Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Workouts Recap: a rest week

Notice the title. There's no "Marathon Training: Week XX". It's over, and I'm a marathoner now! Now I'm working through my calendar and figuring out my next races. I'll post on that this week. Though I originally considered running another full in February, Disney really got the best of me. I don't want to go to another marathon without enough recovery and go slower. That would be so mentally defeating.
My workouts this week look like this:
dailymile rest week
DailyMile probably thinks I forgot to record my workouts. Nope! There weren't any. I was so sore I couldn't climb stairs without a railing until Wednesday. I still won't get back to running until the end of this week, but I will plan on starting up cross-training tomorrow.

Not working out has been a nice break, but I'm now stir crazy and ready to jump back in. Nothing makes you want to work out like taking a necessary break. I've got some fun stuff coming up in February, so I'm going to finish January carefully, listen to my body on runs, and keep up my fitness for a few weeks with shorter runs and maybe a longer run towards the beginning of February. 

I did, though, start the #plankaday last night. It seems like such an easy little addition to the end of a day, whether I've worked out or not!
I'm setting my sights on some halves in the coming months, so I'm really excited about running short and cross training for a while. Marathon training is a time suck that I'm excited to take a break from for now. I'll definitely be back in the fall, though! I just have to pick my race!

How were your workouts this week? Grab a button to the left, and come linkup with me, Kat, and Genna! We were all running Disney last week, so sorry we missed the week!


thepreppyrunner said...

Ahh! Congrats on finishing the race! It looked like SO much fun and I think your recap was appropriate considering how grueling the race is supposed to be.

Enjoy your well-deserved week of rest and congrats again.

Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

Allie said...

A well deserved break at that! Going out for those shorter runs will feel like heaven!

Emily Ann said...

Congrats on your marathon! Definitely time to sit back and relax for a little!

Kat @ S and F said...

Girl, enjoy that rest! ;)

Crystal said...

Soak in that rest. I hope that it gets your body back into tip top shape in no time at all.

I can't wait to see photos of your princess half coming up. that is a race that I really want to do sometime in the future.

lpnedwards said...

You are being SO smart by taking a big break to recover, re-energize and get excited to run and race again. Mondo props to you! Can't wait to hear about your race schedule. Are you doing Gasparilla...or celebrating next weekend?! :)

Smitha @ FauxRunner said...

Recovery is just as important as training :)

Congrats on the marathon.

Laura said...

Chicago marathon 2013?!?! :-) It's in October.

Abby said...

Good job on being smart and listening to your body. I remember not being able to walk up or down my stairs and seriously thinking about sleeping on the couch. Yikes, marathon recovery is tough.

Jan said...

Congrats on the race!! A marathon is such a huge accomplishment, and like you said, the training hours required are so intense! (two reasons I'll never run one LOL).

A rest week sounds like a great thing. Enjoy!

Beka said...

absolutely necessary!!!! can't wait to see what's next on your agenda!

Meghan said...

You deserve the rest! And don't you just love #plankaday? It always makes me feel so strong!

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