Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A fun and variety filled Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend was one of the best I've had in a very long time. It was relaxing at the same time that it was filled with fun activities, and I got to hang out with a bunch of different friends as well as Tim. I wish every weekend could be like the one that just wrapped up. I think, too, that knowing I didn't have to go to work on Tuesday added to some of the enjoyment of it as well.

Saturday morning I met up with Tori, her fiance Patrick, and Jess to ride on the Suncoast Parkway. It's an amazing trail that runs 50+ miles with only a few intersections along the way. It spoils me and makes me not want to ride along the road ever. There are water stops along the way that parks and rec service and fill throughout the day, and since we were early enough, the water hadn't run out yet.
We got an awesome 39 miles in and enjoyed it so much!

Afterwards, I had brought a change of clothes and used a showerpill wipe to clean off and head to my friend Raequel's kickball birthday party. She had organized a kickball game between her friends and her son's friends, and it was a lot of fun. A bunch of teachers from school were there, and though many of us were injured, we put on a pretty good show and didn't get embarrassed too badly by the kids. I forgot to take pictures of the game, sadly, but I did take one of the ridiculous squirrels who weren't afraid of people and jumped up on the table and ate the cupcake box while we were playing. My goodness it was an interesting day between that and the overly intrusive security guard who just wanted to be part of our group.
I headed home, showered for real, and took a nap before heading to pottery Saturday night with Tori and Meg. I love throwing pottery and have done it on and off since high school. I was so excited to get to do it again after a bit of time away. It was even more fun to do it with friends and with wine and snacks.
We went to Charlie Parker Pottery and he was very helpful in answering questions and helping us if we had issues in something we were making. I made a bowl and a jar of some sort, though I find that most of the time I make stuff I end up finding random uses for it. I don't know what I'll do with this jar, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it. Maybe it can be a scissor jar at school...
I love doing new things, and it makes me want to find other unique classes and events to go try out in Tampa or St. Pete. I know there is so much here that I don't take advantage of.

On Sunday Tim and I went over to our friends Leah and Derek's house for a Memorial Day barbecue. I again forgot to take pictures, but I did snap ones of the foods that I brought, which I really liked a lot.
There was no recipe for the fruit salad. I just cut a watermelon in half, balled a bunch of it out, scooped and cleaned the rest, and then filled it with raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, and sliced strawberries. I love fresh fruit, and summer is the best time to get it!

The black bean, avocado, cucumber, tomato salad is also delicious and perfect for summer. It's from my all time favorite recipe website, Skinnytaste. The cucumbers made it really fresh, and lime juice provided added taste and flavor.

We had so much fun with friends, and Tim spent quite a bit of the afternoon alternating between playing cornhole and playing with their baby. It was cute to watch.

We came home Sunday night stuffed and ready to go to bed early.

I woke up Monday morning and swam for a while before getting ready to go over to Tim's parents house for another gathering. Tim wanted to swim at their house, so we volunteered to bring food. I made the same two salads and marinated chicken in barbecue sauce for a while, and we headed out to swim!
Tim's parents' dog Dolce always swims with us, and she has now learned to lay on the mats as well. It's a dog's life I tell ya!
They had also gotten a new kitten, which I can't deny was really cute. I'm not a cat person at all, but this thing was so little and cute. Tim had fun playing with it for a while, and I again enjoyed watching him.
And then last night I watched Desiree as the new bachelorette. I have to say that the selection of guys is slim pickings. There are only about three that I wouldn't be immediately freaked out by. It should be an interesting season to watch, but I have to say I spent the majority of last night embarrassed for each of them for a period of time. I'm just hoping ABC put them up to many of their antics...

And that was my wonderful weekend! Did you do anything special?
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Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! I was sad to see this weekend end!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! Those two salads look delish. Although I'm always a sucker for any type of fresh fruit.

Allie said...

I'm going to have to try that black bean salad! It looks good! Glad you had a fun weekend! That kitten is ADORABLE!

Karen said...

That trail sounds awesome! My town has one mile of path like that, I'd ride my bike a lot more if I could get in 50 without a lot of traffic!

Nichole @ Casa de Crews said...

Looks like a great weekend! I especially like the kickball birthday idea; that sounds SO fun! I have been to a kiln place and also painting classes but never pottery like that,I fear I'd royally screw up, but ti still looks fun :)

Meghan said...

What an awesome weekend! Those recipes all sound delish, and I had no idea you were so artistic, too!

As soon as this baby is born, I am buying a bike. We're moving to the 'burbs and there are tons of trails! I can't wait!

lori said...

looks like a great weekend! i want to take a pottery class sometime, it looks so fun!

and i agree... des' group of guys is not very impressive... hopefully she can find a decent one in the bunch. i'll enjoy watching the others crash n burn ;)

Lauren said...

That pottery class looks really awesome and fruit salad and the avocado salad you posted are two of my favorites :-)

Allison said...

The pottery girls night looks and sounds amazing! What a fun and creative idea - especially with wine!
That avocado, pepper, bean salad looks incredible. I'm such an avocado fan and the combination looks incredible!
Looks like an awesome weekend - I spent mine with my boyfriend on a weekend trip to Boston. I think I'm in love with that city, we ran along the river to Harvard from the city every day we were there and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Tori @ In Love and Peanut Butter said...

Such a great weekend! Glad I got to see you a few times. Those salads look awesome by the way.

Lydia - Running Wild(er) said...

Looks like a perfect weekend!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said...

Pottery making is such a fun idea! I haven't done that since elemenraty school art class. Would be a great girls night. :)

Amber said...

I've never thrown pottery, but I'd love to try it out! I'll have to research some classes for it here.

That pool looks so inviting!

Beka said...

Nice relaxing weekend :) I just can't get into the Bachelor/ette shows. They're all so FAKE. Next time you guys go to pottery let me know!

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