. Which do you like?
The pictures were taken at different times of day, so the first one is a bit better of a picture...

I can't wait for a weekend of catching up on work, working out, and relaxing! Let me know if you sign up for the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge! We can keep each other motivated on twitter!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Everyone knows I'm in...

My life has now completely been consumed with work and wedding stuff. I leave work to go home for a few minutes before going to the gym to workout endlessly. You know I love working out, but I consider the extent that I'm doing it lately to be wedding related, because I want to be confident in my dress that I love.
I really enjoy reading random tidbits of people's lives with pictures, so I thought I'd share that again. Here's what I've been up to lately.

+I went to Anna Maria Island with a girlfriend while Tim was in Vegas on his bachelor party.

+While there I discovered my new favorite beer. Oh my goodness it is the best! Abita Strawberry. Yum. And then I found it here in Tampa!

+While I was in Anna Maria I bought my first pair of TOMS! And of course they're purple. How could they not be? And the purple bracelets were from Anna Maria too. It was only $10 for all of them at a little market, and we all bought them. I'm loving stacking bracelets.

+I tried on my wedding dress and still love Love LOVE it. I can't wait for you all to see it when we get the wedding picture back. Wow how the days are flying. A little over three months. And we've got a lot to get done. 

+I joined Karena and Katrina for their Nutrition Plan. I started cutting calories last Friday and officially started their diet on Monday, and I'm already down 3 pounds.
I can tell you, though, that I've lost those three pounds by eating very little. While what I'm eating is yum a real food and lacking sugar and preservatives, there is very little of it. I guess that's how you lose weight. Once I've been on it a little more I'll review it. So far, so good!

+I won a Scentsy giveaway from Sarah, and I picked out this warmer:
Aside from the fact that it's called bride, it also looks kind of Anthropologie-esque to me.

+I got my Birchbox for April and am pleased. I got some laundry detergent to try as well as a purple zoya polish and a hair mask. I can't wait to try the hair mask. Lord knows I look for any product for my hair. I just wish I could get them to stop sending me perfume.
Please update me. I haven't been able to read blogs at all lately. I miss you all! I'm keeping up a little through twitter. But tell me something that's happened in the last two weeks! Or send me a link to a recent post you love!
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