Monday, March 25, 2013

What's in my (fitness) closet?

Though it would have taken me all day to share my entire workout selection with you, I thought it'd be fun to linkup with Pavement Runner to share my workout favorites. I can't tell you that I'm very brand loyal, but it does seem that Nike, lululemon, and Asics can be found in a lot of my workout options. 

First, how do I store my workout clothes? It isn't pretty. I started a drawer a year and a half ago after I'd gotten into running and had run my first or second half, and since then I've collected much more than will fit here without finding anything else to do with it. Most of the time, though, my workout clothes are either being worn, are in the washer, or are hanging in the laundry room.
Without further ado, here are my favorites that I go to most frequently to race, run, or workout in. 
It all starts at the base! My go to socks are definitely the Feetures! that I own many, many pairs of. I like thorlos sometimes, but they are very padded and I don't always like the padding. On long runs and to race in, you'll always find me in my ProCompression Marathon Compression socks. I got them on LeftLane sports at a great price before Christmas, so check for deals and coupons if you're looking to purchase them.

As it's now clear to me, my go to shoes are my Asics GT-2000. Though I tried to switch to Brooks like so many people seem to love, I'm sticking with these after trying something else unsuccessfully. I just ordered my third pair. 

Sports Bra
I definitely own more than one. I wear a lot of the Target C9 bras with thick and thins straps, but my recent favorite is this Moving Comfort Bra for the support. When I'm running long or racing, this is my go to. When it's clean and I don't have one of those coming up soon, I'll definitely pick this over any of my other bras.

Running Skirts
My favorite thing to run in are skirts. I don't do other workouts in them, but I love wearing them to run. I have four of them. I love my lululemon pace setter skirt the most of all because of the band of rubber at the bottom inside of the shorts that keep them from riding, but I love all the patterns of the skirts. The chevron one that I have I love wearing on mid distance runs, because once the shorts settle into place they don't ride up anymore.

These Nike Pro shorts are the only shorts I run or workout in. They're definitely not forgiving, but they don't ride up on me and they stay out of my way. For most races you'll find me in these because they just feel like I'm not wearing anything, and for many workouts in my house with DVDs I'll wear these as well. I'll also be wearing these for the triathlon I signed up for. 

I have more tops than anything else, but I think these four have been the most worn and loved lately (besides my recent I run this body one). They're all over the board from lululemon, Old Navy, and Nike. I like tank tops more than sleeves, though I'll wear sleeves if I feel like it, though I can't explain what makes me feel like it one time over another. Being in Florida means it's not too too often that I need long sleeves, but I have a race tee from Gasparilla last year that I wear when it's cold here

These crops are my two favorites, and they're both lululemon. I run in them, do yoga in them, crosstrain in them, and wear them on a lazy day. They're so comfortable, and I love that I feel like I'm not wearing anything when I have them on. They're also pretty slimming.

I own one jacket that I wear frequently for running (mostly because I do have another one but leave it at school all the time for when it's cold there). This on is from H&M, was an impulse buy, and was definitely one of the best purchases that I have made impulsively. I wear it a lot, and I'm sure it's something you've seen in Instagram photos from after recent long runs.

Are you brand loyal? 
What makes up most of your fitness closet? 
Is there anything that you won't wear?

And I'm going to address it more later, but thanks so much for your thoughts on my post regarding my attempt at switching to Brooks. So many of you said that you have had issues after switching shoes, whether to or from Brooks or another brand, and I think it's the perfect point to prove that the right shoes matter! If you're a new runner or want to try running and bought shoes without consulting an expert, check out the comments from my post yesterday, and get fitted! You'll notice the difference! 


Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

Ah, how bright colors motivate us gals to workout! :)

Caroline said...

I love this!!! I want to do a post like this!

Meghan said...

I really want to get into running, any suggestions? Or a post maybe that you have written about starting out?

The Pink Growl said...

I love buying workout clothes - almost as much as real clothes! They are so fun and colorful! Especially sports bras, that's my weakness.

tmack said...

Do you know the style name of your lulu crops??

Meg said...

What a fun idea!

My post would be so boring. It would basically be: Sweaty Bands, Lululemon, and Saucony.

Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby. said...

I've got many similar things in my workout wardrobe - definitely have the same purple pro compression socks!

Kristen :) said...

I have a pair of Nike Pro compression shorts that I wore under my other shorts for the Disney marathon and they rode up BADLY - maybe I bought the wrong size??

Karen said...

I don't like compression underwear or running skirts. They just feel too restrictive or bulky.

Stacey Merrill said...

love the bright colors & those purple shoes are too cute said...

Love it! I did a general overview of my stuff but want to post more specific things like you did on another post!

Heather39 said...

I'm obsessed with graphic ts with motivational or funny lines. Nike, Under Armour have a lot...I can't seem to get enough :) I love my Asics GT-2170, but they're being replaced by the 2000. How do you like them?? I am in need of new shoes and don't know if I should try to find the 2170s online or give in and try something new.

PavementRunner said...

Brand loyal for certain things... glad to see that you've found what works for you.

Meghan said...

What a fun idea for a post! I actually love the padded socks myself, but I think I get extra paranoid due to an old injury. And I am with you - the Nike Pro shorts are my absolute favorite!

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

I love how colorful all your clothes are! That's motivating in itself! And, I really like your Asics. I'm in need of a new pair and have been looking for awhile...going to check these out!

Laura said...

I love this post, Meghan! I'm a huge fan of lululemon, but they are a bit pricey. I will always buy my leggings from them because I know they aren't see through! I've gotten some awesome tanks and a running jacket from gap fit recently that are great.

lpnedwards said...

Such a cool post - I may have to do this one soon :)

Beka said...

Ironically we did a huge lululemon giveaway and I don't own ONE PIECE from there! :X

Most of all my workout gear is Asics/Nike. My favorite capris are Marika. Socks - balega

Kelly said...

FUN post :-) I love my workout gear too... One of my FAVORITE workout tops is from H&M too. Funny, right? Brooks are my FAVE shoes!! Glad you like your Asiacs so much :-)

Katie said...

I love posts like this :) seeing what else ladies wear at the gym or running!! So fun. Also, sorry to hear about the brooks! it honestly might be youre just so used to the asics and your foot might need more time to adjust to the brooks. i have opposite problem - asics give me pain! All our feet are so picky :) haha

Luice said...

Love the colors. The bright colors are happy colors and the right workout clothes make you feel better when working out.

Amanda said...

I just bought a Moving Comfort bra! I wore it for my run today for the first time, and I loved it. Waiting to see what it does for a longer run (I only went 5 miles this time), but so for I'm loving it.

Lauren said...

Love this post, great info since I'm trying to build my workout clothing now :-)

Cupcake Kelly said...

I love all your bright colors!

Carrie Skoll said...

I love your bright socks and that chevron print skirt. So cute!

AmyC @ running escapades said...

Cute gear! I'd have trouble deciding what to wear ;)

Amalia said...

So many bright colours! I love your clothing collection - I need to get more shoes apparently!

Jen said...

I certainly have favorite brands...but I'm not that loyal. I've been wanting a running skirt for awhile and Chris just bought me one with his REI rewards... Here's to hoping I like it! Part of the reason I've been hesitant to buy one is I'm afraid it will ride up or be uncomfortable and after spending $50 I need it to be perfect. We'll find out soon

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