Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reviewing 2013 Goals and Sharing Goals for 2014

Before listing my 2014 goals, I wanted to address my 2013 goals and review how I did with them.
First of all, here they were:
1. In regards to running 1,000 miles, I did not. However, I ran 852 miles, and I was out of running for several months with a stress fracture. I'm going to consider this goal an overall success because of the time that I was running. Here's my running graph from DailyMile for 2013.
2. As for the other running goals:
Sub4 Marathon: I hadn't run a marathon when I made that goal last year, so I didn't understand the distance and the race. I know I'll run a sub 4 hour marathon one day, but that won't even be in my goals for 2014. A sub 4 hour marathon is something that, for me, will take intense training and focus on only that goal, and I won't have a chance to focus on that for a little while. 

1:50:XX marathon or below: I think this goal was a little out of my comfort zone when I made it, and I did train hard to run a half PR in March, but it wasn't what I knew I could do. Two things threw me off this year and into a completely different world: a stress fracture and getting into triathlons. Had I not gotten the stress fracture I could have continued training hard to run faster, and that time off threw a wrench in my running plans and set me back a little bit. Starting triathlons led me to a new and amazingly wonderful place, but it shifted my focus from accomplishing faster running goals in the fall. I think I'm capable of a 1:50 half marathon sooner than a sub 4 full, but again I don't know if 2014 will be my year.

Set a new 5k PR: Believe it or not I didn't run a single chipped 5k in 2013...I'm a sucker for the longer distances when they're offered at the same races where there's a 5k. I ran one beach 5k at the end of a 14 miler, but it was all on sand and there was no chip timing so I don't even know what my time was.

3. New gym/regular cross training: Major success! I'd say getting into the world of triathlon was the best way to incorporate cross training. I'd like to find a gym and start weights more regularly this year, though.

4. Cleaning schedule: Let's keep it moving...

5. Savings: 2013 could be called the year where I finally became budget conscious! I am pleased to say that I saved 10% or more each month in 2013, and it's all a credit to my husband's continued patience in, let's say, emphasizing unnecessary spending.

6. Change my name: Success! It only took me 8 months, but I did finally change my name this year! Now I just need to change my name on all my other stuff...that's the not fun part...

7. Date Nights: I didn't track this well, but we were definitely more intention this year about spending time together. It's still an area that needs improvement, but we've got a lifetime to work on it.

8. Goal Weight: I laugh. Nowhere near it. I had a hard time this year figuring out healthy eating and limiting myself while also training for and participating in endurance sports for the whole year. It's something I hope to figure out more in 2014. 

9. Meatless Mondays in January: I can't remember, but I did go meatless a lot more frequently this year than ever before. I don't feel like meat is a necessary part of a meal, which I think is a big realization for me.

10. Learn about and transition to clean eating: I learned about it! I was slower in transitioning to it. It continues to be a work in progress for me as I work on balancing time, training, and (just being honest) laziness surrounding meal time.

I feel like my 2014 goals are more thought out and better suited to what 2014 holds for me.
There are a lot of goals on this list, and I don't feel like I need to go into explaining them all, as they're mostly self-explanatory. The two biggest I think are finishing IM Chattanooga and also successfully balancing life and 140.6 training. I can't list how I will balance life and the training, because I don't know yet, but I do know that I will be able to look back at the end of the year and know whether I have or not. It'll be similar to know I looked back and 2013 and just knew that I wasn't successful in transitioning to clean eating.

I don't know if running a half marathon PR will be possible this year. This year is about triathlon, without a doubt, but I'm thinking there's a chance I can squeeze in a half PR somewhere.

And as far as blogging more regularly, I just mean that I need to standardize my posting frequency. Sometimes I'll post 5x/week and other times I'll post 1x/week. I need to get to a comfortable number that I can sustain regularly. 

What is your biggest 2014 goal? Did you put anything on your list that you're particularly nervous about accomplishing?


Stephanie said...

Great work!! I've got similar goals for 2014:-) Can't wait to follow your triathlon journey!

PS what did you use to create the image of your goals?

Lindsay Weighs In said...

Looking forward to following along with your goals in 2014! :)

Tracy said...

Awesome job in 2013 and cheers to 2014! I could definitely use some help in the cooking and cleaning departments as well. I have several big goals for 2014 (first marathon, century ride for charity, & 70.3), all of which I'm nervous about, but 2013 gave me a lot of confidence that even if I don't know how I'm going to accomplish something, that doesn't mean I can't do it. So I'm trusting myself that I'll get to all of them, somehow, some way!

Jamie said...

Great goals for 2014, and we'll be trying to accomplish a few of them at the same time! I'm excited to virtually train with you!

Mindys Fitness Journey said...

Oh my! I am jealous that you figured out how to save that money. I want to do it so badly. Did you use a budget program or just figure it out on your own? Great job on the running too.

Nicole Kesten said...

awesome goals for 2014!

Haley @ Running with Diapers said...

I need to know what is your secret to saving 10% each month. This is a huge hardship with my household, especially since I'm not working anymore.
All of your fitness goals are amazing! I look forward to seeing you progress over the year with each of these.

Kristen @ Glitter and Dust said...

I love that you were able to keep track of, and reflect on, your goals for 2013. Best of luck to you in 2014 - it is going to be quite the journey. Looking forward to following and learning from your IM adventure!

B.o.B. said...

Can I just steal all of your goals? I mean, I'm so lazy, I don't even wanna write mine. BTW, I was cracking up at your 125 lb weight goal. If you weighed 125 lbs you'd be a twig and get blown over by a light breeze. You are perfect the way you are silly girl! Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog. I love your face. IM 2014 HERE WE COME!

Jennifer Pug Pug said...

Awesome goals!

I have 14 big goals for the year - the one I'm most nervous about is getting myself into a habit of joining group training runs. I'm painfully awkward about stuff that like, but it will be good for my performance and morale, so I need to make it happen.

erin said...

Great goals! Looking forward to following your year and IM Chat training! Send me some of your saving will power :)

Katrina Elle said...

2013 included a lot for you girl!! 2014 will just UP THE ANTE for sure!

Jessa @ Life of A Sports Wife said...

I love your goals.. One of mine is to run more. I have signed up for the Phx 1/2 Marathon in March. kinda excited and nervous..

Nichole said...

I'd say you have some awesome goals for 2014! I hated changing my name, but everything besides my license, was fairly easy.

Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

I like that you set great big goals because even if you fall short you'll still have done something amazing!!

Jesica @rUnladylike said...

I think your goals for 2014 are good ones. I especially love your first 2 around Chattanooga. I'll be there spectating and can't wait to cheer on you, Beth and others. I'm also hoping our 2014 might include some more get togethers! Excited to kick the year off with ZOOMA Florida in just a few short weeks.

Kristin @ said...

Sounds like a great list of goals! I need to work on mine, I have so many things floating around in my head, I need to prioritize and figure out what I want to focus on this year!

Nicole said...

Lots of goals!! I think the 140.6 is enough on its own fitness wise but it's always good to keep other things on your radar! My advice for balancing ironman training with life is to a) train smart, not long (I spent too many hours training without real purpose other than to train) and focus on maintaining friendships and life more toward the beginning of training and let the last 2 months be full focus on the ironman. If you anticipate it taking over life for a shorter period of time it makes it seems less overwhelming. Plus, there's no way around it not consuming your life at the very least for that peak month before taper. Enjoy!! Can't wait to follow along!

Curly Pink Runner said...

GREAT work on your goals from last year!! You certainly inspire girl!

Rachel said...

I've got to set my 2014 goals...

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