Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Workout Roundup 3/25-3/31

This was a good week for workouts, but it wasn't a good week for running at all. After waking up Friday and Realizing that I couldn't walk normally after my workout Thursday, I've decided to take 5-7 days off from running completely. I had already taken off last Sunday-Tuesday, but it clearly didn't do enough.

Here is what I did:
Monday I tried out Pure Barre and liked it a lot. Their slogan is lift.tone.burn, and I could definitely feel my butt lifting, my thighs and arms toning, and everywhere burning. I was honestly surprised by how difficult the workout was. I hadn't been giving it that much credit mentally, but it's a great workout! It's a little expensive at $20 per class, so it won't become a mainstay in my workout routine. I will definitely be going back on certain occasions though. I can tell that it's an amazing fat burner.
Tuesday I did the Bob Harper DVD, which is incredibly intense. I knew it would be difficult, but this makes Jillian look like a kind and caring lady. This workout uses your arms like crazy, and my arms were incredibly sore for several days after the DVD. I loved it. If you're looking for a workout that focuses a lot on arms, this is for you. The DVD has a timer in the corner, and when it starts out at an hour and 6 minutes, it's a little intimidating. The time does go by fairly quickly, but by the end you just want it to be over. It was a sweatfest, and there was literally one 20 second water break. There is a 20 minute intro workout also on the DVD, but I haven't done it so don't know how it compares.

Wednesday I got on the treadmill to test the ankle. I ran 2.45 miles and then stopped because of my ankle. It hurt, and I was so worried that I had a stress fracture that I literally threw on a jacket and headed to the urgent care orthopedic clinic. Though it was a Physician's Assistant who saw me, they did XRays and confirmed no stress fracture. She said it was a Peroneal Tendon Strain and when I asked if I could run through it, that was all I needed to hear.
Thursday I spent most of the day riding test bikes, so I did count that for thirty minutes of activity. I think I rode 6 or 7 bikes, and I rode each one for quite a bit of time. I also rode my bike home and around my neighborhood for two miles, so I think I was actually being quite conservative. That was also the day I had on the training plan four miles at race pace. I warmed up a mile, hit 3.5 at race pace, then cooled down .75 miles. It was with that workout and the pain I experienced then and the day after that I realized I could not in fact push through the pain at race pace. And the day after when I couldn't walk, I knew I had to take time off so that I could at least walk again.

Friday I rode my bike back to the bike shop to change out seats, but I decided to just keep the one that the bike came with since I didn't feel much of a difference. Then I rode around a few of the roads in my area for 20+ minutes.
Saturday I took the bike out for another ride. I knew I wasn't long running, so I thought I'd get in a semi-long ride. The guy at the bike shop had told me a 20 mile route that would be safe to start with, and Tori had confirmed that 20 wouldn't be too much to start with, so I went for it! I had a ball. I had too much fun to take pictures, but I'll share more thoughts about the bike this week. What shocked me more than anything was that calorie burn! I couldn't believe I hit 880 calories and I didn't feel like I worked as hard as I do running. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't easy, and the last 20 minutes were tough, but it wasn't as uncomfortable as some runs tend to be. I love biking!

I don't know what, if anything, I'm going to do today. I may try to go to the pool and swim if the water isn't too cold. Our neighborhood pool doesn't seem to be heated, and I feel like I'm doing a polar bear plunge when I dive in and the water is freezing.

Happy Easter! Enjoy your day with your families!

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Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

You're staying so focused and strong through crosstraining keep it up! Congrats on your (to be named) bike!

Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine said...

Congrats on the bike! Hope you are back to feeling 100% soon.

We Run Disney said...

Nice cross training week Meghan. I hope your ankle heals soon and you are back to running again.

Allison said...

Cross training is so important, so I'm impressed by how dedicated you are to your workouts! I love Pure Barre - I feel it a few minutes in! It is expensive, but I've seen some great results from it, which makes it more worthwhile to me.
I just want spring weather so I can really start training again for races this coming summer. Hope you heal quickly, dear!

Jessica said...

Do you use an app to track your workouts? I love that graph at the top of the post?

Hope the foot feels better soon!

xiomara @ Parkesdale said...

I might be joining you on the injured list. After running 9 miles last Sunday, the back of my leg hurt. Probably the achilles tendon. I took a week off, no running, no cross training. Today, I set out to run 7 miles and decided to cut it short because I started to feel a tinge. So, my run turned out to be 5 miles. Hoping it feels better so I can do IronGirl. I've been looking forward to that half marathon for too long not to be able to finish it now.

jillconyers said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I have the BH Inside Out Series too! Have you tried any of the other DVDs?

Beka said...

SO glad to hear that the ankle is nothign serious, just needs a good rest - but it's brought you something even better- new bike! :)
Way to go on the 20miler, I really have the itch, but I'm going to start doing all my research and then look at getting one Christmas/new year time frame.

Amanda said...

You are doing a great job keeping up with your workouts even with an injury. Now I want to try that Bob Harper video!

ty said...

Question: what app is that up top? the one with the pink graph?

Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer said...

Way to work out around your injury, hoping its better soon! and I'm SO jealous of your bike!!

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