Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekly Workouts 5/20-5/26

This week was my last week at school! My exams are done and graded and turned in, and aside from a few meetings over the next week or so, school is out for summer for me! I cannot complain at all on that one!

What I can complain about is the horrible sunburn that I'm still dealing with. I mentioned last week for the workout wrapup that I had gotten pretty badly sunburnt and it was hurting. Well, it turns out that I definitely got second degree burns, and I think one part is even worse than that. It still isn't pretty at all, and I won't share pictures. But, suffice it to say that my back looks like I set a medium sized iron down on it. That one particular spot is in quite a bit of pain, and it has kind of kept me from lifting weights this week because of the exposed raw skin. TMI? Sorry about that...

My workouts that I did do this week were pretty good, though nothing like last week's. In this upcoming week I'm going to start doing some walking, so that'll fill a rest day or two. I also need to commit to swimming again more regularly. I only got in the pool once this week, and I don't have an excuse. Sometimes I just don't feel like it...

Here's what I did:
Monday: OFF resting the sunburn
Tuesday: The sunburn was feeling better and hadn't reached the bubbling state yet so I did 1:10 of weights and cardio.
Wednesday: I swam 2350 yards and ran in the pool for 18 minutes. Here's the set I did...I made it up as I went based on how I felt.
Thursday: I rode my bike on the UTBT for 12 miles.
Friday: I took another off day and forced a lot of water so that I would feel better for my long ride.
Saturday: I met up with Tori and we did 39 miles at an awesome pace. We're getting stronger and it feels great!
Sunday: I'm taking today off because of the issue with the burn. I can hardly wear a clinging shirt or move, much less try to swim or do weights. I'll make up for it this week when my burn is better. And don't worry, I've learned my lesson. My husband keeps reminding me as well. 

Continuing in my What's Beautiful goal to complete a triathlon, I want to set a goal this week of biking three times, swimming three times, and lifting weights twice. It's a lofty goal, but hopefully next Sunday I'll be able to report that I did it!

What's your goal for the week?

How were your workouts? Linkup with me and Kat anytime this week!

Sunday May 26


Theresa Depasquale said...

Hi Meghan,
Great blog!
Funny, because I am sunburned at the moment too lol it definitely makes the work out even more uncomfortable.
This is the last week of training before I compete in my first fitness competition June 8th! So I will be hitting it hard- focusing on mainly legs and gluts with some HIIT cardio built in.
I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog. :)

Curly Pink Runner said...

OUCH! That sounds so painful! I hope you have relief from the pain soon!
Great job on the workouts!

Karen said...

Ouch, just hearing about your sunburn makes my skin hurt! I hope it feels better soon. :)

My goal this week is to kick whatever allergy/sinus thing that has got me down, again.

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

You're getting to be quite the swimmer! I hope your burns heal quick!

Jenny said...

Yikes!! My dh got a horrible sunburn biking 50 miles 3 weeks ago! He's still red! He blistered, raw skin, etc...

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Great job with the swimming. I need to get back in the pool ASAP. I've been rowing a 5K 5X per week after my WOD, so I know I'm prepared for swimming, but I don't like cold water...anything under 85 is cold to me!

And enjoy your summer :)

Abby said...

Wow. Your swim workouts are out of control. My entire workout is currently a 600 and I feel like I am gonna die.

Beka said...

oh my goodness! Hope that burn heals up quickly :( ouchies.

soooo I'm off tues! Swim meet finally? You're absolutely killing those - and I haven't been back in the pool! haha

Meghan said...

Nice work, lady! Your dedication to swimming and biking is so impressive.

Jessica B. said...

Way to go. I am so glad your run turned out great!

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