Thursday, June 27, 2013


I saw this Old School blogging posts on a few other's blogs this week, and since they all tagged anyone, I decided to join in. It's an alphabet post, and it might help you get to know a little more about me. Some of the things you might not have ever thought you needed to know, but I'm going to tell you anyways.

A. Attached or Single? Married! Tim and I got married July 21st of last year! Our one year anniversary is almost here.
B. Best Friend? That's a tough one. I'd say I talk to my mom more than anyone else on a regular basis, so either my mom or my best friend from childhood Blair. Though we don't keep in touch as well anymore we've been friends since Kindergarten and she was one of the bridesmaids in my wedding.

C. Cake or pie? Honestly, neither. I don't crave sweets. I crave carbs and salt. Can I have chips?

D. Day of choice? Saturday. It isn't spoiled by the knowledge that it's the last day of the weekend.

E. Essential Item? I'd agree with Laura on this one. I can't see without contacts or glasses, so I guess those. I'm legitimately almost to the legally blind level.

F. Favorite color? Purple. Without a doubt.

G. Gummy bears or worms? Worms. The sour neon ones. But I like the name brand ones. I think the generic ones taste different and aren't as sour.

H. Home town? Chattanooga, TN. I went to college in Atlanta and now live in Tampa.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Chips. Doritos or Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips.

J. January or July? I'm torn. I'm a teacher so I enjoy July for the summer aspect, but I'd take the weather in July. Can we mix those somehow?

K. Kids? No children. Not even a fur child.

L. Life isn’t complete without? Right now I'm going to say running. Just because I've taken three months off for the stupid stress fracture, and now that I'm coming back the runs are short they're just teasing me.

M. Marriage date? July 21, 2012

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 1 younger sister, Kacey!
O. Oranges or Apples? The little oranges that are easy to peel and come in those boxes.

P. Phobias? I'm afraid of heights and cats. I'd honestly rather be near a spider than a cat. I know that is so strange, but I haven't ever had one and always have thought they look like they just want to pounce any second.

Q. Quotes? 

R. Reasons to smile? There are too many to list. A few would be spending time with my husband (he always says that he's not as funny as I seem to think he is), a good workout, a complement from a student or coworker.

S. Season of choice? Fall. I really enjoy the transition from HOT weather to cooler weather and the drinks and foods that come with it.

T. Tag 5 People. And just like I did, if you'd like to do it, join!

U. Unknown fact about me? I'm fairly certain that my fear of cats meets this requirement, but something else? Hm. I've never tried Zumba. I don't have any tattoos. I've always wanted a teeny tiny nose piercing, but I'm totally not cool enough to pull it off. I've been to Africa twice but never to Mexico. When I'm not working out I'm pretty lazy.

V. Vegetable? Sweet potatoes or tomatoes

W. Worst habit? Biting my fingernails or picking the polish, piling the trash in the trash can instead of taking it outside

X. Xray or Ultrasound? Hate both. An Ultrasound led me to having the surgery that took be out of training for 6 weeks in August, and an Xray led to eventually figuring out I had a stress fracture. Ugh. Hate them both.

Y. Your favorite food? I haven't had them in months, but my favorite food has forever been chicken fingers. I love Mexican food and sushi, but if I have to pick one food it will always and forever be those.

Z. Zodiac sign? Libra.

Pick a question or two and answer it in the comments! Or write a post and share it with me!


kilax said...

Aww! I liked reading all the tidbits and getting to know you better!

I wish you could meet my cat. He is more like a dog than a cat, and it super cuddly sometimes.

I think you could totally pull of that little nose piercing.

You and your sis are so pretty!

Oh, and I am totally a sweets gal. LOL. You can have all the salty stuff! :) (although I usually eat too many sweats then need to switch to salty)

Allie said...

I love these kinds of posts! I am going to do this too! I think you could pull off a nose piercing! Do it!

lpnedwards said...

Ha!! So funny that you're more afraid of cats than spiders :) Favorite food: trail mix. Is it even a food? I don't know, but it's my weakness.

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I have my kindergarten best friend too who I don't keep up with very often, but we're still best friends and I was the maid of honor in her wedding. This is fun, I may choose to do it myself! :)

Lindsey @ Let the Light Shine said...

LOVE that pic from your wedding! The cats thing cracks me up. My family loves cats! My mom, sisters, and I have 6 total! Mexican food makes me incredibly happy. And why did you go to Africa.. twice? :)

Amanda said...

I love purple too!

Amber said...

I love posts like these!

A few things:

You're TOTALLY cool enough to pull off a nose piercing. Promise. ;)

It'd be hard for me to choose a best friend too. I also talk to my mom every day, and not my "best friends" as much anymore because they're both married with kids. :-/

I definitely crave salt over sweets! I crave salt by itself. I'm gross.

Charlotte said...

Letter C. 100% yes. You could put a plate of cookies in front of me and I probably won't indulge. An entire basket of chips and salsa? Demolished in minutes!!

Jessica B. said...

Libras rule! :)

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

Mmm sweet potatoes are a great choice! Savory or sweet I love em!

Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Such a gorgeous wedding pic! I'm somewhat lazy when I'm not working out, too. :)

Laura said...

I was just telling someone about your love of chicken fingers!! Everywhere we went on spring break-chicken fingers!

Beka said...

I had no idea about the cat fear! chickenfingers are a weakness of mine too - especially Zaxby's or Datz.

Lauren said...

I love this! Can't believe your one year is coming up so quick :-)

Claire Kiefer said...

These are so fun to read. I'm jealous that you don't crave sweets! And I have one younger sister too. :)

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