Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Changing Facebook Page Ownership or Adding Administrators

My blog has a Facebook page. I love using Facebook and following friends, blog pages, and businesses, but if you like my page, you know that I don't use it as effectively as I could. I can tell you the reason for that. I created my Facebook page using a Facebook account with my blog email address. It wasn't associated with my personal facebook account, therefore I had to sign out of my facebook and into the other account and then click to use that account as my page. Though it only takes 15 seconds, it was still not that easy.

Today, I decided one of my tasks would be to figure out how to fix that. I wanted to be able to start using my Facebook page more effectively, as I see a lot of other blogs do. It was a whole lot easier than I expected, and in case you need to change page ownership or add any additional admins to any of your Facebook pages, I've included the quick steps of how to do it below.

I tell you this because now I'll be able to use my Facebook page more often with more posts than just a blog share everyday and a post or two every week or so. I now intend to use it better! If you don't like it already, I'd love for you to click over and like it!
Here's how to change your page ownership or add page administrators:
Step 1: Login to the account that manages the Facebook page. Go to your page and the administrative panel at the top.
Step 2: Click on the "Edit Page" tab, and then click "Manage Admin Roles".

Step 3: Type the email address of the Facebook account that you want to add as an administrator into the box. It will pop up and ask for the password on the account that is currently associated with the page, not the one you're adding. Then, they're added!


Step 4: The person who has been added to the administration page will receive a notification that they are now an administrator in the normal notification box. That account will have the same abilities as you. Note: I had problems doing this at first because my personal account isn't searchable by my email address. I just had to open it up to be searchable so that it would work. 

And that's it! It's super easy to do!

And now, I can quickly share items from my newsfeed with my Facebook page without having to change accounts. I know that it'll be much easier for me to interact through the page now, and I'm excited to start using it more functionally!

I'm sure many of you have already had your pages setup this way, so I'm late jumping on that bandwagon! I hope this is helpful to some of you! Maybe you wanted to let someone else have administrative roles while you're out of town or as a guest function?

What do you like to see on blog's Facebook pages besides their posts being shared? I'm thinking little tid bits and inspirational quotes, but I'd love to hear your ideas as well!

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Run DMT said...

Inspirational quotes seem to be the hot thing. The get shared and spread like wildfire. I read somewhere once that you should always pose a question to your readers to facilitate a discussion. Who knows?! I just lucky I remember to post something at all! lol

Katie said...

I hardly ever use my blog facebook page! I've got it there and easily clickable, but I'm just too lazy to ever do it. Haha

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

Hmm I wonder how this differs from me going to the top right to toggle between managing my facebook, my page, and our Goalgetter page?

Beka said...

I was just wondering the same thing as Kat.... BUT I think it's a different scenario since My blog's FB page is set up with the same email as my personal though so I still see it on the left hand side and have the ability to toggle between at the top right like Kat mentioned...I have noticed that when I want to share something on my blog's FB page (like an Instagram pic) that I publish to my personal Facebook, it fails --- most likely because i have my personal FB privacy settings to the max.

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