Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Workout Roundup 4/8-4/14

My "no run funk" is pretty much over. I'm still not running, but I'm starting to find more joy in the cross training than I have previously. Suddenly I'm finding myself looking forward to a swim workout or going for a bike ride, and I've added weights to my routine to gain strength to serve me going forward. If nothing else I can look at this period of no running time as an opportunity to find things to like about workouts other than runs. I guess I can see that as a positive.

Here are my workouts for this week:
Monday: I took the day off Monday after a trip to the Doctor to learn the news about his plan for my ankle going forward. I shed a few tears and sucked it up before spending the night frustrated on the couch. I probably should have worked out, but there wasn't anything I wanted to do besides run at that moment.

Tuesday: I went for a swim workout when I got home a little later, and it was a really beautiful night and I enjoyed swimming so much. I did 1500 yards and ran in the pool for 15 minutes. I'm lucky to have such a great neighborhood pool.
Wednesday: I headed up to a trail not too far from me and rode a little over 14 miles. It was a great afternoon ride, and there were a lot of people out. It made me look forward to riding on weekdays going forward.

Thursday and Friday: I was chaperoning for a school trip and was out of town. I brought workout clothes because I thought I'd be able to squeeze something in, but there was no time. Our days were jam packed, started early, and ended late. The food was very junky, so it was not a health conscious two days.

Saturday: When I got home from the trip, I threw on my swimsuit and was instantly ready to get out the grease and get in a good, long workout. I swam for 2100 yards, ran in the pool for 15 minutes, and then biked 12.5 miles. It felt like perfection, and I felt like it was a little bit of a cleanse. I could have gone on for more...
Sunday: I spectated the Iron Girl Clearwater Half Marathon and 5k, since I couldn't run. Since I'd been given the race entry for free through the company, I wanted to support it in some way since I couldn't run. I marked myself to the top of a bridge with two cowbell and cheered my heart out. I saw most people and got lots of pictures. I'm actually going to write a recap from the perspective of a spectator.

When I got home I needed my own workout. Mary made me a weights workout, and it was a perfect way to jump back into gym weights. It was a little under an hour and was a good calorie burner as well.

What was your best workout this week?
Linkup your workouts with me and Kat!


lpnedwards said...

Glad you are finding the positive in this break from running. AND such a cool idea to write a race recap from the spectator's POV. I'm really excited to read that! :)

Lauren said...

Swimming sounds like so much fun, wish we had a pool in our community!

Lauren said...

PS- How awesome that you went to Iron Girl and cheered on everyone today, I really wanted to participate but due to my new work schedule just couldn't make it happen :-(

Beka said...

whoa 2100 yard! That sounds like running a marathon to me! ;)
I'm so glad you still came out and supported and cheered. It was awesome to see you at the top of the bridge - especially at such a hard point in the race at mile 12. THANK YOU!

Amanda said...

You have a really great attitude! I'm glad you're finding other things to do besides running that make you happy.

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

Yay I'm glad you've found your happy crosstraining place ;)

DisneyBride (DB) and DisneyGroom (DG) said...

Great to meet you in real life, if only for a moment! Love your blog, been following it since I first started running last fall. My mother and I were dressed as The Incredibles at IronGirl yesterday. Thanks for cheering - its fun isn't it?

AmyC @ running escapades said...

My favorite non-running activity right now is hula-hooping. Still waiting for it to warm up and then I'd add swimming!

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