Monday, July 22, 2013

Small Town, Big Charm: Newnan

Tim and I flew up to Atlanta on Friday to start a week long trip to visit family and celebrate our anniversary. We planned to spend Friday night with Tim's mom in Newnan, Georgia before moving on to Atlanta to spend the night Saturday for our anniversary. I have always loved big cities, so I didn't really think much of what Newnan would be like, but I was so pleasantly surprised by our dinner on Friday and walking around the cute little downtown area on Saturday that I wanted to share. Small towns have so much charm that cities can't always capture.

Friday night we drove the few minutes into the town to eat pizza and have beer at Fabiano's, which is attached to an old movie theatre turned music venue called The Alamo. Tim's mom and step dad knew the people that worked there, which added a fun touch to the night. I decided on a slice of "California" pizza with artichoke hearts, chicken, feta, and sundried tomatoes, and then I added spinach and mushrooms. It was delicious. I also had a Greek salad with my two Sweetwater Beers. Sweetwater has a brewery tour that I used to go to when I was in college in Atlanta, so it brought back fun memories to have a Sweetwater Blue.
Then on Saturday morning, the plan was to go to the farmer's market back in the same area. It turned out that the market only happens on the first weekend of the month, but we had fun walking around to all of the shops and boutiques around the courthouse square.

There were so many cute stores that carried some of Tim's favorite clothing lines that he can't find in Tampa, and I picked up birthday gifts for my dad and sister as well as a fun coffee mug I had pinned on Pinterest. We stopped by the toffee store, Let them eat Toffee, and were overwhelmed with the choices. We got a bunch of toffee, some chocolate covered bacon, and spiced chile mango. It has all tasted delicious. We also each got a King of Pops pop. I had the key lime pie, which had a graham cracker frozen into it, and Tim had the coconut lemongrass. 
They had four painted horses on the corners of the town square, so I had to find out what they were there for. It turns out the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society had commissioned them to raise money. Sponsors paid for them and then the sponsors got to keep them after they had been on display or they could gift them to the town to continue the display. I loved that element of the town! It added so much to them. It reminded me of other exhibits of similar nature in bigger cities (like the cow parade).

We left Saturday afternoon to head to Atlanta to celebrate our first anniversary. That Friday afternoon/Saturday morning experience in Newnan was so wonderful. It made me think about how we need to spend more time exploring little towns and what they have to offer. What small towns have you been to that you love?

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How I lost a person and found myself said...

My uncle lives in Newnan! I grew up in a small town: Venice, FL. Though it's bigger now than when I lived there!! Love small towns :) said...

it looks so cute, how fun!

Allie said...

What a fun trip! Those horses remind me of all the pigs we have in Cincinnati! I live in a small town that is surround by other small towns so I love checking out different places locally. Enjoy the week with your family!

Emily Carnes said...

SO CRAZY---I LIVE in Newnan! And, the cute couple that owns that Toffee Shop go to my church.

So glad you enjoyed Newnan. I absolutely love downtown!

Jamie said...

Looks like fun, and very cute! My brother went to Georgia Tech and now lives in Atlanta.

I love the horse, it reminds me of Saratoga (where the race track is).

I'm from a small town, so I love those much better than big cities. Though visiting big cities can be fun!

Kat @ Sneakers and Fingerpaints said...

I love finding little hidden gems in cities - hope you had a great weekend, sure looks like it!

Carson Phillips said...

Love this!

My favorite small town is Fairhope, Al. It is right on the bay of the Gulf of Mexico and is so charming. All of the homes on the bay have cute names and the downtown area has some great local boutiques, art, and food. Every year they have a festival that I love to go to where the streets are shut down and lined with booths from local artists.

Lane said...

My sister in law and family live in Newnan, I've never really seen much of it besides there neighborhood which is right near the interstate. We will need to check out the downtown area next time.

Karen said...

That's a beautiful little city. I'd love the toffee shop too. Take me on your next getaway?

Katie said...

I love little towns like this! I've actually been to Newnan for a wedding many moons ago, but now I'm sad that we never got to explore it!

Jill Barnes said...

I about fell off my chair reading this blog post title. My SIL and her family live in Newnan, they have been there for 5+yrs now and I have NEVER been to the cute downtown area! My in-laws all prefer the overly traffic'd area right off the interstate. Their favorite restaurants are Longhorn, Cracker Barrell and Olive Garden (pardon me, I just threw up a little). Matt and I prefer the independent restaurants...and good franchised restaurants. ;)

On your way back through ATL you'd enjoy Marietta Square, if you've never been. La Famiglia is super yummy and the Farmer's Market happens every Sat&Sun.

Abby said...

How fun! What a cute little town.
I could totally tell from your IG picture that those were King of Pops. I LOVE their popsicles so much.

Rachel said...

Awww how fun!! Looks like such a cute place!!

Nichole said...

The town looks super cute! Happy Anniversary :)

Kristin @ said...

I'm from a small town in South Georgia -- I love the vibe they have. So welcoming and friendly and the food is to die for!

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