Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yelptucky Derby and a Pretty Perfect Weekend

I had been looking forward to the Yelptucky Derby since it was announced by Yelp a month or two ago. It was an event open to anyone with a Yelp account, and I knew there would be a lot of friends there to hang out with. I didn't know what we were in store for, but after being impressed by the last Yelp events I've been to, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.  
It was fun to see so many girls there, as we don't get the chance to catch up outside of running events that often! And the setup, at the Winthrop Barn Theatre in Riverview, was everything that I hoped it would be and more. I got there right around 7 when it started, so I didn't have to wait in line long to get my red wine and start in on the food. There was more food than I could eat, and I didn't eat anything before I left. That's saying something. They had vendors setup inside the venue serving all kinds of different foods.

Some of what I enjoyed:
 Sushi and Ceviche from Hula Bay
Pimento Cheese, black eyed pea salad, and cucumber sandwiches from Corner Store
Salmon and Corn Pudding and I can't remember where it was from.
The theme was to go along with the Kentucky Derby this weekend, so a lot of people wore big hats. I didn't have anything so I didn't wear a hat, but I thought the theme was so cute!

And still more food...
Pickled Chicken on Biscuits from Wimamau
An amazing burger with all kinds of toppings you couldn't see from Green Iguana
Mini cupcakes and soft sugar cookies from the Enjoi Food Truck

And believe it or not, there were at least a few other things there that I just didn't remember to get pictures of that I ate.

I did come home with some stuff as well, but my two favorite goodies that I brought with me were bread from 20 Shekels Bread and peaches and oranges from Parkesdale Farm Market. I dug into the peaches and the insane Ezekiel bread first thing Saturday morning before heading out on a bike ride.
The Ezekiel Bread is the best I've tasted, though I do have limited experience. The company also makes a chocolate blackberry bread that I sampled at the event that I wanted to eat endlessly. I will definitely be picking more of that bread up when I run out of what I bought at the event. 

The breakfast fueled me nicely for my Saturday morning ride. Bike riding won't get old. I can already tell...
Along with breakfast with Tim on Sunday morning, it was a pretty perfect weekend.
Was this weekend for you one that flew by, or were you able to enjoy time to yourself and hanging out with friends as well?

Do you eat Ezekiel Bread? Where else can I find good ones?


Beka said...

You can find the original ezekiel bread in the orange bag in most groceries - Greenwise/Whole Foods/Fresh Market are for sure staples.

I like it - but usually only toasted.

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

Stinks I missed this event being out of town but glad you guys and even the hubs did it right that night with style!

Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby. said...

All those food pictures are making me hungry!!

Lora (Daily Southern Sunshine) said...

My weekend just FLEW by, as well! I'm really loving getting in to biking, as well. It's so much fun!

Beth (Discombobulated Running) said...

I have GOT to get to a yelp event. I'm an elite failure. LOL!

Glad to see you are riding lots and lots. We still need to do a ride together soon!

Lauren said...

That event looked so awesome, was sad to miss it!

Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie said...

What a fun Yelp event! I'd love to attend one in the future.

Karen said...

Matt's weekends are different from most people's so his starts today. We're planting our garden this weekend. :)

Tori @ In Love and Peanut Butter said...

That event looks like so much fun! Glad you had such a nice weekend. And I totally agree that Ezekiel bread is amazing.

Kelly Wade said...

Yum that food all looks delicious. I love getting dressed up with fancy hats! My friends and I went to the Kentucky Derby qualifier and all got dressed up, it was a lot of fun.

Jen B said...

How fun! I saw that the calcuenoiwojandlakdj or whatever it was called is in your ankle. Sorry its a stress fracture, but I'm glad you're still able to bike! I would like to get into biking someday. I'm not very good though. I biked some when I was in Denver because a lot of people bike there but I didn't have the greatest balance. Maybe some day :)

Lane Richeson said...

The Yelp event looked great. I wasn't really up for trekking out there, but it does look like I missed out one some yummy food.

Allie said...

What a fun event! I follow the Cincinnati Yelp events but haven't checked any out, this makes me want to! I'm planning on going to First Watch on Monday, which is the day after the marathon but more importantly my birthday :-)

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