Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekly Recap: Switching it up

Last week took some shifting to make everything fit into my schedule. I switched days around to suit my Christmas travel plans and holiday work schedule, and it made it seem like I didn't even really run this week. Clearly I did, as all but one thing on that graphic above are runs. Taper weeks and all the excess time they provide are wonderful, but I think I'm crazy and miss the higher mileage and more time consuming weeks. Running and riding and swimming (a little) make me less crazy. I need it in my life. That said, I am looking forward to a little unscheduled time to run, bike, and swim when I want before 140.6 training officially starts.

My final meeting at school was Thursday morning, which meant I could move around my long run schedule based on my holiday travel schedule. I was able to get in 10 miles under marathon goal pace with negative splits on Friday morning. That made the weekend feel extra long and also made me feel like Friday was Saturday. I think that was one of the first times in my endurance career that my long run wasn't on a Saturday or a Sunday.

My workouts:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Four easy miles!

Wednesday: 5 miles with 3 at tempo pace, which was a little under 8:30. The whole run was just over 9:00/mile. Then I met Genna at the UTBT for a bike ride. She has some big triathlon goals on her plans for 2014 and wanted to work on gear shifting and riding, so we did one up and back. It wasn't a long ride, as it was more about working on stuff, but it helped me shake my legs out from the tempo run.

Thursday: My plans threw me off that day and I switched Friday's rest to Thursday.

Friday: 10 miles under marathon goal pace at 9:22/mile. 

Saturday: 3 miles on the treadmill that felt cruddy. It was supposed to be 4, but I'm lucky I got the 3 in.

Sunday: 4 miles easy at 9:51/mile.

This past week was the first major step back week, and this upcoming week is race week. It's odd that Christmas is falling during race week, and I'm trying to be careful about what I'm eating and how much water I'm drinking to stay hydrated. I'm ready for this race on Sunday, and I'll post later in the week about expectations and goals for the race. I'm definitely going into it with a lot fewer expectations than I had for Disney, as that pressure that I was putting on myself was one of the reasons I'm sure it just wasn't a great race for me.

Do you do your long runs on one particular day, or do you move them around?


Jamie said...

We usually do our long runs on Saturday or Sunday. The only time we've done it any different was the one Wednesday that we did an 18 miler!

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